Street Sk8ter PS Cheats

Enter the following at the Main Menu. You’ll hear the word “Yeah” to confirm entry:

Play as Sarah:

Left, Left, Square, Right, Right, Circle, R1, R1

Play as Mick

Left, Right, Circle, Square, R2, L1, L2, R1

Play as Bonobo

Right, Circle, Left, Left, Circle, Circle, Square, Square

Open all courses:

Right, Circle, Square, Left, Square, Circle, R1, L1

All boards:

Right, Right, R1, R2, Left, Left, L1, L2

Play as Shao:

Beat the game twice as Frankie to enable Shao.

Easier qualification:

During play, pause the game and press Right, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Left,

Circle, Triangle . This will make it easier to qualify.

Opening the gates:

Beat all three stages with a character and two new gates for the previous stages

will be opened. You must beat the game with all four normal characters to open

every gate, allowing access to every area of every stage.

New Boards:

Beating the game once with each of the four bonus characters opens up five new

board designs per character.

Mirror Courses/Time of Day:

Beat the game a second time with all 4 bonus characters to get mirrored tracks

and the option to turn night into day for the three stages.

Alternate Outfits:

Press Up and Down while on the charecter selection screen and you can scroll

up and down through all character’s different costumes.

GameShark Codes

Extra Points8007b19c8800
Extra Characters80094138ffff
Enable Levels80094230003f

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