ReLoaded PS Cheats

To play as the Killer Klown FwAnk from the original Loaded:

Highlight Mamma at the player select and press L1, Circle, R1, Down, Down, R1, Circle, L1, L1. Then a red balloon with FwAnk's face will go over Sister Magpie and she will become FwAnk.

Note for the following codes:

Enter these codes at the pause screen, while playing the game. Hold L1 and L2 for 10 seconds before entering these codes and keep holding them until the codes are done...

Extra Ammo:

Press Triangle, Left, Left, Circle, Triangle, Down

Level Skip:

Press Left, Triangle, X, Right, Circle, Triangle, Down


Press Down, Right, Left, Triangle, Right, Down

Weapon Power-Up:

Press Left, Up, X, Circle

Extra Note: Each cheat should appear at the pause screen if done correctly. Just highlight the cheat you wish to use and press X to activate it.

Thanks to Revolution readers Ripper 2434 and 'The Crazy Gamer'!!!