NHL 2000 PS Cheats

Inifinite timeouts:

After a whistle, press Start, enter the Strategies screen, and select “Timeout.”

Now press Triangle, enter the screen again, and immediately press X. This can

be repeated over and over again.

Easy Healing:

When any of your players get hurt or suspended, wait until after the game, go

into Injury Report. Keep going in and out of it until your players are healthy


What’s My Name?:

If you use a name that is fairly common, for example, Andy, then the announcers

in the game will say “Andy, picks up the puck…” or “Andy Scores!” when you make

a play or score a goal. They actually use your name.

Computer has No Goalie:

While playing against the computer, anytime during the game pause and switch your

controller to the other teams in the “Controllers” option. When you are in control

of the other team put pull the goalie. Unpause the game and pause it again. switch

your controller back to your original team. Unpause the game and the computers

goalie will leave the net.

Edit Other Teams Lines:

While playing a game, go to “Controllers”, switch to the other team. After this,

go to “Edit Lines”. From there, you can re-arrange the players in the different

lines. You can also put the teams worst players in every line. After this go back

to “Controllers”, switch back to your team and resume playing the game.

Free Player for Your Team:

Turn on wavers. This will allow you to drop players from any one team and add

them to any other team.

Get # 99 in Custom:

If you put Wayne Gretzky’s name in create a player the #99 will appear

Penalty Shot Glitch:

If the other team gets to take a penalty shot, hit the line change button right

away. Choose a line. When the player goes onto the ice to take his penalty shot,

you’ll have five guys on the ice to take him out.

Super Goalie (overall: 97):

Enter “Patrick Roy” as a player name at the Create-A-Player screen. Answer “yes”

to use his ratings. Then set attributes as follows.

Attribute           Rating
Speed               99
Poke check          99
Puck cover          99
5 hole              99
Defensive awareness 99
Offensive awareness 99
Speed               99
Recovery            99
Agility             99
Glove left          99
Glove right         99
Stick right         65
Stick left          99
Aggressiveness      99
Endurance           99
Intensity           40

Super Players:

For super players just go to player management then create player and enter

in a name of a player that is rated 99. ie. Joe Sakic. It will then ask if you

want to use his ratings say yes. To work you have to go to his ratings first

and put them how you like them. Then you can go back and change his name. You

have to be careful because if you change something important like his playing

type it will reset his points. Also you can put in the name of one of the guys

in the credits and you will get their ratings but most are not very good.

Taunt the Opposing Team:

After scoring a goal or having a fight press and/or hold the TRIANGLE button

and you will hear laughing, jeering, or comments from the crowd.

GameShark Codes

Home Team Scores 50       80047c720032
Away Team Scores 50       80047cce0032
Infinite Creation Points  800955822400
Home Team Scores 0        80047c720000
Away Team Scores 0        80047cce0000


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