Syphon Filter 2 Walkthrough

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Syphon Filter 2 Walkthrough by X-Dragon. Copyright 2000.  If you find 
misspellings or errors in this walkthrough then please try finding the humor in 
them. I have seen quite a bit of errors after profreeding over my work and just 
never had time to fix all of them. For questions about gameshark codes or other 
such cheats please visit or check IGN's site for 
tricks. Thanks also to Dan Fookes at at Cheatcodes 
2000 for also posting my walkthrough. His site has gameshark codes and tricks 
listed also so check them out. Dan just needs to put in walkthrough by Xdragon 
instead now. The final version of this walkthrough isn't finished, more than 
likely I'll add more information to it. For the people wanting information about 
the multi-player version for Syphon Filter 2 I can't help you there. Check out 
David Blakes walkthrough for multi-player concerns,his walkthrough is listed 
above mine :)

||                    [-Table Of Contents-]                          ||
|| Section 1- Disclaimer Information,                                ||
|| X-Dragons Email Address.                                          ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 2- FAQS                                                   ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 3- XDragon Mini Review and critism of the game.           ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 4- Websites Pertaining to information about               ||
|| or providing a link from other sites that have my walkthrough     ||
|| posted.                                                           ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 5- Mission Background(As written per Instruction          ||
|| Manual.)                                                          ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 6- Weaponry tutorial as in the Instruction Manual.        ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 7- Levels Bestiary(Listing Of All level names)            ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 8- Mission 1 Walkthrough                                  ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 9- Mission 2 Walkthrough                                  ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 10- Mission 3 Walkthrough                                 ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 11- Mission 4 Walkthrough                                 ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 12- Mission 5 Walkthrough                                 ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 13- Mission 6 Walkthrough                                 ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 14- Mission 7 Walkthrough                                 ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 15- Mission 8 Walkthrough                                 ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 16- Mission 9 Walkthrough                                 ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 17- Mission 10 Walkthrough                                ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 18- Mission 11 Walkthrough                                ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 19- Mission 12 Walkthrough                                ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 20- Mission 13 Walkthrough                                ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 21- Mission 14 Walkthrough                                ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 22- Mission 15 Walkthrough                                ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 23- Mission 16 Walkthrough                                ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 24- Mission 17 Walkthrough                                ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 25- Mission 18 Walkthrough                                || 
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 26- Mission 19 Walkthrough                                || 
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 27- Mission 20 Walkthrough                                ||
||                                                                   ||
|| Section 28- Mission 21 Walkthrough                                ||

                          [-Section 1-]                              
  Syphon Filter 2 Walkthrough Version 1 (for the Playstation game
  console) Email [email protected]                                 
  This walkthrough took me a while and is still taking a while to make
  so please don't rip me off by trying to sell it. Copyright 2000
  Xdragon walkthroughs                                               

||                           [-Section 2-]                           ||
||                             [-FAQS-]                              ||
||                                                                   ||
||1. Q. How do I incapicitate Gregorov in Volkov Park?               ||
||   A. Equip your Silencer rifle and aim at all the lights and shoot||
||      them. This makes it dark and you can easily change to your hand
||      taser and zap Gregorov.                                      ||
||                                                                   ||
||2. Q. How do I kill Chance, none of my weapons work against him?   ||
||   A. Lure him to the rear copter blades and shoot him with UAS    ||
||      Bullets.                                                     ||
||                                                                   ||
||3. Q. How many levels are there in Syphon Filter 2?                ||
||   A. 21                                                           ||

                              [-Section 3-]
              [-Suggestions for the sequel to Syphon Filter 2-]     
  -The controls are very shoddy and sloppy and makes it hard to make it
   around some corners when timing is everything.                      
  -My game had tons of bugs in it as in when you were on the regular 
   part of the ground and while staying crouched and walking the     
   character would grab hold of an invisible ledge and then fall     
   through the ground to their death.                                
  -The reload option is not very user friendly,as in when 1 gun is 
   dried out of bullets and your left helpless shooting a blank gun and
   not killing anyone. In close range this is very frustrating since
   you then must scroll quickly to a better weapon or one with ammo in 
   I'll give an example that happened to me a few times. I was shooting
   enemies in 1 mission and also had the M-79. I ran out of bullets
   with the gun I was using I was number one losing my life and when I
   changed guns the next one that popped up was the M-79 and in close
   range I was dead shortly after. Make it where when you run out of
   ammo with 1 gun and your shooting blanks that it automatically
   switches to a sensible gun so you don't end up as part of the wall
   or floor.                                                             

  -Where was the UAS auto reload shotgun in the rest of the missions? I
   only found it when fighting the last guy and thought it was a cool
   weapon. I would've liked seeing more of that gun in the game

  -I liked the cut-scenes and sounds were great but isn't there a more
   realistic way to make them look? The whole virtual look with the
   characters in the scenes throws the whole scene out of whack. The in
   game graphics, as in when you're playing the game, won't be as good,
   I know that, but the cut-scenes with the characters looked rushed.

  -The story was well written but the plot just seemed dull and
   uneventful. Is making movies with good story and plot, that much
   different than in video games?

  -Any chance this game could make it to the PC and have expansion

  -The other problem with the beginning screen or title screen is what
   Tomb 4 suffered from. If you're pressing the x button while the game
   is loading which I do sometimes and before the title screen loads up
   you end up pushing new game. Any way to after doing your first
   save,to make the default option when the title screen loads to
   emphasize the load option instead?

||                         [-Section 4-]                             ||
||Websites that pertain to this walkthrough are as follows(more will-|| 
||be added)                                                          ||
||                                                                   ||
||                                          ||
||                                            ||
||                                             ||
||                                                                   ||
||A pointless trick but not really a trick: Keep pressing the x      ||
||button repeatedly and Gabe or Lian will do curtseys in the game.   ||

                           [-Section 5-]
                         Mission Background:

Seemingly unrelated and troubling events headline International News reports. 
Innocent civilians are gunned down in the Hiellongjang Province of China. A 
Nuclear Missle is destroyed seconds before detonating over Kazahkstan. Tensions 
surge between the US and China when sensitive data is leaked to a dissident 
Chinese group. 

Corrupt elements within the agency, a super secret US intelligence group,are the 
driving force behind all these dangerous events. Using the biotech Pharcom,they 
devoloped a virus called Syp Filter. Syphon Filter is the ultimate le. The buyer 
will become the first superpower. Agency operatives Gabe Logan and Lian Xiang 
discovered the plot within their own organazation. They are now attempting to 
expose the Syphon Filter conspiritors and stop the sale. In response,the agency 
has altered the military and law enforcement that Gabe Logan and Lian Xiang 
should be eliminated.

Agency motives become clearer as Gabe discovers Pharcom CEO Jonathan Phagan's 
private files on the virus. Then Lian,herself infected with Syphon Filter,is 
kidnapped for use as an agency Guinea Pig. Gabe must find the vaccine to save 
Lian's life as she attempts an escape from her captors.

Branded as criminals by their own government,Gabe and Lian must strike with 
deadly efficiency while leaving innocent personnel unharmed. Ex-agent Teresa 
Lipan,who operates a clandestine spy network,will assist both Gabe and Lian by 
coordinating missions from her secret base. The agents make every move knowing 
that a traitor could turn the knife at any moment.

                               [-Section 6-]
Weaponry: (Note that the weapons mentioned below are mentioned in the 
instruction manual. If you rented the game and didn't receive the manual then 
you now can see what weapons are available. If you already know the weapons then 
just skip this part.)

Combat Knife: 

The US Marine weapon is designed for hand-to-hand combat. Use the knife when you 
want to eliminate an enemy quietly.

9mm Silenced Handgun:

This standard military sidearm is an excellent short-range weapon. It's a lethal 
weapon in the hands of a trained Pro.

.45 Handgun:

Devoloped in the days of trench warfare,this 1911 vintage design is a double-
action semi-suto weapon with strong recoil and tremendous stopping power.

M-16 assault rifle:

Standard issue for US military personnel,this combat proven light-weight weapon 
is accurate and easy to control,m-16's fire a specially designed small 
caliber.high velocity round.

G-18 Machine Pistol:

A furious 60 round per second fire rate makes this machine pistol the most 
lethal ever made. Note that the 33 round clip will be in 1/2 second of 
continuous fire. Don't get caught with an empty weapon.

Biz-2 Machine Pistol:

This machine pirtol is designed to maintain law and order in tight situations. 
The horizontal clip design keeps the weapon compact and easy to fire while 
holding enough ammo to pin down a platoon.

HK-5 Machine Pistol:

Favored by special forces and terrorists alike for its compactness,the HK-5 is 
fast becoming the most popular machine gun around. There are more than 23 
recognized variants and other customized versions,some fitted with silencers.

12 Guage Shotgun:

This fully choked version maximizes accuracy and minimizes collateral damage out 
to 25 yards. It is commonly issued to law enforcement,DEA and secret service 
agents. At close range,nothing you can carry hits harder.

UAS-12 Rapid Fire Shotgun:

Delivers a pounding in close range combat against multiple targets. Colletral 
damage was not considered when devoloping this weapon.

PK-102 Assault Rifle:

This weapon is a variant of the popular Kalashnikov system (one of the most 
widely used and modified designs in the world ). This is a full-featured assault 
rifle,but is easy to conceal which makes it popular with the ladies errr 

K3G4 Assault Rifle:

High Fire rate and Teflon coated bullets to punch through most Flak Jackets make 
this a weapon to fear and respect.

H-11 Sniper Rifle:

The H-11 is a full auto-fire sniper rifle with a large clip and a non-zooming 

Sniper Rifle:

This silenced rifle comes equipped with a classified digital scope using basic 
optical character recognition. It is capable of classifying Human targets and 
identifying human impact points prior to firing.

Nightvision Rifle:

This rifle is capable of extreme accuracy. It is designed to strike 
moving,stationary, or camoflauged targets from great distances without 
compromising the shooters position. This model uses the SVDN2 night scope and 


Quieter than a silenced firearm,This is the weapon of choice for stealth 
operations. It fires a narcotics laced bolt that can kill if fired at the head. 
In manual targeting mode,a laser provides excellent accuracy. 

Hand Taser: 

This Non-lethal weapon delivers 80,000 volts of neural chaos and will drop a man 
instantly. Use the hand taser on people you want to incapacitate without 
harming. You must get very close to the target with this weapon and the element 
of surprise is crucial. It is best to blind-side the target.

Air Taser:

Fire the Co2 powered air taser to lodge a probe into a targets body. A wire from 
the weapon to the probe delivers a 500,000 volt shock. Press and hold the Square 
button after implantation and the victim will burst into flames.

Incendiary Grenede:

Upon detonation,this incendiary weapon spreads Ammonium Perchlorate 3 meters 
outward from the blast point. It is instantly ignited by the explosion and 
quickly burns out,torching anyone within the blast area,but leaving minimum 
collateral damage.

Nerve Gas Grenade:

Releases trace amounts of Soman nerve agent. After exposed targets are rendered 
unconscious,fatatality follows in 15 minutes unless an antidote is administered. 
The gas dissipates swiftly for fast entry into the area. This will stun the 
agent for a brief moment if walked into.

M-79 Grenade Launcher:

This deadly single-shot,break barreled weapon was used in the Vietnam War and 
nicknamed the "Blooper". It fires 40mm high explosive grenades capable of 
producing 300 fragments within a 5 meter kill radius. Its range is up to 300 

C-4 Explosive:

Called Plastic explosives,C-4 can be molded and stuck to objects. It is then 
wired to a fuse and friction igniter for detonation from a remote or protected 

Tear Gas Launcher:

Fires cartridges containing old N64 games Heh kidding,CS riot agent. Use this 
weapon to create confusion in situations where the opposition cannot be attacked 
with lethal force.

High Tech Accompanying Equipment:

Camera Scrambler:

A device that attaches to security cameras giving them a false picture.

Transponder Locator:

Use this device to pinpoint the position of a transmitting military aircraft 

Celluar Modem:

Uploads Data covertly at extremely fast speeds.


These Binoculars use image stabilization technology to eliminate shaking and the 
lenses zoom to 14x. The true compass heading and magnification are viewed in the 

Navigation/Nightvision Goggles: 

Capable of illuminating all nearby bodies,these nightvision goggles are use-only 
(not available in inventory). They are automatically donned an area becomes too 
dark for an agent to make out objects.

