Road Rash 3D PS Cheats

Easy 2X Blast:

Hold down L2, and then hold down R2, and let go of L2. If you do this correctly

(it’s not very hard) your view should have just zoomed out a little and you’ll

see the “2X Blast” sign where it usually is. The “2X Blast” will stay on until

you let go of R2.

Avoid a Ticket:

Right when a cop stops you, press start (pause) and restart the race. This will

keep you from getting a ticket and save you cash.

Hitch a Ride:

Get behind a car and pop a wheelie (press X twice). You can jump up on the car

and hit the brakes. You’ll be moving along with the car for some serious speed!

Put That Wheel Down:

To do a continuous wheely keep pressing the “X” button until you crash or have

had enough “one wheeled” action.

More Tunes, Less Racing:

Go to Juke Box and choose a song you like. Then select ‘repeat’ and go to Big

Game or Thrash, do everything you need until you hear the countdown. A voice

counts down; “3, 2, 1”. Pause the game at 2 and you will hear the

music keep playing. This works on any track and is great if you want to here

the music but don’t want to race.

Hang On?:

Controller configuration must be on 2. Durning any game, on any level, with

any bike, while going around a curve, keep holding the X button and hold down

the Circle button. It gives you better traction and keeps you from sliding and

helps you avoid a wreck. It may also give more acceleration.

Get Chased by Tons of Cops:

Go backwards on any tracks soon you’ll be chased by alot of cops.

Buy Any Weapon:

When you are buying bikes press: Up, Down, Left, Right, L2, R2. To use that

weapon press, in the middle of the race, Select and Triangle at the same time,

and look in the upper right corner. Were you just saw a hand, there should now

be a weapon.

Game Shark Codes

High Bike Durability  8010eeaa 7f7f
Infinite Cash         800b6f7c ffff

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