Power Rangers: Light Speed Rescue PS Cheats

Power Rangers: Light Speed Rescue


Enter the following at the Password screen.

IMMORTAL        Infinite lives
OMEGA           Level skip
ULTIMATE        Unlock Titanium Ranger
FOREVER         Infinite Continues
SHOWCASE        All galleries open
D4B7E1O9G7      Infinite health
N7F6U2A5A1      Infinite RPE moves


Get the Titainium Ranger:

You must have all three key parts. And on the 7th level, after you hit the

three buttons and and jump on the rocks to the next island, under it is

the Titainium Ranger.

Trampoline Floor:

When on any ground hold Square to make it look like your bouncing. (It’s

a crack up!)

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Thanks to Revolution reader The Pink Ranger, Thomas Conner, James Moriarty

& Chris Besant and Joshua Neo H.!