Flack Jacket:

Flak Jackets provide body protection against most firearms. You are still 
vulnerable to head shots. Flak Jackets found in weapon boxes offer full 
protection,while ones taken off casualties or guys you killed already give 1/4 
protection. If you kill an enemy with a body shot or explosives,his jacket is 
useless to you.

||                      [-Section 7-]                                ||
||                      [-Level Bestiary-]                           ||
||                                                                   ||
||                        Level 1- Colorado Mountains                ||
||                        Level 2- McKenzie Airbase Interior         ||
||                        Level 3- Colorado Interestate 70           ||
||                        Level 4- I-70 Mountain Bridge              ||
||                        Level 5- McKenzie Airbase Exterior         ||
||                        Level 6- Colorado Train Ride               ||
||                        Level 7- Colorado Train Race               ||
||                        Level 8- C-130 Wreck Site                  ||
||                        Level 9- Pharcom Expo Center               ||
||                        Level 10- Morgan                           ||
||                        Level 11- Moscow Club 32                   ||
||                        Level 12- Moscow Streets                   ||
||                        Level 13- Volkov Park                      ||
||                        Level 14- Gregorov                         ||
||                        Level 15- Aljir Prison Break-In            ||
||                        Level 16- Aljir Prison Escape              ||
||                        Level 17- Agency Bio-Lab                   ||
||                        Level 18- Agency Bio-Lab Escape            ||
||                        Level 19- New York Slums                   ||
||                        Level 20- New York Sewer                   ||
||                        Level 21- Finale                           ||

                            [-Disc 01-]
                            [-Section 8-]
                            [-Mission 1]

Rocky Mountains,Colorado

In the cut-scene I'd like to know how, when Gabe kicked the door open, he didn't 
get sucked out of the plane, oh well.
Ojectives: 1. Find Chance and The Transponder Locator. 2. Reach High Ground to 
get fix on Transponder Signal. 3. Recover C-4  4. Clear Cave-In 5. Reach Highway 
6. Take Out Snipers 7. Defend Gi's
Mission Patameters: 1. Don't Kill any GI's

Walk up to the crash site and watch the cut-scene. When done with the cut-scene 
turn around and start running in the open and head left. Jump up a rocky ledge 
and pick up a Flak Jacket but you can't since the one you have isn't damaged yet 
so remember this area if you get hurt. Keep going straight ahead until you see 
another comrade on a small knoll. Speak with the GI and watch the cut-scene. 
Before following the private to the cave go to the right and you'll eventually 
see a box with an M-16 in it. Open the box by pressing the triangle button to 
receive the new gun. Enter the cave where your men are and run with them to an 
open section and they instruct you where Chance went. Before going right fall 
off the small ledge and then go left and you can run to another box with a 
shotgun inside so take it. Further back a little ways is yet another box with a 
Flak Jacket inside but you won't need it yet so just remember the location if 
you get itno trouble. So now you can move forward into the cave to the right. 
Fall down the small ledges until your at the main lower area of the cave. Hop up 
the small ledge and enter the darkish part of the cave. 

Run through the icey part of the cave and you'll see some more comrades and 
another cut-scene ensues. Fall down the small ledge and you can now speak with 
Chance. After the cut-scene and the talk with the girl your first objective is 
complete and new ones are added. Okay first things first use your x button to 
crouch so you won't get shot. Head to the left ledge and jump up it. As soon as 
your atop be prepared to fire your weapon. My advice to you is equip your M-16. 
Turn around completely and you'll see a waterfall that Gabe will jump across 
automatically and if your flak jacket got damaged there is one in a box across 
the chasm where the waterfall is. Now go to the lower part of where the water is 
flowing and jump the cliff automatically. After leaping here  walk backwards 
slowly and drop off the cliff and you'll fall down another small ways and inside 
this small cave is the H-11 so get it. Turn back around now and use triangle 
button to leave this cave. Jump back across the small cliffy part where the 
water is flowing now.
Re-enter the cave section where your troops are at and get in there very quickly 
and use them as cover. If you pause you'll be killed by a enemy with a Grenade 
Launcher. You will now have a cave-in on your hands and you will have a new 
checkpoint and objective added.  Go up the steep part of the cave and there will 
be an opening ahead and 2 of your own men get killed. Look up and right and 
shoot the guy on the high cliff. Crouch down now and look left and you'll easily 
pull off a head shot on the guard that's there. Step back a small ways and look 
right to shoot another guard to the right. Note that if you're using your M-16 
make sure you press triangle once in a while to reload the gun. Drop off the 
small ledge now and turn completely around and aim up and shoot the guard behind 
you on the high ledge.

Be careful next by crouching and walking so aim for the guard on the right 
cliffy part and take him out. Turn left now and look up and shoot another guard. 
Hop up the cliffy area and get some M-16 and 9mm ammo. Now you'll be inside a 
small opening of yet another cave. Leave this small cave on the other side is a 
large opening and 2 guys to shoot. Keep your distance and get some safe 
headshots off to take care of them and then move forward and collect their ammo. 
Once you get their ammo run up to where your fallen comrade now rests and 
objective 3 is complete and another checkpoint is found. This next part is 
pretty hard so get that M-16 equipped and start shooting those paratroopers 
before they land and wreak havok on you.

Now that you're done with that you'll probably want to climb the small knoll in 
the area and get that Flak Jacket I told you about earlier. Head back the way 
you came and hide under the small cliff and pop out every time another guard 
appears and you'll have them mowed down in no time. Collect ammo and then go 
back into the cave from earlier and there is a lot of troops again in this next 
open area so shoot them down and at the top of the second cliff is a flak jacket 
so collect it. Go up a small ways and a guard will be talking on his radio 
saying you're somewhere up here and they didn't get you yet so go to the small 
path near the cliff and crouch. Shoot 3 soldiers here and collect ammo. Jump up 
the highest ridge and equip your transponder and use it with the traingle button 
and a new objective and cut-scene ensues. You must now battle your way down the 
mountain so climb down the high ridge and don't use your roll button the way I 
did and die. 

Head back to the main opening and kill 3 guards here 1 on the right and one on 
the left and the last one in the middle. Now there is around 5 more guys to kill 
so shoot them as quickly as possible from different areas and then head back to 
where the cave in occured and use the c-4 on the rocks to clear the path. Set 
the C-4 with the triangle button and run away to allow the explosion from a safe 
distance. Now your new checkpoint and clear path objective are met. You run 
through the cave and the enemies are infiltrating your plan to get down the 
mountain. Best thing to do is run away forward and then go left cause a guy lobs 
a grenade at you. Stand left and turn right immediately and shoot the guard up 
there. Now turn back left again and kill the guy on the left and then the right 
and then straight down the middle.

If you didn't fare too well there get the Flak Jacket near the waterfall and 
then keep going straight. Head into the cave a small ways and when you reach the 
first open area you'll have reached another check point. Go left now up the 
small ledge and keep on heading straight. Drop down a small ledge and it gets 
dangerous as 2 snipers are on top of a cliff and your men are low on ammo so a 
cut-scene will ensue. They will provide cover and then yell out "Were Dry". Go 
around the cliff and hop up when you get the chance. Crouch right away and a 
sniper yells "I'm being Flanked" Equip that excellent weapon (The H11) from way 
before and a guy will run in from the left side and he is wearing a Flak Jacket. 
Shoot him with that speedy gun and kill him and only 1 more guy left to contend 
with. Now if you climbed up to the first chance you got after killing the one 
guy look immediately left and you should be able to pull of a clean head shot on 
the other sniper and you will take the sniper objective away. Walk up to the box 
and get the Grenades and then follow the path until you can take your first 
right and go here and your Gi's will say there is more enemies and another 
objective is added.

This part can be a pain in the ass but just equip the gun I told you to and 
shoot the first 3 guys they wont shoot at you but the last 3 ground troops will. 
Evade the best you can and only head shots count here so get the head shots and 
make mincemeat of these idiots. Once done correctly you will have passed another 
checkpoint. The area you went right from before where it said not all objectives 
met is where you need to go to next to leave this level. Save if you like.
                          [-Section 9-]
                          [-Mission 2-]

Colorado,McKenzie AFB

Mission Objectives: 1. Get Combat Gear 2. Escape Holding Facility 3. Find 
Adrenline Booster.

Mission Parameters: 1. Don't kill any airbase personnel 2. Don't allow yourself 
to be detected

This a timed base mission but the first part is pretty easy. Get into the crouch 
position and follow behind the guard that's walking in the hallway. Take your 
first right up a hall where the Doctor and some guy are talking. Let them go by 
they won't see you and go right and enter a room to the right where the 
adrenline shot is and your first checkpoint is found. Leave this room going left 
and to the end of the hall. You'll see a security guard walking the halls here 
and another one further up the hall. Run to the second window on the right for 
cover and crouch here. Allow the guard to pass by without noticing you and let 
him get a ways down the hall before crossing over to the next room right across 
the hall. Enter this room and you'll have a cut-scene play from behind some 
glass. Checkpoint 2.

There is a camera behind the glass recording the entire conversation and a 
switch on the wall to the right. Activate the switch and the glass slides open 
so you can go through. Leave here and go right using the crouch to sneak around. 
Go up the first hall to your left and a guard will be walking up it. Let him get 
up a small ways and you can run to another doorway/wall and hide here and you'll 
hear 2 guards talking. Crawl up the hall and take your first right into the 
locker room and you'll get your combat gear YIPEE. Watch the cut-scene and now 
your last objective which is to escape the holding facility is at hand. The 
guard in the small office is where you need to go to next. Use your taser but 
you must be right behind him for it to work or you'll get caught. Hit him with 
the taser and then hit the switch in the right corner of the office. Head out to 
the main hallway and be very quick to get through the door to the right cause 
there is another door further back you must get through or you'll get trapped 
and caught. The controls on this part are very sloppy cause the damn girl always 
runs too far and you gotta completely stop and adjust for the controls. 

Run to the first doorway on the left and crouch and wait for the guard to walk 
to the intercom. Get behind him right away and zap him and get his M-16 ammo. 
Crouch/walk up the next hall and wait for the guard up the hallway on the right 
to start heading the other way. When he does immediately run behind him about 
halfway and then crouch/walk to the second window/wall. Stay there and when the 
guard turns around wait for him to be in line with your taser and zap him as he 
goes by. Walk up the hallway and a cut-scene shows a guard approaching Lian as 
she tries so hard to make a silent getaway but she gets caught. Fortunately the 
guard is very gullable and seems to want to help Lian by opening a window with 
iron bars surrounding. This ends this mission.
                            [-Section 10-]
                            [-Mission 03-]

Colorado USA: Interstate 70

Objectives: 1. Obtain weapons while Chance distracts guards. 2. Reach C-130 
Crash Site. 3. Use Grenade To cut Tunnel Power.

Parameters: Protect Chance

Chance must be one warm-blooded guy he just kneels down talking calmly to Gabe 
in the cut-scene while it snows in his short sleeves. Enter the tunnel and head 
left to the door that's there and use your triangle button to kick it in. You'll 
hear some guys say "There he is,get him" and some close sounding enemy fire but 
I think they are referring to Chance. Run back here and somehow this creates a 
diversion where the troops run further back and you can get by the 2 trucks 
without being shot at with only knife in hand. Run to the second large truck and 
now get the weapons stash in the back of the larger of the 2 trucks. Backtrack 
and shoot all the guys that are now around and when you get back to the front of 
the tunnel turn around and aim up and there is a large road sign above the 
tunnel and a guy shooting at Chance. Shoot this guy and he plummets far to the 
road and dies. Chance now appears from seemingly nowhere and joins your side. 
Run back up the tunnel following Chance and you'll see a cut-scene and your 
first checkpoint.

When you see the first truck again take the right way around and Chance goes 
left and kills the guy ahead for you. Nothing wrong about conserving ammo. Run 
up the road a small ways and Chance and Gabe will have to shoot about 3 guys so 
collect the ammo and Chance takes the lead. Totally cool part comes next where 
you get to control a flame thrower to kill enemies. Just simply listen to when 
Chance tells you to watch behind you and fry your enemies and take ammo. Move up 
the tunnel and you'll see another cut-scene and a guard all by his lonesome. Get 
in an easy headshot on him and then you'll have some trouble. Some snipers were 
set on the sides using the guard on the road as bait which is kinda sick in a 
way. Use your roll technique and get out of range and Chance takes care of the 
rest. Move up a small ways and Chance takes out a guy on a ledge and you gotta 
shoot too and help take out the guy. Move a small ways forward and just behing 
the truck ahead and a small ways right is another guard so shoot him.

You should now be directly in front of a big road mileage sign. It should be 
Vail 100 and Denver 220 with you being on Interstate 70 so keep on going 
straight. Just take cover behind the big truck and let Chance take the enemies 
out here cause it's very hard here. Another truck is ahead and crouch around it 
and use it for cover and Chance will take care of the guy on the left. Run into 
the tunnel and Chance fires left at a guy and then moves forward. Go left here 
and shoot the Flak Jacketed enemy at the door using a head shot and then kick 
the door in. Don't bother entering here though since there is nothing back here 
that I saw anyways. Go up the tunnel and meet with Chance again and a cut-scene 
ensues. There is some tanks blocking the way and some way to blast the 
electricity and make the tunnel dark so the tanks can't see you. All you need is 
to find some C-4 but in the truck right where the tanks are that's an 
interesting scenario.

Next part is rather tricky but you must go to the right side of the big truck 
where Chance went to the left and surrendered. Look to the left where there is a 
small opening between the truck and the bed of the truck and use triangle to 
climb up here. Your on top of the truck now so walk to the back part of the 
truck and do a drop down manuever being very careful not to stir attention. Drop 
to the back side of the truck and take and grenades back here. Now go back to 
where I told you earlier and kick the door in and go immediately right to the 
power room. Use your aim button to aim the grenade and chuck it inside and the 
power is gone and another cut-scene/nightvision goggle scene ensues with you 
speaking to Chance.

