Quake 2 PS Cheats

Bronze Cheats:

Beat the game on Easy. This will give you “One Hit Kill” and “Weapons Stay”

options in multi-player.

Silver Cheats:

Beat the game on Medium. This will give you “Game Speed” and “Blast Force” option

in multi-player, as well as the Bronze cheats.

Gold Cheats:

Beat the game on Hard. This will give you “Infinite Ammo” and “All

Weapons” options in multi-player, as well as the Silver cheats.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health P1         800cbda00064 

Infinite Armor P1          800c7f1e0064 
Infinite Shotgun &         800c7f3c0064 
Super Shotgun Ammo P1   
Infinite Machine Gun       800c7f3e0064
& Chaingun Ammo P1  
Infinite Grenades &        800c7f400064 

Grenade Launcher Ammo P1 Infinite Rocket 800c7f420064

Launcher Ammo P1 Infinite Hyper Blaster & 800c7f440064 BFG Ammo P1 Infinite RailGun Ammo P1 800c7f460064 Super Jump d00c7dd08000 (Press Square) P1 800cbd86fec7

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