Soul Blade PS Cheats

All secret characters are selected by moving off the end of the line of

normal characters. Secret player’s icon will appear as a giant ‘?’.

1. To play as Soul Edge- you must simply beat the arcade mode on normal

setting or greater with all the characters. This becomes pretty easy as you

acquire more weapons in Edge Master Mode. Note: You can also access Soul Edge by playing for 18 hrs…

2. This is an obvious one, but some people have missed it, so…. Weapons gained in Edge Master Mode can be used in arcade mode by moving the cursor over a character and hitting up and down (if you

have no additional weapons for a selected character nothing will happen)

3. Han Myong- this one is hard, you need to get all 70 weapons in Edge Master,

Hwang’s secret ending and Seung Mina’s secret ending. Good luck… OR-First

beat the arcade mode with Hwang, then right after that beat the arcade mode

with Sueng Mina.

4. Sophitia!- to play Sophitia in her civilian garb, just get her ultimate

weapon in Edge Master Mode.

5. Sophitia!!- to play Sophitia in her stylish swimsuit from the opining

movie you must find all 70 weapons in Edge Master Mode

6. Ultimate weapons can be almost impossible to find if you don’t know how to

look for them in Edge Master Mode. After you beat Soul Edge and your ending

book thing plays, you will be in Spain. Move to one of the adjacent

locations, as you move the blue display will say ” ” continues his search

for the ultimate weapon, or something close to that. The ultimate weapon must

be only one travel distance from Spain, depending on the character, you may

have 2 locations you can move to, it is at one of them. If you go to the

next location (that the ultimate weapon is at) and win, the weapon is yours.

If you lose, the blade will move to yet another adjacent spot, it cannot

move back to Spain, however. If you lose at a location that the Ultimate

Weapon its not at, it will not move. Just keep using the process of

elimination until you find it.

7. Siegfried!- To play Sieg in his evil armor with Soul Blade, find his

Ultimate Weapon

Alternate Endings

If you have already beaten Soul Edge you know that the endings are pretty bleak

as most characters die or get possessed by Soul Edge and turn to evil… what you may

not know is that many characters have an alternate (and more uplifting) ending.

Secret Endings:

HWANG: Hwang stands on the pier looking at the Soul Blade, he picks it

up and the black letterbox stripes fade out from the top and bottom of

the screen. As this happens quickly hit A+B repeatedly until the letter box

comes back….this should trigger the different, non-possessed by Soul Edge,


ROCK: Rock stares at the swords and images of his parents being

attacked by a pirate ship appear. Rock is then standing on a cliff, the

letter box will disappear. When this happens hit Down, Up+B until they come


SOPHITIA: As Soph is walking through the woods the letter box, yet

again, disappears. Quickly hit Up, Down until the letter box is back to see

a…..more revealing ending.

SIEGFRIED: The letter box will begin to fade soon after the movie begins

quickly tap Up+B to see Sieg break the evil sword and weep on a mountain.

(thanks Andy!)

VOLDO: Voldo enters his lair caressing Soul Edge, as he rubs the sword

against his neck hit Down, Up as fast as you can (you control his blade rubbing)…..the blade will shatter

and Voldo will collapse in tears

LI LONG: Li drops to his knees and, right away, the letter box disappears.

Rotate the Direction pad 360 degrees and hit all 4 buttons at the same time,

the letter box should return…

SEUNG MINA: The letter box disappears mid way into the video, when it does

hit Up, Down until it returns

MITSURUGI: This, in my opinion, is the best ending. Mitsurugi will return

to his village and promptly gets in to an argument with the gun holding

Tanegashima. The camera will spin into a first person view from Mutsurugi.

Tanegashima will fire his rifle, hit left or right to dodge the bullet. Hit Up twice and wait for him to fire

again, dodge to the right or left again hit Up twice and then hit A or B to hit Tanegashima. You only

get one shot at this and the ending changes if you win or lose. Too cool.

CERVANTES: The letter box disappears right away, hit UP+B until the letter

box comes back. Cerv hits the swords together and the power destroys

him…pretty spiffy.

TAKI: Taki is stunned, the letter box disappears. Tap Down+Guard, when the

letter box returns Taki will decide to keep the Soul Edge and not destroy it.

In the final animation instead of battling the demon for a few seconds she will

strike it down immediately.

GameShark Codes

All Weapons (2.2 or Higher)500014020000


All Weapons For Cervantes800ea352ffff

All Weapons For Hwang800ea350ffff

All Weapons For Li Long800ea346ffff

All Weapons For Mitsurugi800ea340ffff

All Weapons For Rock800ea34effff

All Weapons For Seigfried800ea34cffff

All Weapons For Seung800ea342ffff

All Weapons For Sophitia800ea34affff

All Weapons For Taki800ea344ffff

All Weapons For Voldo800ea348ffff

Infinite Health P1800bffba00f0

Infinite Health P2800c2ef200f0

Infinite Power Moves P1800c01160060

Infinite Power Moves P2800c304e0060

Low Health P1800bffba0000

Low Health P2800c2ef20000

No Power Moves P1800c01160000

No Power Moves P2800c304e0000


Thanks to Revolution readers Brian, Taion and Andy Sharp!!!