Turn around now and leave this section and shoot 3 guards any way you like since 
they can't see you anyways. Head back to where Chance turned himself over and 
crouch down near the truck and ahead and to the right is another guard so shoot 
him down. Keep in the crouched position and shoot 4 more enemies that are around 
the tank. Kill around 4 more guys here and then head to the right side of the 
tank where there is a sign that says Load Limit 9 tons Speed Limit 15 and keep 
on going straight and the Mission ends so save if you so choose to.
                             [-Section 11-]
                             [-Mission 04-]

Colorado,USA: I-70 Mountain Bridge

Objectives: 1. Find Silenced Weapon 2. Quietly Eliminate Commander 3. Disarm 4 
C-4 Charges 4. Reach Plane Crash Site 5. Rescue Captured GI'S 

Mission Parameters: 1. Don't get discovered on Bridge before C-4 is disarmed. 2. 
Eliminate The Commander Before he detonates the C-4

Go to the right part of the bridge without being seen and then drop down and 
he'll grab the ledge of the bridge. Use the hand over hand technique and when 
you see the first jeep on the bridge pull up and then get in the road and 
crouch. Go around the jeep to the back of the big truck and get the Silenced 
Sniper Rifle and Nerve Grenade. First checkpoint is met and now you must get 
back on the bridge ledge and go left back to where the commander and other guy 
is. Equip the gas grenade and throw it at these 2 and the timer comes to a halt 
and another checkpoint is met Phew. Run over and take the good commanders ammo 
and then head back up the road crouching/walking. 

This next part you must be very careful so go up the bridge a small ways to the 
first truck once the guards pass by and hug the right side of the truck. Go to 
the front of the truck and then go to the left side of the bridge ledge and use 
the hand over hand technique also. You'll eventually see some red led flashing 
lights under you when you pass over the bridge using the hand over hand. Drop to 
the first one you see and stand in front of it. A new objective is added and you 
reach another checkpoint after disarming the C-4 with your triangle button and 
now 3 C-4's remain. Use hand over hand a small ways until you can drop a bigger 
one here but don't worry he'll make it. Drop here and use the crouch button and 
make your way to the middle of the bridge scaffolding, and fall a small ways to 
more scaffolding below. Turn around making sure you're crouched and there is a 
guard to the right side near the edge of the bridge so equip your knifw for 

Crouch and walk to him or near him and use the knife on him and he plummets off 
the large bridge. Disarm this explosive charge and you will be at your next 
checkpoint. Now the guy in the back part of the right side of the scaffolding 
that's still on your level needs to be rid of. Equip your silenced rifle and 
wait for it to say head shot and fire away. Even if you miss don't worry since 
this is a silenced gun he won't hear it anyways. Head to where you fell from the 
side of the bridge and use hand over hand again to make it a small ways to where 
Gabe can fall again and now land on this part of the scaffolding. Land where the 
guy you killed with the silenced rifle was and take his ammo. Now disarm the 
bomb and you will be at another checkpoint.

One more C-4 To go now so drop down 1 scaffoldings to saftey and then go back up 
the bridge and use the hand over hand technique. Make your way over to the first 
closest scaffolding drop and land here. Now drop down another scaffolding and to 
the back right of this section is another gaurd so crouch to get a head shot and 
this one is clean and even. Head back up the bridge and use hand over hand again 
one set of scaffolding and then drop down. Here you must drop down 2 
scaffoldings to reach the last C-4 in the corner. Disarm this one and head the 
Hell outta this level using the hand over hand technique heading left until you 
get to the end of the bridge. Crouch when you get to the end and slowly and 
silently walk away into the next tunnel section and you'll reach the next 
checkpoint and 2 more objectives to go so equip any gun you like now it's no 
longer a stealth mission since the C-4's were disarmed.

Next part is a bit tricky but not too hard cause you have 2 GI's captured and 2 
guards there. Wait for the 2 guards heads to be lined up and then blast them 
with the M-16 but don't shoot your guys. Walk up to the Gi's and another Cut-
Scene ensues and another checkpoint. Use triangle button to receive radio 
transmission. Next a big troop truck pulls up so help your buds out by getting 
in all head shots as each enemy troop has a Flak Jacket on. This next section is 
very tricky as you must get in head shots only and your GI's are aweful 
shooters. 3 sets of army troop trucks pop up so the first set help your right 
hand guy and kill the shotgun dude before your GI gets killed. Kill the other 
guy and your left guy stays okay. Do the exact same thing with the next truck. 
On the last troop truck help your left hand man cause the shotgun dude is now on 
his side instead. 

That part takes practice but stick to it and you'll get through it. This ends 
the level and makes your efforts of saving the GI'S Fruitless watch the cut-
scene you'll see why.
                                [-Section 12-]
                                [-Mission 05-]
Colorado,USA McKenzie AFB

Objectives: 1. Locate a silenced weapon 2. Create Distraction To Enter Tower 3. 
Get Transponder Frequency 4. Steal Chopper 5. Get Information from Holman 6. 
Eliminate Agency Pilot 7. Sabotage Agency Plane

Mission Parameters: 1. Don't kill any airbase Personnel 2. Don't put the base on 

This level is another stealth level with Lian and looks very cool. Wait for the 
commander to stop talking with his private and wait behind the bush on the right 
for him to pass by. Sneak behind him using the crouch/walk button and zap him 
with your taser. Turn around now and where the privates superior ran off to is 
the direction you need to now be going. Follow the path between the buildings 
and you'll come to a cut-scene. At the checkpoint now and you got a new 
objective added. Go to the first part of the right building and crouch behind 
the wall sticking out and wait for the guy wayyy on the left near the other 
truck to walk the other way. When he does do a combination of runs and crouches 
just don't be detected. Get to the bush over here and wait for the other guard 
now to the left of you to walk away. When he's outta sight crouch/walk behind 
this guard and use the taser on him. Now you have the big troop truck for cover. 

Walk behind the large truck now and get the silenced sniper rifle and now while 
the guard has his back to you walking around run to the bushes and then to the 
lightpost and hide behind the lightpost. When he turns around for a brief period 
use the crouch/walk button and sneak in behind him and use the taser. Enter the 
open section with the walls of buildings on each side and climb to the rooftop. 
Go to the left part of the rooftop and you can drop down onto a platform 
sticking out of the wall. One of the guards says he hears something and he's 
gonna check it out so be careful. Wait fot the troop to go around the left side 
of the truck and then sneak behind him and zap him. Now sneak around the truck 
behind the stacked green crates and climb the crates being careful to crouch 
each time you climb up one. Go to the second crate and lower down the other side 
and make a small fall. Creep around the corner and you're directly behind this 
new guard and can easily zap him. Enter this next room and you're fine so go up 
the hall and you'll hear 3 guys 2 of which are Flakan and Morgan talking. Just 
sit there for now don't move yet. 

As soon as the conversation ends get back over the green crates pronto and hide 
on the other side. The guy will be practically looking at you but he doesen't 
move anymore so go back up the green crates and go behind him and zap him.  Walk 
into the next room a small ways and you get a checkpoint and 2 new objectives. 
Enter this open area and go right and hit the switch and open the large door. 
Close the door behind you if you feel paranoid about more enemies. Enter the 
hangar and you'll hear the Agency pilot speaking on the radio with someone. Get 
to the far left side of the screen and crouch and equip your silenced rifle and 
get a head shot and kill the Agency Pilot. Now walk under the plane and hit 
triangle button when you see the words control panel and she will set some 
explosives and then a cut-scene ensues. Be careful when the cut-scene ends and 
wait for the troop to come around. When he turns the corner use the taser on 

Leave this area hitting the switch and when in the open run right away to the 
crate in the middle and crouch right away. Go to the right of the crate and the 
one troop will walk right where your at so zap him. Now go to the 2 stacked 
crates and crouch/walk around them and zap the guy standing guard here. Around 
the next open area is a truck and a search light you must always avoid search 
lights. Climb up the back side of the truck and equip your silencer and shoot 
the light out and noone will detect you. Don't use a standard gun cause it's too 
loud and you'll be easily detected. Drop off the front part of the truck and go 
around the black and yellow striped gate and get to your next checkpoint. This 
next part is kinda tricky but shows that the creators really put some good 
thought into it. A truck will occasionally come by the main road where there is 
tons of troops standing guard. Wait till the truck gets nearby and then run 
alongside it utnil you see a crate to the right. Hide behind that crate and wait 
for the next truck to come by and run beside it for a second and then break away 
and enter the area on the left that's a building.

Go in this building and you'll see a big truck inside so get towards the outside 
part and a cut-scene ensues and you reach another checkpoint. Go back inside the 
building and follow Falkan and the guard until Falkan tells him he doesen't need 
an escort and this is your que to sneak behing Holman and hit him and knock him 
down to get info. Watch the cut-scene and you reach another checkpoint and 
another objective completed. Go back to where the cut-scene with the doctor and 
other guy was and zap the guard behind the truck. Go to the next opening where 
there is the other green truck and go across this area and you'll see some more 
green crates stacked. Jump across them really fast and land behind 2 stacked 
green crates and then wait for the guard to turn around. He turns and walks away 
really fast so be ready to trail him close enough to zap him. Go through the 
hall and you'll see some more stacked,green crates which I reccommend you get 
behind for a brief minute. 

Use your crouch/sneak button and if you see the bright light coming your way 
hide behind the green crates again. As soon as you're clear of the guard seeing 
you sneak back out to the the middle part staying close to the green crate. 
Equip your silenced rifle and aim and shoot out the white light to prevent being 
detected that way. Also make sure you re-equip your hand taser so you won't be 
detected. Now wait for the guard to come back around near the green crates where 
you should be hiding now and sneak in behind him and zap him. Next part is kinda 
unique as it provides you the chance to create a diversion let me explain. Walk 
or sneak up to the truck and you'll see in white letters truck ignition so use 
triangle button to do the task. The truck won't start moving for a good 3 
seconds and in this time you need to find cover before the guards see you. The 
truck goes in reverse and rams into a wall and guards run off leaving you with 
the easy option to enter the building they were guarding.

Now you've completed another objective and your at a new checkpoint. Walk 
through this building following the halls around until you see an elevator on 
the right so get inside it and go down. Allow the troop to stop talking on his 
radio while going right when exiting the elevator. Go completely around the 
whole room and you'll see another troop looking at a map on the wall. Zap him 
and the other troop that was talking on the radio asks his buddy to take a look 
at something and when he doesen't answer he attempts to check on his friend. Run 
back around to the other side of the room going back to where the elevator is 
and zap this troop before he has a chance to discover his friend down and gets 
you detected. Now look at the wall near the map and you'll see a switch which 
has the transponder frequency so activate it and then you will automatically 
have a checkpoint.

Get back in the elevator and go back up to the main floor and make your way 
through the building and you'll eventually see a opening to the right and a cut-
scene will ensue. Once the cut-scene ends let Falkan Guy in the suit get a 
little ways ahead and then zap the troop. Now just use the sneaky walk and gain 
up to Falkan and when your close enough then zap him also and then just run up 
to the chopper and Lian will steal it and this ends the level and another cut-
scene ensues. Save if you like.
                             [-Section 13-]
                             [-Mission 06-]

Colorado,USA: United Pacific Train 101 
Objectives: 1. Reach Engine and stop the train 
Mission Parameters: 1. Eliminate all operatives.

Starting on the train head forwards a small ways and wait for guys to fall out 
of chopper and if you can believe this the last guy I shot at before he even 
landed I got a head shot off of I was impressed. Anyways crouch down and keep 
good distance so they can't hit you and use the shotgun or any gun you choose 
and get head shots off for quick kills and then jump to the next railcar. Now 
the next 2 guys are a tad tricky since the right guy lobs grenades with pinpoint 
accuracy to your location shoot the granade guy first and then the guy on the 
left. Jump over the next car and then another and immediately turn around and 
shoot the guy above you on the railcar and then turn around and shoot the 2 
guards now behind you. I might make a reccomendation that the shotgun works 
quite well here as you don't need to focus on quick head shots. 

Jump to the next railcar and one car up is 2 troops and they stand out like a 
sore thumb so they are very easy kills. Go to the edge of the car where you just 
shot the 2 troops and don't jump yet. The troop ahead on the 2nd car ahead is on 
the right and shooting at you so get an easy head shot and take him out. His 
buddy is to the left and he never even notices you so stay in the same place and 
aim left and make an easy head shot kill. When you've killed them off jump 2 
cars up and when you make it to the red railcar you'll finally reach a 
checkpoint. Jump over one car and get on the black car and when you get to the 
black metal part sticking out that looks like a ledge wait here and 2 troops 
jump out from somewhere so kill them before they get too close. Try waiting for 
the guy on the right to be ready to jump to your car and shoot him in mid-air 
it's hilarious cause he goes flying through the air I was laughing till it hurt. 

Go up a few cars and now 2 troops will be on a car with a blind side so if you 
have grenades then wonderful just use your grenade aimer and lob on down there. 
If your out of grenades then stay back a good,safe distance and kill the left 
guy first as he can still see you. The right guy can't see you but he's restless 
and won't stand still so just be a little patient here and wait to line up for 
the head shot and kill him. The next railcar is a bit difficult since there is a 
grenade lobber throwing grenades at you and 2 guys ina  blind car shooting at 
you. Again if you have grenades then use them on the guys below and then jump 
over their car and shoot the guy on the next car. If your out of Grenades then 
just jump over the 2 troops in blind car and ignore them completely and land on 
the next car and shoot the troop here. Jump over now a couple cars until you can 
see the red railcar ahead and then you will have your nightvision goggles on so 
stand right where you are when nightvision comes on and just blast away only 
with head shots will you prvail here. When the troops are all dead you return to 
normal vision and you can go collect their dropped ammo.

Hop over and get the ammo and you'll hop over around 3-4 railcars and you'll 
finally reach the engine and it enters into a cut-scene where a troop throws a 
grenade at you and Gabe yells "NO" and "IDIOT" and the level ends.
                            [-Section 14-]
                            [-Mission 07-]

Colorado,USA: United Pacific Train 101 
Objectives: 1. Reach Lead Car and Stop Train 
Mission Parameters: 1. Get To Lead Car before reaching bridge.

