Suikoden PS Cheats

Free Money:

At Rockland - Marco's (the gambler) game has a glitch. If you bet$1000 or $10,000 and get it right when you choose the middle cup, then go to the inn and save then come back and play again. Choose the middle cup again. Repeat the process until you have as much money as you like.

To get a free Furtune rune:

Get the main character up to level 10 and go to the town on the other side of Mt Tigerwolf before going into the house with your father.


After you've collected all the paints and given them to the mural guy, he will give you a pair of binoculars. The binoculars are to change the view while fighting. To do so, you must have 2 controllers. Change the view with controller 2.

Easy Level Up:

If you want to get an easy level up; you must have the Fortune Rune, you can get it from the boss in Highland Castle. You must equip that rune with the Cyclone Rune. Now attack an enemy with your Cyclone Magic. Once you win the battle your level will rise.

Hidden Room:

Enter Scarlatica Castle and search the painting of Milich. You will find a secret room with lots of goodies.

"How do I get all 108 Stars of Destiny?"

1. Main Character- You have this one from beginning to end.  Name him whatever
you want.

2. Gremio-  You get Gremio at the beginning of the game, but about half-way
through the game, he dies.  The only way to get him back is to have all 108
characters (with Pahn still alive).  If you have everyone except Gremio left,
then towards the end, Leknaat the Seer will arrive at your castle and revive
Gremio before the final battle.

3. Cleo- You get Cleo at the beginning and she'll remain with you through out
the game.

4. Pahn- You will get Pahn at the beginning of the game (the same place you
get Gremio and Cleo).  Soon, however, Pahn will be captured by the empire.
You'll get him back later after you defeat Kraze in Lepant's house in Kouan.
There is a point in the game where it seems Pahn will be killed by Teo.  There
is a way to get Pahn to win the fight.  Raise him to about level 35-40 and
give him really good armor with well a well up-graded weapon.  Whenever  Teo
says, "DEFEND is the weapon," choose defend.  If Teo tells you to attack him,

attack him.  NEVER desperate attack Teo with Pahn.  Pahn should survive the
battle and get back to the castle.

5. Viktor- You'll get Viktor after Ted and Pahn are caught by the empire.
After that scene, go to the inn.  Soon as you make it to the inn, go to the
lobby and you'll meet some members of the empire.  Tell them off and Viktor
will interrupt and leave the inn.  Follow him, he should be just above the inn.
Say you'll go with him and he'll join you for the rest of the game.  

6. Camille- Go to the pub at Kaku and you'll see her there.  Talk to her and
she'll have a little talk with Gremio about owing something.  She'll then join

7. Tai Ho- Go downstairs of the pub at Kaku and meet Tai Ho.  In order for him
to join you, you must beat him at a game of dice.  Then he'll join you and
lend you a boat to get to the Castle Toran.

8. Yam Koo- Tai Ho's brother.  He'll join you along with Tai Ho.

9. Luc- After you beat the Zombie Dragon and get the castle (which you get to
name), Leknaat will appear and give you a giant tablet which contains the
stats of your characters and her assistant, Luc, will join you. 

10. Marie- After getting the castle, go to the inn at Seika and you'll see
Marie there, just talk to her and she'll join.  She'll also set up an inn with
free rates at your castle.

11. Onil- Onil live in a house in the middle of Seika.  Talk to her after
getting the castle and she'll join.  She can also tell you what's going on in
the game in case you forget.

12. Mathiu- After Odessa dies, she tells you to give a pair of earrings to a
man named Mathiu.  Mathiu won't join up, however, until you have your castle.
Mathiu is located at Seika in the northern-most house.

13. Chandler- Chandler will be at the Fortress of Kwaba.  Just talk to him
once you have your castle and he'll join.  He'll also set up nifty item shop
in the castle.

14. Sergei- Sergei is at the pub in Kaku.  After you get the castle, talk to
him and he joins as well.  He'll build an elevator in the castle.

15. Kai- You'll find Kai, the Main Character's former stick fighting teacher,
at the Garan Bridge.  Soon as you have your castle, just talk to him and he'll

16. Antonio-  Eventually, Marie will ask you for a cook.  At that moment, go
to the inn at Seika and talk to Antonio.  He'll join.

17. Lorelai- Lorelai is found at the inn in Kouan.  You must be at least level
25 before she decides to join you.  When you are level 25 or higher, talk to
her and she'll join.

18. Krin- Krin is a thief at the inn in Kouan who'll help you break into
Lepant's house.  After you're successful in breaking into his house, Krin will
join you, but you won't be able to use him until after Lepant joins.

19. Rock- Rock is located in Lepant's house in Kouan.  Just talk to him and
he'll join.  He'll set up a safe where you can store various items.

