Rally Cross 2 PS Cheats

Start a new season and enter the following as your nameā€¦

PREVETVeteran level tracks and cars 
PREPROPro level tracks and cars
PREALLAll tracks and cars - This will not automatically unlock the
Vapor or Radia cars. This cheat also allows the game to start
at the last race of the pro season with a large lead. You do 

not need to finish the race to become champion. This will unlock 
the last two cars.
SISAOOasis track
ELGNUJJungle track 
FOSTERLittle Woods track
NIVEKFrozen Trail track 
MITDusty Road track 
KCINRock Creek track 
CIREDry Humps track 
BSIRHCHillside track 
AIRFILLEDLow gravity 
LEADSHOTOriginal Rally Cross game physics 
MOONEYRestore Rally Cross 2 game physics 
INCORPOREALDisable collision detection

Game Shark Codes

Bonus Cars & Tracks 80059BFE 0003 

Always Place First 800721C0 0001 

One Lap to Race 800606BE 0104

Thanks to Revolution readers Jason Wallace, Brett Force, and tariq ben3dan!