SaGa Frontier PS Cheats

Infinite Items in Junk Store:

Go to the junk store in Scrap and agree to pay the 300 credits to search for

3 items. After doing this, talk to the owners again and pick Selling, then go

to the bottom selection (Hyperion Bazooka I believe) and press Circle twice.

Then hit cancel and go into the room with the junk, you’ll be able to get 7

items instead of 3. After picking 7 items, talk to the owners agian, hit selling,

highlight circle on Hyperion Bazooka and hit circle twice. You can do this as

many times as you like. It’s great for getting cheap armor early on in the game.

GameShark Codes

Infinite LP In Battle8001d8300063
Infinite Magic Points in Battle8001d83803e7
Infinite Attack Points in Battle8001d83403e7
Infinite Credits80012808ffff 

Thanks to Revolution reader James!