20. Juppo- Juppo is a trickster located in Lepant's house.  You'll meet up
with him while robbing the place.  After you meet up with him, he'll
automatically go to your castle.

21. Lepant- Lepant will join you in a fight against Kraze in Kouan.  This can
only be achieved if you steal his sword.  Only then can you actually talk with

22. Eileen- Lepant's wife.  She'll join along with Lepant.  

23. Giovanni- Lepant's servant.  He joins you along with Lepant.

24. Varkas-  Varkas, a bandit you met earlier, will join you when you return
to your castle after you defeat Kraze.

25. Sydonia-  Varkas' partner.  He joins you with Varkas.

26. Gaspar- After recruiting 25 people or more, go to the same place you met
Tai Ho (the basement of the inn at Kaku) and talk to Gaspar.  Beat him at dice
and he'll put a table in your castle where you can play the dice game.

27. Kirkis- Kirkis, the elf, will be washed up ashore your castle.  It seems
he needs your help. Imperial general, Kwanda Rosman, wants to burn down the
forest.  He'll join you and then you'll have to go to his village and see if
you can work out the problem.

28. Sansuke-  Sansuke is located in the Great Forest town.  Talk to him and
he'll join.  He'll also build a bath in your castle.

29. Maas- Maas is one of five blacksmiths who join you.  He's in the town
Great Forest.  Simply talk to him and he'll join you and set up a blacksmith

30. Viki- Viki, an air-headed mage, will bump into you on your way to the elf
village.  She'll join you automatically.  Viki can use her magic to teleport
you to any village you previously visited.

31. Valeria- Valeria, a former member of the empire will join you after you
are set free from the jail in the elf village.  

32. Meese- Meese, the second of five blacksmiths, is located in the Dwarf
village.  Talk to him and he'll join.

33. Templeton- Templeton, the map maker, will join you after the elven village
has been destroyed by Kwanda.  The first time you visit the destroyed village,
a little scene happens with Kirkis.  After the scene is over, leave the
village and re-enter.  Templeton will be standing there.  He'll join you and
give you a map to the outside world.

34. Kuromimi- Kuromimi, the Kobold, will join you in battle with the empire in
the Kobold village.

35. Sylvina- Kirkis' girlfriend.  After you are ambushed by the Imperial
Guards, she'll arrive with some help from your army and join you.

36. Stallion-  Stallion will join you along with Sylvina.  He's equipped with
the True Holy Rune, so if you include him in your party, you'll be able to run

37. Kwanda Rosman- The first of the Imperial Generals who will join you. After
one-on-one duel between the Main Character and Kwanda, do not have him
executed.  Instead, show compassion and he'll join you.

38.  Humphrey-  After the whole Kwanda Rosman episode is over.  You'll all
return to the castle and Humphrey will join you.  He'll be waiting for you in
the meeting room with Mathiu.

39. Flik- Flik runs off because of hearing of Odessa's death.  Go after him in
Kaku and talk to him.  He'll reconsider going solo and join the army.

40. Meg- Juppo's niece.  Form a party with Juppo in it and talk to her.
She'll join you.  Meg is located at Kaku.

41. Sheena- Lepant's son.  He's in Seika hitting on a girl.  Put Lepant in
your party and he'll join.  

42. Apple- Apple, one of Mathiu's students, who is located in Mathiu's house
in Seika.  Just talk to her and give her which ever response to her question
you want.  She'll then join you.

43. Quincy- Quincy, the hunter, is located at Garan Bridge.  He'll only join
you once you have 80 people in your army.

44. Hellion- Hellion is found in the inn at Teien.  Talk to her and she joins.
She'll give you the Blinking Mirror, which can warp you back to the castle
from anywhere on the main map.

45. Gen- Gen, the boat builder, is located in a house in Teien.  You need this
one  to join you so he can make a boat for you to use in the river.

46. Komandol- Komandol, the alchemist, is right next door to Gen.  Once Gen is
in your party, go to Komandol's house and he'll join.  You need Komandol to
help build the boat.

47. Eikei- You'll find Eikei in Teien.  He'll only join if you are level 45 or
higher.  Once you are level 45 or higher, talk to him and he joins.

48. Lotte- Lotte has lost her cat in Kaku.  Grab her cat (which is wandering
aimlessly around Kaku) and give it to her and she will join.  Lotte is located
in Rikon at the inn.

49. Jabba- Jabba, the appraiser, will join you once you give him something he
cannot appraise.  Fight creatures around the area until you get a Nameless
Urn.  Jabba cannot appraise the Nameless Urn, so he joins you.  

50. Qlon- Qlon, who lives in Antei, will join you once you've defeated Milich

51. Chapman- Chapman is located in the armor shop in Antei.  Talk to him and
he joins.  He'll also set up an armor shop in your castle.