First off I'd like to know how,if the engine was destroyed it's still on course 
and number 2 why Gabe needs to find the engine again if it's been blown up. Same 
Damn train I might add. 

This is a timed mission so no screwing around now. Head to the left part of the 
train near the edge but don't fall off and use triangle button to climb above. 
Shoot 2 troops here and then beging that train hopping once again. Jump over the 
next car and drop down to where some crates are at and a guy will come at you 
from the right so shoot him and then go around the crate and on the left now is 
2 more troops to kill. Climb the crates here and jump to the next car and on the 
next car is more crates so drop down here and run around the crates being 
careful of the grenade throwing troop just ahead. Climb the wooden looking crate 
and then hurry across up to the next car where the granade guy is and quickly 
climb the crate and you should be right close to him and he wears a Flak Jacket 
so get in a point blank range Head shot.

Go up a small ways on another car and kill 2 troops both wearing Flak Jackets so 
head shots only. Next car is a blind car so walk up and get off 2 head shots on 
the troops down there and then move on to the next car. Hop to the car now to 
where there is more crates and a guy with a 9mm is here and a guy with a shotgun 
too so be careful. Shoot them and collect their ammo and then climb up the 
crates and on to the next railcar. Go up a small ways and some guys will yell 
"LETS GET OFF THIS TRAIN" and they'll run away from you so chase them and the 
guy on the right will be setting up to shoot at you so kill him and then the 
other guy hides in a blind car so look for his head and then blast him off the 
railcar. Go now to the other railcar with more crates and the stakes get raised 
even more as 3 troops each have shotguns so be careful. Land on the main part of 
the car and head to the left car and shoot the troop when you make the corner 
right away.

Go now up a tiny bit and 2 more guys will be within range but they don't see you 
so just stand right there and pick them off with headshots. Hop up the crates 
and then head to a coal railcar and 2 guys are a few cars down so get a headshot 
off on the first guy and then sneak up to the next guy below and stand on that 
railcar and blast him with headshots and you can get some flak Jackets from them 
if you needed them. Run to the front of the train now and kill the shotgun 
wielding guy that's back here using a headshot again and Gabe will radio over to 
Lian that the train won't stop in time. Watch the cut-scene and the Mission 
ends. Save if you like.
                               [-Section 15-]
                               [-Mission 08-]

Colorado,USA: C-130 Wreckage Site
Objectives:  1. Find Data Discs In Tail Of Airplane 2. Retreive Data Discs From 
Mission Parameters:  1. None

Start this mission by landing with your chute and then crouching and killing the 
2 troops over the small hill. Collect the Flak Jacket in the box and then run 
back behind the Hill where you began this mission for cover. Equip your silenced 
sniper rifle and look ahead and left and you can get ina  head shot on the guard 
ahead without being detected. Head now to the right of the small hill and kill 
off the troop there but don't get his ammo yet. Go now to where you shot the guy 
on the left and crawl to get his ammo and hug the front part of the crashed 
plane. A troop will run in front of you so get in a headshot and now theres 2 
more troops behind the crashed part of the plane. Now run to the right side of 
where you killed the other troop and hang right next to the crashed plane part 
and the other troop will see you so blast him with a headshot. Run back now to 
the left side of the crashed part of the plane and hug that part. Crouch and 
look right and the last guard is right out in the open totally unaware of where 
you are which leaves you a perfect oppurtunity for a head shot so do it and now 
all 3 guys are dead. Collect any unclaimed ammo and then head towards the rest 
of the wreckage in the middle of the field.

It's just too damn quiet ya know? Go in the big tube looking part which is the 
middle of the crashed plane and walk towards the back area. A guy will yell out 
"HE'S IN POSITION" and then he'll say "NOW" and that's your cue to start rolling 
around and get the hell outta there. keep on rolling and rolling leaving them no 
clear headshot and find cover and use it. Go back to the scene of the madness 
except now equip your own sniper rifle and beat them at their game. Crouch/walk 
to the right side now and when you get to the last part of where they shot at 
you last time get as far right of the screen as possible. Equip Sniper rifle and 
look for the one sniper with the rifle and he'll barely be on screen. You'll 
probably keep seeing body shot when you zoom in on him but occasionally you'll 
get a head shot and then it quickly reverts back to body. Make the shot count 
when it says head and kill this tricky opponent.

Just to the right and above on some type of structure is another guy but he 
isn't a sniper and just move slightly a bit and he will never be able to hit 
you. Shoot him with ease when your sniper rifle says head shot.  Now go to the 
hill where the hollowed part of the plane is and shoot 2 troops from a safe 
distance. Go now to the left side of the wreckage and crouch/walk your way and 
immediately go to the right side of this next wreckage. When you get near the 
wreckage peek out and shoot the guy that's here. There is a grenade lobbing 
maniac also in the corner so watch out for him.  Go collect the Flak Jacket and 
ammo from the last guy killed and then make your way to the back of the wreckage 
where there is a wooden crate. Open crate and complete objective and watch the 
Cut-Scene. As soon as you get control of Gabe again run around the big piece of 
debris right away and take cover. You now have a sniper on the right of you and 
left of you.

Take out the sniper on the right first by quickly strafing right and shooting 
him with a headshot before he even realizes what hit him. Turn around now and 
see that shiny green box? Go to it now and get the M-79 Grenade launcher. Now 
the odds look more in your favor don't they? Go now to the left side and make 
sure you have the M-79 equipped and kill that sniper with your new weapon. Now 
walk up on the left side and collect ammo. You'll now be next to a peice of 
debris that has an area of metal to block a head shot and the guys are right 
there around the corner. Equip your new M-79 and strafe real fast left and blast 
those 2 and now you've finally reached a checkpoint. Go now to a hilly area near 
another piece of plane debris and more snipers get departed. Get to the hill 
there and get beside the weird looking dead tree trunk and strafe right a few 
taps only. Eventually you'll have him in headshot range and he won't even see 

Now the next guy is a bit ahead so use the M-79 on him and he's history. Another 
guy is near the back now and if you stay right near the debris your in at the 
very back section he won't see you and you can make a clean headshot and reach 
another checkpoint. This next part is very very hard but it is passable just 
follow my instructions. There is wayyy too many traps that lie ahead and too 
many men to kill so whats Gabe to do? The best method is to first run through 
the debris your now at and collect M-16 ammo. Then run up the hill to the next 
piece of debris and run on the right side of it and avoid the going through the 
middle or left sides. Run right and Archer radios in to send in some snipers and 
wow there is a lot of them. Get behind the next piece of plane debris sticking 
out of the ground and get ready to rock. Start running past the debris and as 
soon as your past it start using the tumble button continously and stay in a 
straight line when tumbling or you're meat. 

Get tumbling over to the wings and when you go under them you're safe for a bit. 
Once you get over the small hill where the wings are start tumbling once past 
the wings and stay in a straight line and try to look for the steepest parts of 
the hills to go into cause it makes you harder to hit. Tumble your way to the 
beginning of the level and the snipers eventually stop shooting,but your job 
aint over yet. Archer is hanging onto his helicopter and he's trying to get 
away. Equip your M-16 and just go nuts with the gun cause a head shot is 
extremely hard here as you're shooting at a moving target. Keep on just shooting 
him and he takes a lo of hits to knock off the copter but hey I did it so I know 
it can be done. If you didn't get Archer then he'll get away and that means 
mission failure and you must redo all that I just explained. I had to do it 
around 10 times before getting it right and I don't have a guide for help. Once 
Archer is dead on the ground Gabe gets the discs and the Mission ends. Save if 
you like and sit back and watch long Cut-Scene.

                               [-Disc 2-]
                               [-Section 16-]
                               [-Mission 09-]

New York,USA: Pharcom Expo Center
Objectives: 1. Recover Data Disks From Morgan  2. Plant Decoy To Distract 
Morgan's Guards 3. Sneak In the Ancient Chinese Exhibit Via Ventilation shaft.
Mission Parameters: 1.  Don't alert any GI's To Your Presence  2. Don't Kill Any 

On the platform try using your Crossbow and get in a headshot on either guy and 
then one guy yells "LOGAN'S HERE" so wait for him on the platform thing if you 
choose or just jump down and kill him off. Go up the hall with a slight time for 
the night vision and then to the main hall. Shoot the guard now and more will 
run in so make sure you get in headshots and take them out. Now once you take 
those suits out hop up the tall right ledge and then go up another ledge. Strafe 
left and get behind the bush but you don't need to crouch. You will have a clean 
headshot from by the bush so take that guy out. 

Go up the sloped area where you shot the last suit and take his Flak Jacket and 
silenced sniper ammo if you need it. Enter this new hall and follow it left and 
it looks like a dead end. Well if you can look up you'll see a grate on the left 
wall that you need to shoot out and enter the ventilation duct. Crawl through 
here and follow it around to where you'll see a fan turning so take a right here 
and you'll just follow the path and you'll come to another Grate to shoot out 
and exit the duct and when you exit here you'll have reached your first 

Turn right now and enter the dark hallway with night vision goggles equipped and 
when you turn the corner there is a guy on the right you'll need to shoot in the 
head so shoot him. Go through the hall a little more and on the right again is a 
suit you'll need to take him out and he bears a HK silencer and it does piercing 
damage to flak jackets. If he injures your jacket badly there is a box to your 
right with a fresh jacket for the taking. Enter the next hall and night vision 
goes off and you'll see some boxes stacked and on the left is a large opening 
with a suit standing on a platform high above. 

The box right ahead of you makes a great cover so crouch behind it and then aim 
for the headshot and take him out from a safe distance. Now hop across the 
crates and collect the guy you killed on the platforms' ammo and then get back 
up the crates and climb and grab the platform and then run right when on the 
platform and shoot out the grate ahead. Enter the Ventilation duct and like 
before just follow it out until you get to 2 grates and shoot the second one out 
on the right and now face the grate opening. There is a Army guy down here so 
equip your crossbow and shoot him anywhere but the head so you won't fail the 
mission. Go now further into the Vent and there is another grate back here so 
shoot it and exit through here. As soon as you drop get in the crouch position 
and hide behind the ledge. 2 more GI's check on their friend and one will stay 
behind. Jump up the ledge but make sure you're behind the guy looking after his 
friend and equip your taser and zap this guy.

Be very fast here by zapping the one guy cause you must run after the other guy 
and zap him too before he can make the call that there is an intruder and you 
must restart this part again. Now go back to the room you dropped into when you 
zapped the first GI and see the stacked boxes in here? Go to the very last set 
of boxes and climb up them this is towards the back of this room. Climb to the 
top one and quietly climb down the tallest box and there is a troop to zap so 
zap him and then enter the doors and you've made it to the second checkpoint.

In this area there is 2 troops when you go in to the right so allow the one who 
is talking to get a ways ahead and the other is looking inside a locker. Zap him 
first and then go around the brick walls in the middle part and zap the other 
guy also. If you want to go to the locker and see what the soldier was talking 
about and you'll get a girlie mag and Logan says " Got It" like it was part of 
his mission objectives LOL. Now enter the rocket room and go around the corner 
going right and climb the box down here. Now quietly go to the other side of the 
box and get down to zap the soldier down here. Now get back on the box and climb 
to the top. Stay low for a bit cause there is a GI up here so what you must do 
is wait until he gets behind the corner wall to the right before leaping over. 
Once you get over this area head to the left and run to the back where there is 
some more boxes. Hide here for now and wait for the troop to come near there. 
When he turns around then sneak in behind him and zap him.

Now that that guy is down you can go around to the grate and shoot it out and 
enter the ventilation duct. Once you enter here a suit radios that "Logan Just 
Went Rat,Get Some Men In Those Vents" Now you get to contend with more than just 
crawling through the vents. Exit out the general follow around and then walk a 
bit forward on the platform and Lian will speak with you and you'll be at 
checkpoint number 4 and an objective is added. Head forward and a suit with 
grenades will confront you so take him out and then turn the corner and kill the 
guy behind the gate and get the grenades inside the box thats here.

Now turn and look up and right and you need to shoot out the grate here and 
enter the Ventilation duct again. Exit the Vent and turn right and down the hall 
on the metal platform is another suit with a flak jacket on so get a head shot 
quickly and take his jacket if you need it. Turn around now and head the other 
way and go up this big hallway that has some columns and a large opening to the 
left. The column ahead and to the left has a suit behind it so sneak in just 
right and you'll get in a clean headshot. Across the way is another suit so wait 
for him to be aligned with the headshot and take him out sniper rifle style. 
Walk up a small ways now and look left and up some stone steps is another suit 
to pick off easily with a head shot. Now go right and fall down where the boxes 
are at and then to the ground and when you see your first large column take 

Wait for the suit that's here to turn around and then run out fast and get in a 
quick head shot. Head around and collect all ammo if needed and then go back to 
the floor where you killed the last guy behind the column. Go to where there is 
a red looking window with red on it and lob a grenade in that direction and take 
out the suit that's back there. Run up the hall and collect his ammo and you 
will now be at another checkpoint and now you must equip your hand taser cause 
there is more troops ahead. Wait for the troop ahead to turn his back and then 
sneak behind him and zap him. Turn aroound now and go right and there is another 
troop ahead behind the column so get behind him and zap him. Go right again and 
plant the decoy and you'll see another cut-scene and you get another checkpoint. 
Look to the right where you zapped the first troop and on the right is a box to 
climb and a grate to shoot out and enter the vent.

