Rogue Trip PS Cheats

Enable Cheat Mode:

During the game press and hold L1, R1, R2 and Select to enable cheat mode. Now

enter any of the following codes:

Infinite Weapons:

Press and hold L1+R1, then press Up, Down, Up, R2. Big Guns:

Press and hold X+R2+L1+R1, then press Down. God Mode:

Press and hold L1+R1+R2, then press Up, Down, Left, Right.

Enter the following as passwords:

Play as Alien Saucer R1, Square, X, Square, L2, Circle
Play as Goliath Triangle, L1, R1, X, L2, L2
Play as NightshadeR1, R2, L1, L1, X, Circle
Play as HelicopterL1, Triangle, R2, Triangle, Triangle, R1
Double Pick-Ups L1, L2, Circle, L1, R1, Square
Increased Armor R1, Triangle, R1, Triangle, L1, Square
Unlimited Turbos Square, X, Circle, Triangle, R1, R2
Unlimited Jump Circle , Square , R2 , X , Triangle , R2

Access Funtopia level
X, Circle, L2, X, Square, L1 Access Gulch level X, Square, Circle, L1, L2, Square Boss Battle 1Circle, R2, R1, Square, L1, R2 View Duke Nukem FMV Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle

Play as Big Daddy:

Enter Triangle, Square, R2, X, Triangle, R2 at the Password screen. Then

select Challenge mode and choose the “Nuke York” level to enable Big Daddy at

the player selection screen.

Combo Moves

While playing a game, hold Triangle, and press one of the following button combinations

to do the corresponding move:

Shield:Right, Down, Left 
Stun:Right, Left, Up
Cash suck:Left, Right, Up 
Rear fire:Right, Left, Down
Mine:Left, Right, Down
On 2 wheels (left):Up, Down, Left  
On 2 wheels (right):Up, Down, Right

GameShark Codes

Infinite Armor P1801d80b4014a

Infinite Specials P1301d824f0063

Infinite Stingers P1301d82500063

Infinite Blasters P1301d82510063

Infinite Stalkers P1301d82520063

Infinite Scorches P1301d82530063

Infinite Meteors P1301d82540063

Infinite Ejects P1301d82550063

Infinite RLBs P1301d82560063

Infinite Prowlers P1301d82570063

Infinite Upgraded Stingers P1301d82590063

Infinite Upgraded Blasters P1301d825a0063

Infinite Upgraded Stalkers P1301d825b0063

Infinite Upgraded Scorches P1301d825c0063

Infinite Upgraded Meteors P1301d825d0063

Infinite Upgraded Ejects P1301d825e0063

Infinite Upgraded RLBs P1301d825f0063

Infinite Upgraded Prowlers P1301d82600063

Infinite Cash P1801d8784ffff

Infinite Armor P2801d896c00b4
Infinite Specials P2310d8b070063
Infinite Stingers P2310d8b080063
Infinite Blasters P2310d8b090063
Infinite Stalkers P2310d8b0a0063
Infinite Scorches P2310d8b0b0063

Infinite Meteors P2310d8b0c0063
Infinite Ejects P2310d8b0d0063
Infinite RLBs P2310d8b0e0063

Infinite Prowlers P2310d8b0f0063
Infinite Upgraded Stingers P2310d8b110063

Infinite Upgraded Blasters P2310d8b120063

Infinite Upgraded Stalkers P2310d8b130063
Infinite Upgraded Scorches P2310d8b140063

Infinite Upgraded Meteors P2310d8b150063

Infinite Upgraded Ejects P2310d8b160063

Infinite Upgraded RLBs P2310d8b170063

Infinite Upgraded Prowlers P2310d8b180063

Infinite Cash P2801d903cffff

Enable Goliath301b39a80001

Enable Nightshade301b39a90001

Enable Alien Saucer301b39ab0001

Enable Helicopter301b39ac0001

Thanks to Revolution readers Prodigy (A.S.), Alien Nation, Danielle, Bunny

Hole, Mike Bevington, Ben Redenbaugh, Justin, Brian Prokop, Mike, Zippo90, ResidentEvil75,

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