Star Wars Episode One: Jedi Power Battles PS Cheats

Unlock Darth Maul:

Beat the game with Qui-Gon Jinn. Then press Select while the cursor is over

Qui-Gon to access Darth Maul.

*Darth Maul is playable with all skills and cannot learn any more!

Darth Maul Combos:

-Square, Square, Triangle.

-X, X, X, Square.

-Square, Square, X, X, Triangle.

-X, X, Triangle.

Unlock Queen Amidala/Padm”:

Beat the game with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Then press Select while the cursor is over

Obi-Wan to access Queen Amidala/Padm”.

Unlock Captain Panaka:

Beat the game with Plo Koon. Then press Select while the cursor is over Plo

Koon to access Captain Panaka.

Extra Stages and Characters:

Beat the game using all the five Jedi’s to unlock four extra stage and three

extra characters.

Bonus Stage – Kaadu Race:

Beat the game with Adi Gallia.

Bonus Stage – Gungan Roundup:

Get all 3 bonuses on the ten levels.

Survival Challenge:

Beat the game with Mace Windu

Bonus Stages:

To unlock stages 11 and 12; three of your characters must be at level 10, each

with 100 skill. When you play through with a fourth character, stages 11 and

12 will be unlocked by the time you have raised that character’s level to 10

and skill to 100. To unlock stage 14 all five characters must be at level 10

with skill 100.

Ultimate Saber:

In level 14, fight 100 opponents, including all the troop types from the game

to unlock the Ultimate Saber. The Ultimate Saber enables one-hit kills on all

enemy characters except Bosses. You can turn it on or off in the menu that appears

when the game is paused.


Easy Points:

This is for getting quick and easy points. Just whack the scenery with your

Light Saber. Chop down plants, blow up consoles, and shatter windows. These

will give you at least 50 points each.

Friendly Fire:

When facing two or more shooting enemies, move so that one of them is between

you and a shooter. The bad guy in between you will get shot. Repeat this until

they all die.

Extra Points:

After you reach a check point kill yourself and go back through the level to

get extra points.

All Together Now:

This is a cheap way to get all three extra characters with only beating the

game once. Beat the game with someone who has a secret character(like when you

press select and a secret person comes out) and then (while selecting your character)

have your cursor over some one next to a hidden person and at the same time

press select and the direction they’re in. It may take a bit of time to get

it but soon enough, you can use all three of em’. This cheat only works once,

so keep on doing it over when you select a character.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health P1     800b240c0064  
Infinite Force P1      800b24140064  
Infinite Special P1    800b228c000a  
Infinite Special P1    800b241a000a  
Infinite Health P2     800b24280064  
Infinite Force P2      800b24300064  
Infinite Special P2    800b2116000a  
Infinite Special P2    800b2436000a  
Max Score P1           800b240805f5 
Have All Handmaidens   800b22b4000a  
Infinite Jedi Jumps    d409d0940020  
Press L1 and R1 for All Handmaidens/Pilot  
Infinite Health Anakin 800b247c0064  
All Secret Levels Unlocked  
                       800ad29c 000f  

Thanks to Revolution reader DaRkRiTuAl, Mr Fwibbles, Darth Obi, cheatking,

Tom Windu, Azriel, Jake Krause, Alucard and Jaraxle!