NHL: Rock the Rink PS Cheats

All Boards:

Enter POWER_SLAM as a code.

Sound Test:

Enter NO_CHANCE as a code.

Use Bonus Moves in Any Mode

Enter IAMWEAK as a code.

NHL Teams:

Enter BAILEY as a code.

Longer Goal Celebrations:

Pause game play while in the front end and press Right, Right, Up, Down, Left, Square, Square, Circle.

Two player King Of The Rink Mode:

Press Select, Triangle, R2, L1, Right, Left, Down, X at the title screen.

Reapers Team:

Become king in King Of The Rink mode.

NHL Elite Team:

Score 500 goals to get a team consisting of the top six players in the NHL.

Unlimited Turbo:

Win the NHL Challenge using a created team.

Double Speed:

Win King Of The Rink mode four consecutive times.

Bubble Hockey:

Win arcade mode under Medium difficulty two consecutive times.

Glowing Gloves:

Select any Rock The Rink team in the NHL and choose to Win New Gear. Keep playing until the game notifies you that you have won the extra gear. Play again to have glowing gloves on your players.

Start with an RTR Belt:

Turn on your Playsation, and wait until it asks you to play a Quick Game, press Start and play. Beat the team, and you get a belt. You can start in an NHL Challenge and still have the belt.

GameShark Codes

Red Team Scores 0


Blue Team Scores 0


Red Team Starts W/5 Goals



Blue Team Starts W/5 Goals



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