Go through the vent a small ways and you'll eventually see a cut-scene. Don't 
move too fast yet cause your right at the area where those guys are. Lob a 
grenade down to them and things will work out. Drop down and collect ammo and 
your at yet another checkpoint. Go to the other side now and jump into this vent 
and crawl on through it. Once inside it you have to play dodge the grenade so 
time it right and you'll make it through this part just fine. Go through the 
grate now and walk up to the edge and there is 2 GI'S below so use your crossbow 
on them hopefully you didn't use it any other time. Go to where the second troop 
is and exit the doorway and you make it to your next checkpoint.  This next room 
is easy and the all around best thing to do is just ignore zapping or maiming 
the troops here just be sneaky. Wait for the parameter troop to get to the top 
of the room and then walk up the slope and hide behind the wall. Wait for the 
other troop to walk the other way and now sneak a small ways up the slope and 
then just run up it until you turn right and see a box so go around it and 
you'll see a grate to shoot at so use your .45 silencer to shoot it out and 
enter the vent. You'll get to a point in the grate where the power is out and a 
cut-scene ensues when you go further. Once to the end of the vent there will be 
2 troops in the dark and you'll need to use the crossbow to shoot them down. 
Wait for the guy closest to you to get just to the left of where your at before 
shooting him. Remember don't shoot GI'S in the head cause they'll die and the 
mission fails.

Now aim for the other guys legs and take him down and now you can shoot the 
grate with the silenced .45. Exit the vent and now fall and head left and zap a 
troop standing over here. Collect his and other troops ammo and then go right 
into the next hallway where the guy you just zapped was. Get to the room that 
looks like stonehenge and you will get yet another checkpoint. Once you enter 
the middle of the room you're infiltrated by 3 suits that also have nightvision 
goggles on so run for cover back at the hall you were just at before entering 
this room. Hide behind the box and equip your HK machine gun silencer and shoot 
head shots on 2 suits and collect jackets and ammo. The last guy is in the back 
probably cowering so proceed with caution with the same gun equipped. The last 
guy is an easy kill just stick close to the second large stone and you'll get an 
easy head shot and kill so collect ammo and jacket if needed. 

Go now to the left side of the room and climb the boxes here and you can shoot 
out a grate here. How to get there is easy, just go to the middle of the stone 
formation and climb the smallest stone and now climb to the higher one and face 
right. You'll have to be lined up just right for each jump here so jump across 
the stones and you'll make it to this grate and to the end of this level. Save 
if you like and watch the cut-scenes.
                             [-Section 17-]
                             [-Mission 10-]

Pharcom Expo Center,NY: Ancient China Exhibit
Objectives: 1. Stop Morgan,before he destroys the Museum.
Mission Parameters: 1. Protect Teresa

Drop off the roof and turn around and go past where Teresa is and around and 
there is a box with a Flak Jacket in it which you should for now just remember. 
Head out going straight and around the tall box your behind. Go around and up 
the ramp and then head up the steps,by this time Teresa will radio you about 
finding another of the bombs. Head up the stairs and then be prepared  to shoot 
the suit that runs by you,don't worry it isn't Morgan yet. Now just follow the 
hallway around and you'll see morgan closing a gate and he says " Thought you 
were faster than that,Logan" After he says that Gabe radios back to Teresa that 
he found another bomb. At this point you might want to equip a machine gun or 
the silenced machine gun and take out 3 suits that are now shooting at you and 
Teresa. As soon as Teresa starts running in go back to where she ran from and 
stand by the left wall near the crates. Aim the gun at the middle part of the 
crate on the right and wait for the suits to come running in. As soon as you 
begin seeing heads start shooting and you'll get in 2 clean headshots. There is 
a third suit you must run up a small ways to find. If he passes you before you 
can kill him get on his ass and start shooting like a madman so he doesen't kill 

Once you do this you get to the first checkpoint so now follow teresa back to 
the room you began this mission on and Teresa will yell out " HE'S IN HERE" She 
opens the gate on the left so now you can enter here and eventually you'll find 
another bomb for Teresa to disarm and about 2 suits from either direction enter 
so look behind Teresa first and kill off one guy and then immediately shoot 2 
more suits coming from the right and turn again back the other way and kill the 
last suit. Teresa will then complain saying " How many more are there?" and a 
cut-scene ensues and Teresa runs off and finally spots Morgan. You make it to 
another checkpoint and now you must enter the room where Morgan ran in and a 
cut-scene ensues and shows Gabe and Teresa running toward Morgan and Gabe shoots 
automatically at him. The sucker slipped away damn. Oddly Teresa detects another 
bomb and she runs after it so stay right on her tail and don't lose her. You'll 
enter the entrance of the mission again and then enter the right side of the 
room and the hall looks exactly like the hall from where the last bomb was. On 
the way there a guy shoots at you and tries running past you to kill Teresa so 
once again shoot like a madman and kill this suit. Stay exactly where Teresa and 
a suit runs in from the other hall on the right so get in a quick heas shot and 
you will see another cut-scene. 

The last suit you killed had a Flak Jacket so take it if you need it and then 
turn around and go right and follow the hall along into the main room where you 
began your mission and a cut-scene will ensue with Morgan still in control. This 
next part can be a pain in the ass but is pretty easy once you know what to do. 
The key here is to keep running constantly and never stop for one second 
otherwise your meat. Don't run anywhere else except the parameter or the walk 
around the entire room or you'll die. The whole idea is to keep Morgan 
distracted enough for Teresa to diffuse the bomb so you can then go for the 
kill. When the timer goes down to around 11 seconds left Teresa radios to you 
that everything is okay and no more bombs remain. Fortunately you also get 
another checkpoint,Thank you 989 studios for that. This battle is super easy 
since the standard head shot pertains. You're right in front of where you need 
to be when you gain control of Gabe. Walk up and hide beside of the stacked 
boxes making sure you're on the left side of them. Just equip any gun you choose 
and aim at the wall with your aimer button and watch the green enemy dot 
approach that way you know he's coming. When he runs by just line up with the 
headshot and battle is over. Now I had to do this a few times and one time 
Morgan played a wild card on me and appeared from my backside but it was rare. 
This level is over and you can save and watch cut-scenes.
                               [-Section 18-]
                               [-Mission 11-]

Moscow,Russian Republic: Club 32
Objectives: 1. Pursue Gregorov
Mssion Parameters: 1. Don't kill Moscow Militia 2. Don't kill Gregorov.

This mission is in the very few tastless words gay as crap. I get a .45 caliber 
friggin pistol and my enemies have war arsenal? Cmon thats crapola. I somehow 
managed to do the first part and make it by the skin of my teeth. Bascially 
shoot the guy on the top level that badmouths you and get in a headshot. Stay 
where you're at and try and get 3 quick head shots. Basically what I did was 
went nuts with the trigger shooting every part I could as fast as possible and 
it worked but by that time I lost my flak jacket. I had a full health bar but at 
least I killed off the 3 guys below. Once you kill all of these 3 goons below go 
around the platform and collect the BZ something or other and this will be your 
primary weapon of choice for the 3 goons below that don't show up fortunately 
until you get to the floor and behind the DJ's Booth. Hide right here and get to 
the right side. Take out the right guy first cause the part of the booth 
provides cover from the other 2 goons. Duck again and wait for the shooting to 
stop for a brief period. When it stops that's your cue to pop up and take out 
the middle goon. The last guy is the shooter and he shoots alot. Wait for his 
shooting to stop and then open up a can of whoopass in the form of your gun and 
seperate his chest with lead. 

Walk right or left whichever you choose and go get all the ammo left behind by 
all the goons. Now leave the club and go out to the hallway and a checkpoint 
will pop up,Finally. May I suggest equipping the shotgun for the next few walk 
arounds. Immediately crouch when in the hallway and go up a teency bit and 
you'll see around the corner a guy pop out so blast him with shotgun. Go now to 
the right wall and keep close to it as it provides you with cover for the next 
corridor. 2 guards from down the stairs pop out so schooch out a little bit and 
the left guy paces so just aim down his way and wait for him to line up with the 
headshot and he's history. Now just pop out and start running down the steps and 
blast the other goon before he can even do anything. Now slowly go down the 
stairs and don't get hasty by going after ammo from the guys you just shot just 
yet. Go to the left when you go down the steps and then strafe right and when 
you get the other goon by the stairs shoot him cause he's got a shotgun too.

Cool when you shot that last guy he tumbled down the steps so collect your ammo. 
Go down the next set of stairs and crouch when you get to the bottom and walk a 
little bit by the corner and you'll see a goon tumble to the left. Go out into 
the hall here and straight ahead a goon pops out so shoot him quickly. Now there 
is still the guy in the left cubby hole. Just stand normally and strafe right 
and shoot him and he has some shotgun ammo for your collection.  I don't know 
what the point is but in the hole where you just collected shotgun ammo is some 
telephones that you can climb onto and then fall off of wonder what the deal is 
there? Next part is in a diner and is relatively easy if your timing is good. 
Get your Biz machine gun out for this part and as soon as you hear glass 
shattering this means the guys here are occupied by destroying the place first 
before trying to get you so take advantage of this time and shoot these 3 goons. 
The last goon has a flak jacket so go for a headshot on him and take his flak 

Turn left now and you'll see a staircase to descend so do that and when you 
reach the bottom you'll reach another checkpoint finally. Go up to the wall on 
the right and do a peek around the corner and you'll see a bartender/goon to 
shoot. Stay behind the wall and do a crouch and the bartender takes a bit but 
he'll mock your move so now just simply move out into the open and you'll have a 
clear headshot and he won't move at all so you have plenty to get ready. Now the 
next part aint so easy cause at the back left corner of the next room is a 
shooter and also at the back right. What you do is run across the room and do a 
roll and then crouch behind the counter where the bartender/goon was and collect 
his ammo. There is a box back here with more shotgun ammo in it so collect it 
and stay low. As soon as you get the shotgun ammo look lefr while crouching and 
get up real fast and blast the guy behind the counter. Now start hauling ass as 
you'll see across the screen "FIRE IN THE HOLE" run back to the top of the 
stairs and gain cover after you collect the goon behind the counters ammo and 
Flak Jacket. 

Go back to the same room where the explosion occured and now peer around the 
corner hugging the wall. If you are good you can get into a perfect position to 
shoot the guy in the back left part of the room with a clear head shot. The guy 
on the right is a bit more difficult to hit as he is in a weird spot,but the 
best way to hit him is wait till he tries hiding by the wall and then stand up 
and go for the headshot. I reccommend using the machine gun for this operation 
since it is a time sensitive kill. Go collect the flak jacket and ammo from both 
goons and then head down the stairs. You'll see a grate ahead but don't go in it 
yet. Go around the corner and taunt the goon hiding behind the corner to come 
out a little. Go back to hiding behind the wall and then strafe left quickly and 
kill this goon and now you can enter the ventilation duct. In here you just need 
to follow it around basically and you can't go through the heavily grated areas 
and you can't shoot through them. Eventually you'll come upon 2 goons having a 
conversation in Russian so let their conversation end. Equip the machine gun and 
get a free headshot on the guy on the right and then just scroll over to goon 2 
and make short work of him and now switch back to the shotgun.

When you walk over to your fallen foes some guy on an intercom or megaphone says 
to throw down your weapons and I don't see the throw down weapons option so I 
guess you must disobey them what a shame. Anyways you'll walk a small ways up 
the hall and the Russian Militia shows up and Teresa sends a transmission to 
Gabe about not shooting the Russian Militia. When the radio conversation ends 
and it says Open fire it doesen't mean for you to open fire cause the mission 
will end and you must go back. Okay the guys end up losing the gun fight and now 
behind the counter is another goon so do a roll and get beside the counter right 
near the goon. He'll fire around 3 shots and then stop and then 3 rounds and 
then stop. In pauses you have with that stay behind the counter and use the 
aimer and you'll get a good headshot and collect some shotgun ammo too. Now to 
the left of the cash register is a switch to pull so pull it and a secret door 
to the left pops open. Enter here obvoiusly and go down the stairs and you'll 
reach another checkpoint while hearing the police outside claiming they need to 
hightail it. 

Next to the right around the corner is 3 goons standing relatively close to one 
another and a very easy kill for all 3. Get out your machine gun for this and 
shoot the left guy first and then slightly move to the right while shooting and 
you'll easily headshot the other 2. Took me around 2 seconds and all 3 were on 
the ground that's cool and sneaky. Enter the boiler room and stay to the right 
wall and then entering the next hallway. Once you enter the hallway 2 goons pop 
out and one tries running past you so take out the guy ahead and on the right 
first and then before goon 2 passes you blow him away up close. Now go right 
around the corner and a goon runs in from the right so get him and then look 
around the other right corner and standing at the steps is yet another goon to 
shoot so just do small strafes left while crouching and you will eventually have 
a clean and clear head shot all from the comfort of the corner. Go down the 
stairs now and don't be hasty when going to collect ammo just wait at the steps 
for a second cause a grenade gets lobbed there so wait for it to explode and the 
goon that threw it is a chicken and runs away so now you can collect the ammo. 
Now I don't or can't garuntee the next part will happen to you but try it and 
see if it works. Go to the right side of the wall but don't hug it stay a small 
ways off of it and just keep going forward in crouched position. The guy throws 
a grenade cause he knows your on the other side of the wall but since he's on 
the other side of the wall and can't throw grenades through the wall it explodes 
and he blows himself up what a reject.

