Strider 2 PS Cheats

Strider 2


Cheat Mode (Strider 1):

Beat the game to unlock the “Player Set-Up” and “Stage Select” selections on

the option menu. “Player Set-Up” allows you to select different costume colors,

the number of energy bars, and the ability to permanently power up your Cipher.

Unlock Infinite Boost in Strider 2:

Beat the game with Strider Hien in Strider 2 to unlock Infinite Boost.

Unlock Stage 00

Beat both Strider 1 and 2 to unlock Stage 00.

Unlock Strider Hien in Strider 2:

Beat the game one time to unlock Strider Hien.

Infinite Time:

Beat the game with Strider Hiruy. After you beat the game with Strider Hiryu

go to Option Menu.


Thanks to Revolution reader Jason Sommerfield and Terry!