52. Mina- Mina, the dancer, will only join once you dance with her.  So, go to
the armor shop and purchase a pair of Toe Shoes.  Equip them on your Main
Character and talk to Mina.  She'll dance with you and join you.  She's found
in the inn in Antei.

53. Jeane- Jeane is found in Antei in the Runemaster's shop.  Talk to her
she'll head for your castle and set up a helpful Runemaster's shop in your

54. Esmeralda- Esmeralda is on the upper level of the inn in Antei.  The only
way to get her to join is to get the Opal.  Fight creatures in the Soniere
Prison until you get an Opal.  Take it to her and she joins.  

55. Kimberly- When you go off to save Liukan from Milich, Mathiu tells you to
look for Kimberly and Tesla in Antei.  Kimberly will join after a date with

56. Tesla- Tesla lives near Kimberly.  Talk to him and he'll deny being Tesla.
Then he'll finally come clean after some talk with Flik.  He'll then join the

57. Liukan- You'll first see Luikan in his hermitage somewhere in the southern
parts  of the river.  He'll be kidnapped, however, by Milich.  Go to the
Soniere Prison and Luikan is on the bottom level.

NOTE: Gremio is killed in the Soniere Prison.  You can't prevent this, but as
said earlier, he can be revived.

58. Ivanov- Ivanov, the painter, is located in Scarleticia Castle (Milich's
fortress).  Just talk to him and he'll join. 

59. Kasios- Kasios, the bard, is found in a small room in Scarleticia Castle.
She'll only join you when you have Milich in your party.  Kasios will play
music from the game if you ask her to.

60. Milich Oppenheimer- Milich, another Imperial General, will join if you
don't execute him.  He's found somewhere in Scarleticia Castle.  

61. Kasumi- Kasumi, the young ninja, will join you after the Milich incident.
She'll be waiting in the meeting room with Mathiu.

62. Melodye- Melodye, located in Kirov will join once you find the Sound Rune.
The Sound Rune is somewhere in Kalekka.  She'll head for your castle and set
up a sound option screen in your castle.

63. Lester, who is also in Kirov, will join once you sample his stew.  On the
south side of town, there should be a big house (Kun To's house).  On either
side of Kun To's house, there are two small houses.  Taste the stew in both
houses, the go to Kun To's house.  Lester should be waiting there.  Talk to
him and he'll join.

64. Georges-  Georges is in the inn in Korvo (that's a lot of in's). Talk to
him and he'll challenge you to a matching game.  If you win, he'll join.

65. Sarah- Sarah is in the middle of Kirov.  She'll join if you get her some
soap.  Here's how this is done.  You'll have to trade people items all around
town.  You'll need the Sugar to start, which you can purchase in the item

66. Leon- Mathiu's brother.  He'll join once you have 90 or more characters.
Once you have 90, talk to him, then go to Mathiu and he'll give you a letter
for Leon.  Give the letter to Leon and he'll join.

67. Blackman- Blackman is located in Kalekka.  He'll join you if you don't
step on his plants.  Then just talk to him.

68. Ronnie Bell- Ronnie is found at the Resistance Factory.  She'll join upon
your arraival.

69. Kessler- Kessler, who you met earlier, will join you after you talk to
him.  He's in the Resistance Factory.  

70. Ledon- Ledon, who poisoned your tea earlier in the game, is standing right
next to  Kessler.  He'll join you if you talk to him.

NOTE: When Ronnie asks you if you know Ledon and Kessler, say 'yes.'

71. Kage- Kage, the ninja, will join you if you bay 20,000 bits.  He's found
at the Resistance Factory.

72. Mose- Mose, third of five blacksmiths, is found in the Resistance Factory.
Just talk and he'll join.

73. Kun To- Kun To will help you transport the weapons needed to defeat Teo's
army.  He's in the big house on the south part of Kirov.  Talk to him and
he'll transport the goods for you.  After that, he'll join.

NOTE: You'll need some as many troops as you can get to help in battle against
Teo, so now is a good time to recruit the next six characters

74. Anji- Anji is located in a hideout north of your castle.  You can only
reach it via boat.  Take Tai Hi and Yam Koo in your party and Anji and his
friends will challenge you.  Defeat them and they'll join you.

75. Leonardo- Leo joins you with Anji.

76. Kanak- Kanak joins you with Anji.

77. Gon- Kuromimi's brother.  Form a party with Kuromimi in it and talk to
Gon.  He'll join you.  He's found in the Kobold village inside a house.

78. Fu Su Lu- Fu Su Lu is a powerful character in the Kobold village.  Pay him
10,000 bits and he'll join.  Check the inn to find him.

79. Rubi- Rubi, the elf found at the inn in the Kobold village will join you
if you have Kirkis in your party.  However, Kirkis must be at least level 35.