Now go to where the guy blew himself up and there is a grenade crate back here 
so open it up and take some. Next leave by turning around and go up the hall and 
equip the grenades. Peek around the corner from the safety of the walls and have 
a lookie here. 2 goons waiting for you so crouch down and use your grenade aimer 
button and then lob one in their direction and wait for the fireworks and those 
2 goons are gone. Go now and collect ammo from your fallen foes and walk up 
right the next hall and you'll reach another checkpoint. Use the triangle button 
now and Teresa will kick in the double doors and you can enter another section 
of the club again. Once you enter here you must deal with 3 goons and strobe 
light effects and also the fact thet the double doors just slammed shut on you. 
Go to the right speaker and duck to use for cover. Run left towards the next 
speaker and dive if you need to. Duck behind this speaker and the dumb grenade 
guy can't get you now. Use crouch button and strafe left a little bit till you 
have a clear headshot of the guy who is halfway hiding behind the speaker up 
here and shoot when you get a headshot. Now you're behind this speaker so strafe 
left again little by little and you'll eventually get a clear headshot on him. 
Now staying crouched walk back to the first speaker on the left and equip your 
grenade. Get behind the speaker and walk back about 2 small paces and use your 
grenade aimer. Make sure the aimer is on the ceiling before lobbing the grenade 
or you'll end up getting it not the goon.

Just in case you're not sure move away anyways and wait and see what happens. 
Now the speaker where your at you need to climb and then climb up to where the 
grenade goon was and take his ammo. Now go along the upper stage area and go 
right and you'll see a door you can't enter. So go to where the control room is 
with all the sound equipment and stay next to that wall. A goon ahead and to the 
left pops out and will most likely shoot out the sound controls. Wait for him to 
pop out and while standing get ina  quick headshot from a safe distance. Move 
ahead and take his ammo and down the stairs lob a grenade on the guy down here 
and once you go to the next room you'll see the Russian Militia and Goons having 
a gun fight so go to the right and hide behind the steel cabinet. The goons lose 
the gun battle and now you must run and leap out of the way of the Russian 
Militia. Don't shoot them as you'll fail your mission just run straight ahead 
into the bathroom for safety. Look to the back of the bathroom and shoot the 
goon that's crouching beside the toilets. You get an incoming message from Gabe 
who says to get out of the building. After taking the goons ammo turn around and 
turn right and hop up the lockers. Then shoot out the window up here to end this 
level. Watch the Cut-scenes and save if you like.
                            [-Section 19-]
                            [-Mission 12-]

Moscow,  Russian Republic: Industrail District
Objectives: 1. Pursue Gregorov 2. Find Teargas Gun
Mission Parameters: 1. Don't Kill Moscow Militia   2. Don't kill Gregorov.

Rememeber when you need it that in this first police car is a Flak Jacket when 
or if you need it. Once you see the Look Out appear on screen then wait for the 
Russian Mobsters to get blown up and then run right into the the next alley and 
get the shotgun ready and kill 2 goons here. Collect their ammo quickly and then 
run to the right and get behind the wall that's sticking out a bit and crouch. 
Strafe slightly left until you have a perfect aiming alignment with the left 
Goon and get a clear headshot. Now run left and dive to the other wall,this time 
on the left and crouch here. Strafe right slightly like before and do the same 
with this guy and if you were quick enough your Flak Jacket shoudln't have been 
damaged. If it was badly damaged, then now would be a good time to head back to 
the police car and get a fresh one but be careful of the Grenade Goon.

Head forward now and collect ammo from the 2 goons and Gregorov will say " Damn 
You" and then run away so keep on following him. Go up a small ways and a goon 
jumps out from the right so blast him with the shotgun. Go now to where the last 
goon you shot was and before taking his ammo press triangle to transmit a 
message to Gabe. Collect the Goons ammo and then see the bus stop bench looking 
walls? Run and dive here and get behind the left side of it. Look up and left 
and there is 2 goons over here so the one closer to you on the roof is the one 
to shoot first. Strafe left a small ways and now you can take out the other goon 
easily. Go collect the goons ammo and now you'll have a very excellent weapon. 
Go up the street a little ways and you'll eventually get to a cut-scene and a 
road block thanks to the Russian Police so now after the scene ends you better 
start diving and get back to safety. 

Switch to the taser now, although lame since you can't kill any civilian types. 
Turn back around now since there is nothing you can do here and go to the other 
end of the street. You'll see some police shooting at someone inside a building 
so sneak up behind the guy by the Police car on the left and zap him with the 
hand taser. Now head over to his buddy and zap him also. Before when you got an 
objective added it was find the Teargas gun and it's inside of the police car 
where you zapped the first guy. Walk up to the right side of the car and you'll 
see the letters Tear Gas launcher. You'll need this for the 5 Russian Policeman 
down the street and once you get the gun you reach your first checkpoint. Turn 
around now since you have reached the boundaries of the level and head back up 
the road. 2 goons run out after you, but don't worry cause a police car dashes 
in and saves you some ammo by crashing into the car parked up ahead. 

Now equip the tear gas gun and get beside the right wall. Get back a ways and 
when you're ready then strafe left and shoot the guys with teargas. This action 
took me 3 shots for the first 4 guys on the ground so it might take you less. 
There is still a guy on the roof so do the following. Get back behind the right 
wall and crouch down,and then strafe left a little bit until he's in your field 
of view and then aim the gun on him and shoot. I realize that the idea is to not 
harm the Police but the fall the guy on the roof takes looks to me like he 
would've died. Head up this alley and Gregorov is just ahead and he tries 
killing you with a headshot so turn around and dive away from the shot to avoid 
being killed. Let Gregorov get ahead and he'll run right so go in the next alley 
where he went except you go left instead. 

Gregorov managed to get on a fire escape awfully quickly so what you must do is 
run up a small ways and get ready for action. The white car behind you will 
start it's engine and guess what it's target is. Nope not Gregorov it wants to 
get you so run up and dive cause Gregorov still wants to kill you and when you 
see the section on the right do a dive that way to avoid being hit. You will now 
be at checkpoint 2 and the white car crashes into the alley wall if you did it 
correctly. Now be careful and see the white car is on fire? You need to jump up 
the middle part of the car to avoid being burned up. Walk up the middle part to 
the ledge and use triangle to grab it. Once you pull yourself up go right when 
you get to the corner and follow the alley to a place to leap over which she 
does automatically. Go now to the next section and hang right and jump the area 
here and some Goons shoot at you and when you land be ready to aim right and 
kill the goon that's shooting at you.

Now drop down the roof into the alley and get the guys ammo and now ehad 

straight up the alley where 2 white cars side by side try to once again run you 
over but theres hope. See the metal bar stretching across the alley? Run as 
close as you can to it and use triangle button to grab it and she will be out of 
harms way. Now fall off this bar and quickly equip your teargas gun and you 
hopefully will have 1 shot left cause I did. Anyways turn back around to where 
the direction the cars went and there will suddenly be 2 goons up ahead so press 
the target button and it most likely will land on the left goon but that's okay 
cause they both get taken down. That's the best method I know of for taking 
these guys down so go collect their ammo and flak jackets if needed. Also check 
the car closest to you for some more PK-2 ammo. 

Turn around now and head up the street and crouch and get behind the lightpost 
to the right that's closest to where Gregorov is and stay there for a minute. 
Look up and left and see the ledge up there? You need to run here very quickly 
and use triangle button to get up here and you'll get another checkpoint. Hop 
off the ledge and Gregorov is gone so head left up the alley and you'll be at a 
big opening. When you go out to the open road you'll see in yellow letters 
"Let's Get Out Of Here" So stand your ground and wait for the carnage to hit the 
Russian Feds and white car nearby. Now run right from the alley across the 
street and hide behind the wall sticking out here. Equip your night vision 
silenced rifle and starfe left a small ways. Look up and left with the aimer and 
you'll eventually see a figure on top of a roof. Aim for the head and take out 
the Grenade goon.

Now crouch/walk by the dead Russian feds and Wait fot a green dot to appear on 
screen and when it does freeze right where you are. Make sure you're crouched 
and aim up and left and you will find another Grenade goon and he doesen't 
suspect you so get the night vision rifle out and shoot him. Keep in the 
crouched and walk position cause on the roof ahead is another grenade goon and 
again like before wait for the green dot to appear and then freeze,aim and shoot 
him down. Go through the streets now safely,no more grenade goons anymore I 
promise. Go now straight ahead and stay near the lightpost and Gregorov shoots 
at you so stay near the lightpost so he can't kill you. He will go right up the 
next road and then stop at a point in the road. Go now to the left side of the 
road and walk over to the right side of the road when you get past the road 
where Gregorov is. Don't worry Gregorov won't see you until you crouch next to 
the fence. Head to the farthest section of the fence here and let Gregorov shoot 
the red car until it blows up. 

Fortubately cars can only be blown up with bullets only once in this game. 
Crouch/walk to the now blown up car that's providing you cover from Gregorov's 
shots. Make sure you have your taser equipped at this point also cause you don't 
wanna kill Gregorov even though the bastard wants to kill you, how unfair. You 
will now see 2 other cars ahead and to avoid being killed by Gregorov when he 
shoots at cars heres a better idea. Either shoot the extra cars down the road 
with your .45 or whatever gun you choose and that makes it to where Gregorov 
won't have a cheap and easy way to kill you and keeps things at a normal pace. 
You can also use any extra grenades or the gun you had earlier which should have 
given you one grenade gun shot to blow the cars up. 

Now head to the next car and you must roll/dive here to avoid being hit in the 
head so do 2 roll dives and then quickly press x button to crouch behind the 
car. Do this a few more times making sure you shoot the cars ahead so Gregorov 
doesen't get in a cheap shot. You will get to a red car at the end and now you 
have traffic to contend with and it seems like all Russain cars must be hot rods 
the way they sound. Look across the street and now you must cross it and enter 
the park. Look both ways before crossing now and enter the park. This action 
ends the level and a cut-scene ensues with Mara chasing after Gregorov only. 
Save if you like and then watch the cut-scenes.
                           [-Section 20-]
                           [-Mission 13-]

Moscow, Russian Republic: Volkov Park
Objectives: 1. Pursue Gregorov
Mission Parameters: 1. Don't Kill Gregorov 2. Don't Lose Gregorov

As soon as this level begins use your aimer button and shoot the guy straight 
ahead with a head shot. Now go forward a small bit and use aimer button again 
and a goon pops out from the right so get a headshot when you can. If you don't 
hit him the first time do the following. Let go of your aim button for a 
second,this prompts the goons to come out and show themselves. The bad part 
is,is that when you reaim,it's off center which is an obvious sign that the 
computer needs to cheat to win. Now go through the gate where you just shot the 
last goon and then head right and hide behind the first tree. Run to where the 
next tree is and hide behind it also. Gregorov is really itching at the trigger 
now so when you get to this tree and duck you need to do some dives to avoid his 
gunfire. I think 2 dives will be enough for you to get there safely. 

Go now to the next tree by again, diving out of his way of gunshots and then 
crouching behind the tree just to be safe. Go around now to the back of the 
monument looking area where Gregorov is at and climb up the small ledge and 
you'll reach a checkpoint. By this time Gregorov complains " Curse you 
woman,Stop Hounding Me". What a winer. Next go to where Gregorov ran to and be 
prepared for 3 goons to run after you so get a excellent weapon like the Biz-2 
and shoot 3 goons and collect their ammo. Now run right and head up a small ways 
and a goon from the left comes after you so shoot him and then inch your way 
forward from here until a goon shows up on the right and there is another behind 
him so shoot these 2 goons and then another is to the right of them. Get behind 
the wall pretty good and hide and get ina  headshot cause this goon has on a 
flak Jacket. 

Take all ammo and jacket if needed and then take a right into the next section 
and keep on going until you get the night vision. Go left first and there is 2 
goons ahead so shoot them with headshots. Now when you move towards your fallen 
goons another goon shows up so shoot him. When you do another from farther right 
pops up so shoot him also. The good part about this section is that even if you 
miss the goons,They can't see you so they move closer and just stand there 
begging for a headshot. Go left some more and another goon pops up so get rid of 
him and then keep on going left. Eventually you should see 2 Flak Jackets on the 
ground and ammo and the nightvision will turn off. Look right and there is a 
road going up a hill so go this way now. When you run up the hill about halfway 
then a checkpoint will be enabled finally. 

Once you get to the top of the Hill you'll hear Gregorov Scream "GET BACK" and 
go nuts and shoot out the only light to see. Luckily you will get nightvision 
once again and can proceed with ease so go right now. Get to another section 
that's lit up and now you will need to head down a road. Go to the right side 
wall and hug it and crouch down and when you look around the corner you'll see a 
goon standing next to a tree. Strafe left a teency bit until the goon is in the 
picture and take a clear head shot. Go right and stay that way as you'll 
approach a goon infested area. Stay right and head over to the tree over here . 
Equip your night vision rifle and aim for the goons head as not to make any 
noise and piss off the other goons.

Now go back a few paces and face left and this goon won't stop moving around so 
just aim the silencer gun and wait for the perfect head alignment with the aimer 
and squeeze the trigger and he's gone. Head around and collect the 2 guys ammo 
and then go behind the tree just on the right past the last guy you just shot. 
Step back a few paces from the tree and then go right a little and wait for this 
next goon to be in range for the head shot. Head a little ways just a few yards 
back from where you killed the last goon and couch. Aim left at the goon on the 
left hill and take care of him before getting the closer goons ammo.

