Road Rash: Jailbreak PS Cheats

Highlight the “Multiplayer” in the options menu, then hold L1 + R1

+ R2 + Left and press X
to display the cheat menu. Then, enter one of the

following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

5-0 Mode:

Enter “BDK” as a code at the cheat menu.

Sidecar Mode:

Enter “CMB” as a code at the cheat menu.

Jailbreak Mode:

Enter “KLFSDA” as a code at the cheat menu.

Four Nitros in Jailbreak Mode

Enter “FDMFG” as a code at the cheat menu.

Hitch A Ride:

Position your bike behind a car and pop a wheelie. Just as you begin to jump,

slam on the brake. Now you’re car-surfing. Do this when a cop is chasing you.

But when he ram’s the car, both of you will wipe outl.

No Arrests or Crashes:

Press Start and then restart the race before getting arrested by the police

or crashing.

Keep Weapons and Don’t Loose:

If you have lost your weapon and you’re near last place and right by the finish

line, just pause the game and go to restart, then yes. When you restart, you

will have another chance at 1st place an you will also still have your weapon.

The Slacker’s Method:

If you are really lazy and want to win races easily just do this. After the

3-2-1 just turn around and drive in the wrong direction for a bit. KO any cops

or stuff and don’t get busted or wrecked. Then all you have to do is, after

a while of driving the wrong way, just press START then QUIT then YES. It should

say you came first. This works on random tracks so sometimes you might get wrecked.

This works in Side car Co-op and possibly Solo mode

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health 

800d57665a5a Infinite Bike Damage

800d577c4040 Always Win

800d577e016e Infinite Nitro

300d81ec000a Stop Timer

800d5d480000 All Weapons/Superweapons

800d81e401ff 800d81e8ffff 800d81eaffff

Thanks to Revolution reader Brian T, Scott Handel, G-DOGG, Bill, Alex & Paul

and mazza!