80. Grenseal- Grenseal, one of Teo's assistants, will join you after you win a
one-on-one duel between Teo and the Main Character.  Teo will be happy his son
defeated him and he'll tell his assistants to join your army.

81. Alen- Teo's other assistant.  He'll join along with Grenseal.

82. Kirke- While in Lorimar fortress, you'll see there's no one there.  After
going through it the first time, re-enter and you'll see the executioner,
Kirke.  Talk to him and he'll join.

83. Marco- You've seen Marco before in Rockland.  Now, he's at Warriors'
Village.  Beat him at his cut gambling game and he'll join.  He'll then set up
his cup gambler in your castle.

84. Window-  Window is one of the hardest characters to get.  Hidden somewhere
in the Cave of Qlon, there should be a Window Rune.  HINT: There are two spots
in the wall you can walk through, one leads to the Window Rune, the other to a
new character.  Give Window the rune and he'll join.  He's located in the
Warriors' village.  He'll set up a Window Option Screen in your castle

85. Moose- The fourth of five blacksmiths, Moose, will join if you form a
group with Maas, Mose, and Meese.  Then, just talk to him and he'll join.

86. Fukien- Fukien is in the Temple of Qlon.  Just talk to him and he'll join.

87. Morgan- Morgan, the blind man, will join once you talk to him.  He's found
in the Temple of Qlon.

88. Hugo- Hugo will join once you have the War Scroll.  The War Scroll is
found in the Cave of Qlon.

89. Zen- Zen, the gardener, will only join once you have the blue, yellow, and
red seeds.  The seeds can be purchased in different towns.  Talk to him after
getting the seeds and he'll join.

90. Crowley- Crowley is hidden in the other secret room I spoke about earlier.
You must have at least 90 people in your army before he joins.  He's hidden in
the Cave of Qlon.

91. Hix- Hix, who lives in the Warriors' Village will join you to help rescue
Tengaar from the vampire, Neclord.  

92. Tengaar- Hix's girlfriend.  She's on the top floor with Neclord.  Defeat
Neclord and she joins.

93. Pesmerga- Pesmerga is in the room where you fought Neclord.  Go back after
you have killed Neclord and talk to Pesmerga.  He'll join after telling you
he's after Yuber.

94. Fuma- Fuma is hidden in the Dragon Knights' Fortress on the upper right
side of the Fortress.  You can barely see him.  Just talk to him and he'll

95. Kreutz-  Humphrey's old enemy.  Talk to him with Humphrey in your group
and he'll join.  He's found in the Dragon Knights' Fortress.

96. Milia- Milia will join soon as you discover the secret entrance to the
Dragon's Den.  She'll be instructed to join.

97. Mace- The final of five blacksmiths.  Form a group with Maas, Moose, Mose,
and Meese, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  If you wait too long, you won't be able to
recruit Mace.  Right before the big battle with Sonya's army or before you
meet Tagart.  He's found in the Seek Valley.

98. Joshua- Joshua will join you after you cure the dragons of Dragon's Den.
He's the leader of the Dragon Knights, so he won't go to your castle.  He'll
just stay where he is, but is still counted a joining.

99. Futch- Futch is a Dragon Knight who's dragon died.  Without a dragon, he
cannot be a Dragon Knight, so Joshua dismisses him which leave Futch to join
your army.  He'll join after you return from Seek Valley.

100. Crowley-  This one's REALLY tricky.  You can only find him in the Rikon
inn.  He appears in the inn one out of eight times you enter.  Just talk to
him and he'll join.  But, you need at least 90 characters for him to join.

101. Tagart- Tagart will join you in the meeting room with Mathiu.  He'll ask
you to save his master, Warren, who has been imprisoned by Kasim Hazil. 

102. Griffith- Griffith will join you after you defeat his small army.  Don't
execute him and he'll join.  Griffith is found at Northern Checkpoint

103. Warren- Warren is at the top of Kasim Hazil's fortress.  Spring him loose
and he'll join.

104. Kasim Hazil- After some persuading, Kasim will join.  This will happen
after you set Warren free.

105. Maximillian-  After you clear out the Northern Checkpoint, Max and Sancho
will appear.  Talk to Max and he'll join.

106. Sancho- Max's partner.  He'll join you with Max.

107. Vincent De Boule- Vince is found in Kasim Hazil's fortress in the prison
area where you got Warren. You'll have to go all the way back up and set Vince
free and he'll join.

108. Sonya- The final one to join you, or at least she should be.  After you
defeat her, she'll be in the dungeon part of your castle.  Ask her to join you
and she will...only to see you die with her own eyes, though.

NOTE: Like I said before, if you've found everyone, Leknaat will revive

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