Take his ammo now and now head right down the next road. Just before you reach 
the bridge on this road you'll reach another checkpoint. Once at the bridge some 
guy yells " ATTACK" Don't worry,yet. Head left to the small pathway and then the 
guy says " She's heading under the bridge don't let her get away". Go around the 
small path and run left right away and when you can jump up the left wall do so. 
Now run back a small ways to avoid gun fire. Crouch when up here and just barely 
make small steps forward. Equip your nightvision rifle and creep forward until 
you can see a guy on the bridge to the right shooting shotgun shells at you. 
Don't worry though,he can't hit you and now you can make your first headshot and 
get rid of one goon.

Look left now and you can see another guy shooting at you on the middle part of 
the bridge so shoot him. Go up one step only and a guy from below will be 
shooting at you but he can't hit you either so line up the headshot and now 3 
guys are dead. This part is just like clockwork as you make yet another step 
forward,back on top of the bridge is another goon to take care of so shoot him. 
Every single goon had a flak jacket too so that's what I call a clean sweep so 
collect ammo and jackets if needed and head over the bridge. This ends this 
level so now you can save and watch the cut-scenes.
                                [-Section 21-]
                                [-Mission 14-]

Moscow, Russian Republic: Volkov Park
Objectives: 1. Capture Gregorov Alive
Mission Parameters: 1. Don't Kill Gregorov

Okay it's cold and Lian still has the Syphon Filter virus and is coughing so 
lets send her out into the cold. What's the deal there? This is the final answer 
for everyone who is having trouble with this level and it's very simple. Okay 
notice how there is lights you can shoot at in this park? I figured it out right 
away when Gregorov shot out the lights in the previous level. First go to the 
right and head to the back of the level and hide behind the tree here. Make sure 
your all the way back as far away from Gregorov as possible. Now,with your 
silenced Rifle only,shoot out 3 of the 4 lights that should be easy access 
without attracting Gregorov's attention. When you shoot the third light then 
Gregorov is on to you. Wait for him to go to the middle tree and he will pace 
back and fourth. Schooch out a small bit left when he is behind the right side 
of your tree and then shoot the last light. He will say " Damn You" and now 
switch to the hand taser and you can literally walk right up to him and zap him 
and this small mission ends. Watch the Cut-Scenes and then save. WOndering is 
Kasey Kasum did the voice for Gabe Logan he sounds just like him.
                               [-Section 22-]
                               [-Mission 15-]
Siberia, Russian Republic: Aljir Prison
Objectives: 1. Shut Off Prison Power 2. Rescue Gregorov 3. Protect Prisoner 4. 
Protect Second Prisoner 
Mission Parameters: 1. Avoid Detection 2. Don't Kill Any Prisoners

This is a timed mission and with there being 59 minutes on the clock it looks 
like it's gonna be long. Head out of the showers and go right and you'll hear 
some people speaking of the execution so when they stop speaking then go right. 
Don't worry about them spotting you since they have their backs turned. Now head 
up the hallway and when you can make a right into the hall do so and follow the 
hallway around until you hear a girl screaming sort of. Another objective is 
added and you can see some people to the left of you around the next hall. Equip 
the taser and zap the guy standing there and now you'll see a woman prisoner 
being whipped or hit by a woman Warden. Don't zap her yet that time will come. 
Go back into the hall you just came from and go back to the hall where the 2 
people near the showers were talking. 

When you get to that hall take a right and go up this hall and another Warden 
which is male is standing right next to the prisoner being abused. Zap him next 
and then take cover behind the wall sticking out. Wait for the woman Warden to 
come after Pavil and then zap her when she goes by and you'll have saved the 
prisoner from unnecessary abuse. The prisoner coughs and Lian says everything 
gonna be allright. Turn around now and start heading down the hallway. When you 
see a doorway to the left wait for a moment when you're right in front and to 
the left wall of it for the warden to come nearby. When he does zap him. Enter 
the prison section now and when you hear a woman begging for water stop and wait 
for the warden to dissappear. Go up one area and when you can enter a prison 
doorway to the right crouch and so so. Equip your crossbow now and shoot the 
farthest warden on the left, making sure you don't get any headshots or it's 
mission over.

Now stay crouched and go up to the next doorway on the right and stop in front 
of it and another warden comes out so make sure taser is equipped and zap him. 
Now follow the hall around and some wardens are having a conversation. Wait for 
them to stop speaking and get into a standing position so they are no longer 
walking around. Look ahead and to the left and see the open section? Well get 
into the crouch position and walk to the next area to the right for cover. Now 
walk staying crouched to this big open ledge. While holding x walk to the ledge 
and Lian will automatically grab the side of the floor here. Now shimmy left 
right on past the wardens, Now that's sneaky if I ever saw it. As soon as you 
can go no further on the ledge pull up and you're homefree of that section and 
can enter the hallway straight ahead.

Go up a small ways up the hall and a warden is ahead and a second later another 
woman warden with a prisoner enters the hall just ahead and another objective is 
added. Now I warn you don't go up the right hallway here or you'll fail the 
mission and have to restart this whole deal from the last checkpoint. Now just 
go straight up the hall keeping some decent distance from the male warden. Get 
behind him when he stops and zap him. Now do the same to the female warden and 
you're objective is complete and you found another checkpoint. Now remember 
where I said not to go earlier? Well turn around now and go this way and a small 
cut-scene with 2 guards speaking will ensue. Wait for them to go down the hall 
and then get on the elevator and use triangle to activate it and go down.

Walk straight up to the wall on the right and as soon as you hear the elevator 
rising get over to where there is now a gap in the floor and grab the ledge to 
hide. Wait for the Warden to patrol that area and he'll radio ahead that all is 
quiet and then walk away. Now get back up and get in the crouch position. 
Crouch/walk right back to the right wall and the 2 wardens will be in the middle 
of the room and no longer walk around. You can now walk past them with the 
crouch position into the next hallway where they just were. As soon as you see a 
hallway going right you'll also see a warden standing there so zap him. Go back 
up the main hall after zapping the last warden and at the end of the hall you'll 
get another checkpoint and another cut-scene with Lian speaking with Gabe via 
radio transmission.

Okay what you need to watch for is what most camcorders have when they are 
recording the red light. Wait for the warden to go through the gate but hide 
behind the wall and DONT zap him. When he goes by you watch the cameras light 
and when it's not lit red hug the right wall and hide behind the wall sticking 
out right by the gate and then wait. Another Warden will come in through this 
section and open the gate which means it's time for you to sneak through but 
make sure you're crouched. Get in behind the security desk and zap the woman 
here and a cut-scene will ensue and Gregorov is being taken to the chamber right 
away. Now you have only 1 minute and 30 to help Gregorov. Now hit the right 
switch and wait for the warden to the right to come running in and zap him when 
he gets in the room. 

Enter the hall now and go up to the next doorway on the right and another warden 
is walking around so wait for him to turn his back and crouch/walk behind him 
and zap him to get by. Go through the hallway and take a right into another 
hallway where just ahead is yet another warden so hug the right wall and hide 
behind the wall sticking out and wait for him to walk near you and zap him. That 
is the final warden to zap so run like mad into the room on the right and Lian 
finally reaches the power room just in the nick of time and the level ends 
PHEW!!! Watch the cut-scene and save if you like.
                                 [-Section 23-]
                                 [-Mission 16-]

Siberia, Russian Republic: Aljir Prison
Objectives: 1. Find Gregorov 2. Reach Escape Point 3. Incapicitate Hostile 
Mission Parameters: 1.  Protect Gregorov 2. Don't kill any prisoners

This first part is an open fire mission so stay in the crouched position and 
wait for the one warden to come your way and then blast him when he gets close 
by. Now head to the back corner of this same section and the warden on the left 
will be here. If you moved back in position you'll have an easy headshot. Now 
move to the middle part of the room and look right while crouching. Wait for the 
left warden to crouch and when he does stand up casually and you can get in an 
easy headshot. The warden now left on the right bobs his head right in your line 
of fire so get in this easy headshot and a short, sweet victory is all yours.

Go collect your ammo now and head left where the second warden on the left you 
shot is and head through this hallway. Go all the way through and a guy runs in 
from the left so go backwards into the hall again and wait for him to run in 
center screen and then take the quick headshot before he starts piercing through 
your flak jacket. Now press your target button and ease up a small bit enough to 
see the blood splattering off of the guy to know you're hitting him and he'll be 
dead soon. Now press the target button once again and to the left is another 
warden so hold the target button and then blast this guy. Now head out left and 
immediately be ready to do a headshot on the warden that pops out cause he has a 
flak jacket on. 

If you need the jacket then take it, if not then head up and collect his ammo 
and then turn left at the doorway he was at. Follow this hallway around and when 
you make a left around a corner hug the left wall and before going left use the 
aimer button and get a headshot on the warden standing at the doorway. Now there 
is another warden to the left and behind him so press your target button and 
somehow the warden looks down and doesen't pay attention so while crouched ease 
on out and you'll easily have a headshot on him without detection. Go down the 
stairs after collecting ammo and stay right near the middle wall and hug it 
while staying crouched. Strafe left a tiny bit until you have the left warden in 
your sights and get an easy headshot. Strafe a tiny bit more and you can easily 
get a headshot on the warden on the right.

This level is extremely easy it's just a matter of taking the time to do it 
correctly without detection. Head down the stairs and collect the wardens ammo 
and now stay close to the left side of the steps hugging the wall. This part is 
a tad more difficult since you won't have the cover of the wall. Watch the 
wardens jump out patterns and time it to where you can be in the open right as 
he jumps out. Be careful though cause he shoots as soon as he comes out so get 
in a quick headshot or you'll die since he only aims for you head as well. 
Collect his ammo and head around left and kick in the red, bolted door and enter 
the next platformed hallway. This next part kicked my ass dozens of times and I 
couldn't figure it out so heres what to do. Once you enter the hallway this 
prompts the 2 wardens on the rooftop to start shooting at you so move back 
quickly. They also throw grenades so stay away until they throw the grenades and 
the grenedes blow up. Get used to the time in between them throwing the grenades 
until they blow up and how much time you have until they throw more.

Once you know the timing pattern heres what to do. Wait for the grenades to blow 
up and then run through the smoke after the blast and when you get to the door 
exit and on the platform, immediately press the target button and hold it and 
then blast away and the right or left warden falls off the roof to his impending 
doom with the ground. Implement the same tactic with whichever warden on 
whichever side is left and this part will be cleared. Go now and collect their 
ammo and head up the metal stairs but stop when you reach the second step up. 
The door flies open and 2 wardens pop out so use target button on the one 
closest to you and blast him and then let go of the target button and then 
repress and hold it for the second warden and blast him next.

Now go up the stairs and collect the wardens ammo and go through the hall until 
you reach another hall and a guy cowering in the corner. He looks like a warden 
and probably is but don't shoot him since he isn't armed or it will fail the 
mission. Go around the hall and in the next room is dead wardens and a radio 
transmission to Gabe ensues. As soon as you gain control of Lian run away and 
roll if needed to avoid gunshots and find a wall to hide behind. If you went 
back to where the cowering warden is stay close to the right wall and strafe 
left little by little until you can see the enemy warden on the left near the 
wall and when you have him in sight get in an easy head shot. Stay right near 
the wall and get behind the part of the wall sticking out. Another warden walks 
in from the right so line up the headshot and take him out also.

Collect ammo now and then head out left and follow the hallway around till you 
can go right and a dead warden is lying on the ground so go in this small 
hallway and enter the room with chairs and a cut-scene with Gregorov, The ACTUAL 
REAL GREGOROV ensues. Once you have that completed and have control of Lian 
Gregorov yells " LIAN, BEHIND YOU" Turn around right away and shoot the warden 
behind you and collect ammo QUICKLY and then turn around again and shoot the 2 
wardens that are now on Gregorovs left side. If you don't protect Gregorov and 
he dies it's mission failed. You must be very quick in this part with your 
actions or you won't get through here. Watch the cut-scene and notice how 
Gregorov has a striking resemblance to SGT. Slaughter from the WWF? 

Okay head out of this room straight and walk up to the left wall staying very 
close and in a crouched position. Strafe while crouched right little by little 
until you can see the standing warden with the shotgun on the right and get a 
headshot. Now strafe a tiny bit more little by little until you can get a 
headshot on the warden just behind the radio. He runs back and fourth but stands 
in place eventually for around 4-5 seconds so use that time to get in a 
headshot. Now while still in the crouched position creep up behind the radio 
using it for cover and watch the warden popping out on the rights' pattern. Get 
used to it and when it's safe to move strafe right while staying crouched and 
just start shooting, might I recommend the shotgun for you next couple of method 
killings. Lian then tells Gregorov to get his ass moving and that it's clear. 

Yuri will move near you saying he's okay so now hug the right wall and 
crouch/walk until you can see a warden popping out. He stretches his neck out 
for around 3 seconds so wait for his pattern and then blast him while he has his 
neck stretched out. Make sure you're crouched and strafing left little by little 
until he is in the field of headshot range. Take his ammo and Flak Jacket if 
needed, and then stay to the right wall once again. Creep your way up and you'll 
see a prisoner run by and get shot down by some wardens but don't worry you 
won't fail the mission. Stay glued to the right wall using the crouch/walk 
method until you can see 2 wardens on the right blocking a doorway. Stay 
crouched and use the strafe left little by little and getting head shots on each 
warden and then Lian will tell Yuri it's all clear and she receives a radio 
transmission from Gabe. Listen to that and you'll arrive at another checkpoint.

