Roll Cage PS Cheats

Enter the following as passwords. You might get an ‘invalid password’ message

– just ignore it.

MAXCHEATAll leagues, mirror tracks, bonus driver, and other options.
HHMPNEEDAll expert tracks, extra cars, Deathmatch modes,  
mirror tracks, and mega-time trial. 
BESTLAPSSee developer best lap times.
KKKJBCFAAll leagues and Neoto Deathmatch.
HAFIJEAFHarpoon Deathmatch.
EADNCMAHAll hard tracks and mirror mode.
EEFNIEBA All easy tracks 
(must select Easy difficulty)
EEFPHMBC All hard tracks 
(must select Hard difficulty)
HEMPCMDD All expert tracks 
(must select Expert difficulty)
AIRHORNSEnable cheesy airhorn. Press Select during play to use horn.

Speed Burst

When you’re waiting for the race to start, tap X as fast and as many times as

you can to start faster.

GameShark Codes

All Extras Enabled80010d30ffff

Thanks to Revolution reader Microman X, Silent Player, Michael Crittenden,

Gary Moore, Chris Archer, James G, Ben Smith, and The Rock!