Resident Evil 3: Nemesis PS Cheats

Resident Evil 3


How to Find the Survivors in Mercenary Mode:

Possible locations:

-Jill in the press office

-Brad in the restaurant

-Fat man in the gas station

-cop in the electric plant

All of these survivors will give you an extra 20 seconds of time to get to the


Who & Where:

The people who are rescueable in operation Mad Jackal Minigame are:

Over-weight Man  Gas Station      
Lady Reporter    News Office      
Brad Vickers     Restarant        

Officer RPD      Electric Plant       
Umbrella Task Force Member Bar              
Umbrella Task Force        MemberUmbrella Office  

They Award you with Bonus Time, Higher Grade, & Weapon Ammo

Costume Select:

In mercenariy mode use the boutique key in the boutique and there will be a


of costumes hanging up in the room, a police officer suit, Reginas outfit from

Dino Crisis.

* Note: You will completely change into regina, hair and all etc.

Get the Epilogues:

To get the epilogues without getting Rank A.You just have to get a rank higher

than f.

Extra Points in Mercenary Mode:

In the Mercenaries game, once you reach the small area with the three zombie-dogs

with the small crate-like box, kill two of the dogs, and lure one to you and

climb on the crate. Once it jumps press the R button and dodge. Everytime you

dodge it you will earn 3 extra seconds! Repeat it over and over to get a great


When Dodgding Fails:

Sometimes, dodging Nemesis doesn’t always work right. Here is a different stradegy

that will always work. When Nemesis is coming towards you, shoot him until he

is almost right next to you. When he is getting ready to attack, run in a different

direction and he will fail to harm you. Repeat this again and again and he will

never be able to grab you by the neck again!

No Hassle with the Grave Digger:

When Jill first comes across the Grave Digger, you don’t even need to fight

it. Just quickly turn power to both of those switches, and access the ladder.

Then you don’t need to waste time with it.

Easy Nemesis Take-Down:

To kill Nemesis In 4-6 shots use the freeze rounds with the bazooka.

Kill Nemesis with a Knife:

To kill Nemesis with one knife slash you will need the rocket launcher and the

knife. find any regular(or rocket toting) nemsis and fire a rocket at him, when

you hit him he will fall on his stomach shoot him again and he will get up and

do a roar, select the knife and slah him. great for a big bonus in time on the

mercanaries game.

Where to Find the Good Stuff:

1-Game Instruction File A – Received automatically at game start. Game Instructions

A will change into Jill’s diary when you get all the files in the right order

before you fight nemesis for the last time.

2-Game Instruction File B – Received automatically at game start.

3-Postcard – Found on the counter in Brads Bar.

4-Photo A – Found, on the corpse, in the alley where you have to use the lighter

to unlock the door.

5-Marvin Branagh Report – Found in the small office to the west of the R. P.

D. building on the ground floor.

6-Davids Memo – Found in the only accessible RPD save-room leading to the Photo

Development Room.

7-Fax – Found in the STARS room next to the fax machine.

8-Mercinaries Diary – Search the dead guy in the crankshaped alley (The alley

coming from the RPD and going to the downtown area).

9-City Guide – Found inside the restaurant where you can meet Carlos.

10-Photo B – Raccoon Press reception area on top of the telehone next to the

softdrinks machine.

11-Photo C – Raccoon Press offices 1st floor (search the central desk area).

12-Reporters Memo – Raccoon Press offices 1st floor(in the lower left corner).

13-Mechanics Memo – Tram engine compartment (on top of the engine).

14-Managers Report – Umbrella Medical Storage Facility (underneath the remote

control from the TV).

15-Buisnes Fax -Umbrella Medical Storage Facili(search filing cabinets to the

left of Nicholai).

16-Memo – Found inside the container where the fat civilian went hiding at the

start of the game.

17-Operation Instruction – Search the dead guy in the clocktower main hall.

18-Postcard – Search the desk in the east wing of the clocktower.

19-Mercinaries Pocketbook – Found on the dead couple in the East wing clock

puzzle room.

20-Directors Diary – Found in the Hospital staff room where the elevator is

located (search corpses).

21-Photo D – Found on the desk, in the Hospital, in the 4th floor data room

(where you find the key to room 402).

22-Medicinal Instruction Manual – Found in the Hospital B3 section on the small

desk to the left of the glass cilinders (turn back if you are facing the vaccin

machine and look to your right side).

23-Photo E -Ffound on the table in the small room facing the backalley of the


24-Written order to the supervisors – Search the dead guy in the East wing of

the park.

25-Suporvisors Report – UBCF mission control room (hidden in the graveyard house

behind the fireplace).

26-Fax from Headquators – UBCF mission control room (hidden in the graveyard

house behind the fireplace).

27-Managers Diary – Disused plant’s 2nd floor save-room.

28-Security Manual – Disused plant’s 1st floor save-room.

29-Incinirator Manual -Last room before exiting the disused plant’s main compound

(only accessible after finding the red keycard).

30-Classified Photo – Found on the ground in the midst of the alley between

location 29 and the railgun’s location.


Thanks to Revolution readers Robert Dyson, Kristian Hausch, Aaron Illingworth,

andrew meissinger, v and Manny O.!