Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi PS Cheats

Play as Darth Vader:

Beat the game with Luke Skywalker on Standard/Jedi setting. Make sure the ‘Player Change at Continue” option is set to NO.

Play as Storm Trooper:

Beat game with Han Solo.

Play as Bike Scout:

To do this you must have the Storm Trooper. At the fighter select

screen highlight the Storm Trooper then press and hold L1 and tap X.

Play as Jodo Kast:

Play Survival mode and beat 7 of the 10 fighters

Play as Slave Leia:

Beat game on Jedi with Princess Leia

Play as Mara Jade:

Put the difficulty on Jedi and highlight Team Mode. Next push and hold L1+L2+R1. Now press X and your teams will be chosen for you. Beat the other team

and Mara Jade will be released.

Level select on Vs Mode:

Beat the game using Chewbacca

Super Deformed:

Hold Select + Up + X after choosing your character, and continue to hold until

the match starts.

Tiny Mode:

Hold Select + Up + X + R2 after choosing your character, and continue to hold

until the match starts.

Eliminate Power Bars:

At the match loading screen press and hold L1+R2+Select until the

match starts.

Big Head Mode:

Hold select while choosing your fighter and hold until

match starts

Alternate Outfits:

While at the fighter select screen highlight the fighter you want and hold L1

then press X.

GameShark Codes

Extra Characters800bef5effff

Full Power P1800ac278ffff

Full Power P2800ac290ffff

Infinite Health P1800ac2741000

Infinite Health P2800ac28c1000

Low Health P1800ac2740000

Low Health P2800ac28c0000

No Power P1800ac2780000

No Power P2800ac2900000

Press Select For Jedi d00802c40100
Mind Trick P1800ac28c0000

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