Street Fighter Alpha 3 PS Cheats

Enable Guile:

Reach at least level 30 in World Tour Mode by the time you reach the last boss.

After you beat him, you’ll fight on three extra stages. First beat Guile to

enable him as a playable character.

Enable Evil Ryu:

After beating Guile, you’ll face Evil Ryu. Beat him to make him playable.

Enable Shin Akuma:

After Evil Ryu, the final battle will be against Shin Akuma. Beat him to enable

him as a playable character. To choose him, hold L2 while choosing Akuma at

the Chracter Select screen.

Survival Mode and Team Battle:

Beat World Tour Mode at least once to open up Survival Mode and Team Battle.

Dramatic Battle Mode and Final Battle:

Beat Arcade mode on the highest difficulty setting (Level 8) to open up Dramatic

Battle and Final Battle modes.

Classic Mode:

Beat Arcade mode on level 6.

Saikyo Mode and Mazi Mode:

Beat Arcade mode on level 7.

Every mode:

Play for 96 hours to open up all of the extra modes. Check out how many hours

you’ve played in the options menu.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health P1801943100090

Infinite Health P2801947580090

1-Hit Death P1d01943100090

2-Hit Death P2d01947580090

Max Guard Bar P1801944c00050

Max Guard Bar P2801949080050

Max Power Bar P1801944020090

Max Power Bar P28019484a0090

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