NFL Xtreme 2 PS Cheats

Go to ‘Create Player’ from the Main Menu. Enter the following as first and last

names to enable codes. After entering the names, exit and go to ‘Quick Start.’

lunarfieldMoon field
aircraft carrierShip field
pooltablePool table field
cityscapeCity field
egyptsphinxEgyptian field
big    ben    Big players
tinytom    Small players
monkeymickeyLong arms
shrimpyseanShort arms
coinheadcoreyFlat heads
george giraffeLong necks
lameboylennyReverse animation
Chicken     legs        players have long legs

GameShark Codes

Home Team Score 0800cef200000

Away Team Scores 0800cef220000

Home Team Score 99800cef200063

Away Team Score 99800cef220063

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