VR Powerboat Racing PS Cheats

Enter the following as passwords…

CUPUnlocks championship mode
L.RUnlocks slalom mode
U.GUnlocks MINES track
MINUnlocks Minnow Catamarans
IKEUnlocks Pike Catamarans
CUDUnlocks Barracuda Catamarans
PLAHidden Boats
LASSwitch back to normal boats

Type in as Player Name:

SML    Remote control boats
COMPACT     Drive mini-boats
LARGE       Large Motors
ZOOOOOM     Gives speed boats
SPEEEED     Gives super-speed boats
DEFORMED    Big Head mode

Thanks to Revolution readers Angelo Taruc, Crash Dummy, Three, Alan Peters, Jeb

Friedman, Junior, and Austin Schlong!