Yuri will be facing the red, bolted door but,don't go that way yet,unless your 
flak jacket is undamaged. Otherwise turn around after taking the 2 wardens PK-
102 ammos and head right when you can and on the right near the gate is a box 
with a fresh flak jacket in it. Now go through the red, bolted door. When you 
walk up to the door Lian claims she hears a lot of action on the other side and 
tells Yuri to wait there so she can check it out. As soon as you kick the door 
open you'll see 2 prisoners shooting up at some wardens and the prisoners soon 
get shot down. As soon as the snipers cease fire creep out while crouching a 
little and Yuri yells " SNIPERS, WATCH OUT" so turn and run towards Yuri again 
and a cut-scene ensues. Once Yuri throws out the smoke grenade make a run for 
it. You will have to do a dive towards the end but Yuri will most likely be 
ahead of you.

He says you'll need to shoot the lock on the security gate so look ahead and 
right while to the right of Yuri and shoot and if you hit it sparks fly. Now 
Yuri will keep running so keep on following him and he will run into some 
hostile women prisoners and you'll reach another checkpoint and another 
objective is added. This next part with the women shooting at me like mad had me 
stumped but do the following and you'll be through in no time. Go back through 
the security gate and when you get past it go right and past the flames on the 
left, just ahead. There is a corner of wall here and a warden bearing none other 
than a tear gas gun. Get in a headshot when you line up and shoot the guy. Go 
and take his flak jacket if you like and then his tear gas gun. 

Now go back to the crazy women and when they generally take a shooting break 
which lasts about a second and a half climb the wall and use your target button 
very quickly and hold it and then shoot the gun and the women are motionless 
YAHOO!!. Now you'll reach another checkpoint and your objective is complete. 
Fall off the concrete wall and collect the PK-102 ammo from the prisoners and 
then equip that gun. In the next part take your first right into the hall and go 
about 1/4 of the way up the hall on the right. As soon as you see a guy run out 
from the doorway in the middle, immediately turn around and blast the warden 
behind you and make it a headshot or he easily takes you out.

Turn around now and make you way up the hall a bit and another warden wearing a 
flak jacket makes his pesence known. As soon as you get a headshot he gets 
really figity and it's hard to get him to where you can make a clear headshot. 
Move up a small ways while staying crouched and then he will dive and come 
closer to you so hurry now and get the headshot and then collect his flak jacket 
if needed and ammo. Once you do that another warden pops out at you so get 
prepared and then shoot the warden with a headshot and he also has a flak jacket 
so get it if needed and then collect the .45 ammo also.

Head around the corner going left and another warden is in this hall with the 
same stuff so get in a headshot and this hallway is clear. Now you must head 
back to where Gregorov or Yuri is and a cut-scene ensues and she gives him a 
weapon. Head back through the hallways you just cleared and now this next part 
is very fast paced so keep close to Gregorov and take out Wardens left and right 
and collect ammo. Just remember to follow Gregorovs lead, he knows where to go. 
Once you make it to another red bolted door and if  your flak jacket gets too 
damaged in all the warden killings then head back to the halls from earlier and 
get the jackets you couldn't get if there is any left. Head back to Gregorov and 
the red bolted door and kick it in using the triangle button. Enter the door and 
a cut-scene ensues and now your at another checkpoint.

Crouch down and go down the steps and look up and right and a warden is up here 
and also a search light. Get in the easy headshot and then wait for the search 
light to shine where the bulb is exposed and then shoot it out. Crouch/walk near 
the right wall now and just ahead is another search light so shoot it out and 
they spot you. Lian Yells " GREGOROV MOVE" Shoot the 2 wardens here and don't 
worry about the one above just run and dive to avoid gunshots. Head to the left 
doorway and enter here. Use the switch on the wall of the elevator to rise to 
the the second story. Now run with Gregorov and he will provide distractions but 
don't even worry about the left side, just keep running and diving. Kill any 
wardens in your way on this path and keep on diving to dodge enemy fire and when 
you get to some steps the level finally ends. Watch some long cut-scenes and 
save if you like.
                                 [-Section 24-] 
                                 [-Mission 17-]

New York: Agency Bio-Lab
Objectives: 1. Penetrate Security Net 2. Retrieve Gear 3. Install Cellular Modem 
4. Sythensize Vaccine 5. Find Gershon 6. Access Vents to Gershon's office 7. 
Find Chance 8. Follow Elsa To Synthesis Lab
Mission Parameters: 1. Don't sound any alarms 2. Don't kill Chance 3. Don't kill 
Ramirez 4. Don't kill Gershon

This is an extremely long mission so be prepared, also notice that crouching in 
this mission is replaced by walking so don't freak out if Gabe doesen't crouch 
when you want him to. Go out the door and take your first right on the sign 
above which is marked A3. Walk up the hallway and take another right and head 
around left until you see a cut-scene with the bad guys. Once in control of Gabe 
enter the door ahead with the A3 above it. Make sure when you enter the door you 
press and hold the x button to walk or you'll be detected by the suit on the 
left. Head right after passing the suit and go up the ramped area over here. 

As soon as you get to the top make sure you're walking again cause a suit is 
walking in from the right just passing by. Don't face him at all or it's mission 
over so turn around and let him pass by. Head right again and to the left was a 
security camera if you noticed. Head around this section near some crates with 
the biohazard symbol on it and another suit walks by. Head to the left wall and 
face it to let him pass by. Walk around the boxes and before heading around the 
corner kiss the wall and another suit passes you by. Always try to remember to 
face a box or a wall to avoid the suits seeing it and you'll be okay in this 
level. Walk in between the crates and then go right once again. 

When you do get beside the right wall to be safe cause another suit is in the 
vicinity. Wait for him to walk off left and then walk to the right where you can 
hide near some more crates. Wait for the suit to come back around the other way 
and when he is to the left of you walk on out and around the crates in the 
middle of the hall. It's safe for the time being so when you get around these 
halls go right when you see a red flashing light ahead and above some doors is 
A1 so enter here. Walk through the doors and eventually you'll come across your 
first checkpoint. 

Go left now and walk the entire time don't run and follow the halls around and 
you'll pass a suit eventually. Now walk forward after passing the suit on the 
left and see the hospital gurnee ahead? Walk up to it and you'll see the word 
Knife so take it with the action button and now you finally have a weapon 
against the suits. Walk up behind the suit facing the room with windows and use 
the knife on him and you'll gain a gun. 
Go right after passing the suit and you'll come across a door to the left that 
you radio in to Teresa about. She says it's some kind of security net so now 
turn around while walking and head out the left side and then through the doors 
marked A1 once again.

 On your first right is a small door to enter and farther down is a suit you 
needn't worry about so just enter the door now. As soon as you enter this room 
take a left and then go around to a computer desk and a computer marked secutiry 
net is here so activate it by pressing the triangle button.
Once you activate the computer terminal Gabe radios in about gaining access to 
Teresa and also completes the first objective. Now another objective is added 
and another checkpoint is found. Turn around now and leave this room by walking 
and make your first right at this other door. Walk right away and don't hesitate 
at all or the suit directly behind you will detect that you're Logan. Head back 
to where the security net computer was and go left after exiting the hallway and 
now head back to where the hospital gurnee was and there is a room to the right 
for you to enter which was the door that was in openable from earlier. Enter 
here and a voice decontaminates the room or announces it and now turn left and 
exit out this other door.

Walk out the door here and to your left a suit stands guard so walk behind him 
quickly and quietly and cut him with the knife and collect his ammo. Walk 

forward after killing the last suit and you'll see a short cut-scene that also 
shows you where the next suit is and a guy that's been probably wrongfully 
imprisoned. Head right now and go to the back hallway here and take your first 
left into a lab area with a white coat that's here. He'll see your face and 
cower so just walk up to the computer that controls the elevator in white 
letters and Press action. Teresa tells you exactly what the white letters just 
did over radio transmission.

Now turn around and kill the white coat if you want to since the mission 
parameters don't mention anything about not killing any of these guys. Kill 
another white coat ahead and to the right just for kicks. Turn around after 
killing the white coat and in the locker behind you is your combat gear so you 
complete an objective, get a radio transmission and find a checkpoint all in 1 
shot. Leave this room and head right to the main large hall. Stay to the right 
wall and look right and you'll see a suit near a door farther back. Equip your 
silencer .45 and shoot him with a headshot. Walk to the railing now and look to 
where you saw the last cut-scene and shoot the suit down here guarding the 

Once you shoot the suit a cut-scene of Gabe already near the now visible GI 
Ramiez decides to find chance so an objective and checkpoint is found and added. 
Collect the suits ammo after the conversation with Ramirez and head back up the 
ramp to the back of this bottom lobby. Head left right near the door and collect 
the suits ammo and another radio transmission from Teresa ensues with her saying 
you need the network admin card for this area. Go past the door and take a left 
on the metal flooring and your first right into the door. Don't get hasty and 
run or walk for that matter through this door since there is a camera just 

Part of your nifty gear is a camera scrambler so equip this now. Walk up to the 
camera now and when it says in white letters security camera press triangle and 
Gabe automatically attaches it and scrambles it. Head down the sloped floor now 
and take a left when reaching the end of the hall and enter the doors with A2 
above them. In this hall you walk up a little bit and Gabe tells Teresa he found 
the vaccine for Shphon Filter virus but it's sealed so you can't get in. No you 
can't shoot out the windows either I tried that so I imagine the glass is Plexi. 
Enter the doors now and take a right and go up the hall marked A4. Walk up this 
hall and this is where you began the mission so keep going straight and when you 
get under the one light you'll reach another checkpoint. 

At the end of the hall take a right and go through the double doors or really 
just make them stay open and stay back. Shoot the suit up ahead with your 
silencer and then turn back around and go up the hallway behind you. Take a 
right when you can and you'll see some stacked crates with the biohazard symbol 
on them. Hide behind the right crate and await the suit that will pass by with 
silencer. Aim up and get his head into head shot and shoot him. Collect his ammo 
and then head right at the end of this hallway and now equip your camera 
scrambler and use it on the camera. Careful now as a suit walks up hurry and 
insert the scrambler and then walk back so your not facing him. He'll walk away 
down the hall so equip your silencer .45 and take him out with a headshot.

Collect the suits ammo now and shoot out the vent at the end of this hall and 
Teresa again radios in and tells you what you just shot out. You will complete 
another objective so now jump up into the vent. Go through the right turns only 
vent and then shoot out the grate to Gershons office. Walk forward after landing 
and a cut-scene with Gabe getting aggressive ensues and you get another 

Equip your air taser right off the bat cause when you round the first corner 
some white coat provides Gershon with a distraction and the best way to be 
silent and reach this fiend so Gershon won't get away is with the air taser. 
Tase him till he starts smoking and then get back to Gershon before he has a 
chance to run away. You will walk to a door on the left now and again Gabe is 
getting more irritated with Gershon. Equip the modem now and walk to the center 
terminal which is the smaller looking desk area. Attach the modem by pressing 
triangle and Gabe radios to Teresa about downloading the files. You will learn 
that Elsa has the vaccine and a new objective is added a checkpoint is met and 3 
snipers run in to see what's going on. I, presonally think Gershon found a way 
to let out a distress to the suits that he was in trouble. 

Right off the bat they will have headshots on you so dive dive dive to the 
nearest tall computer mainframe and use it for cover. Try getting behind the one 
that's near the windows to the back of the room and you will have a good,clear 
headshot on the suit on the metal flooring. Now you finally gain the ability to 
crouch so crouch and strafe right little by little until the other sniper above 
and wayy back on the metal flooring is in headshot range so shoot him. By this 
time another sniper runs in and has you in shooting range so dispose of him by 
pressing the target button and shooting him. Now the last guy is right in front 
of the mainframe you're hiding behind so strafe out into his line of fire and 
hold target button and then pull the trigger and he's gone.

Once he's gone another guy on the metal flooring ahead runs in and shoots with a 
machinegun so again use the target button, hold it down and shoot this guy and a 
cut-scene ensues and another checkpoint is met. Leave this room now the same way 
you entered with Gershon and you'll also notice that the crouch action is gone 
again, what a pity. Head back now straight to the room where Ramirez is being 
held captive. Remember the part where you didn't have access to the door and 
Teresa mentioned you need Network Admin card? Go into this door now as it is 
accessable. Enter this door and take a right around the hall and walk through 
the doors marked B-1 and don't go through them yet.

Step back a small ways but make sure the doors stay open and when the white 
coats say " INTRUDER ALERT" run into the room and shoot them quickly and kill 
them. Run to the far left side of the room and up the ramp. There is a switch at 
the top of the ramp and another white coat behind some glass so press the switch 
and the gases are released on the white coat. This makes a cut-scene ensue and 
you finally find Chance and complete another objective and another checkpoint as 
well. Turn around now and go up the sloped part and go through the door up here 
next. Go through the door with A2 above it and shoot the suit that's to the 
right inside this hallway. Go through the next set of doors and a cut-scene 
ensues so watch it and another mission objective is complete and another 
checkpoint is to. 

Walk to the right when you have control of Gabe and use your target button if 
you're having trouble finding your target. When you have the white coat in sight 
get in a headshot and another radio transmission to Teresa ensues. Fall down now 
into the room where the white coat is and the victim and ad tempting as it may 
be don't shoot out the really bright light above the patient cause it sets the 
alarm off. Luckily that's what I'm playing for to see what happens when you do 
different things. Walk up the small hall and through the doorway and follow the 
halls around until you get to the vent at the end of the hall. Shoot out the 
vent and now go through it and you'll see the doctor speaking in a cut-scene 
when you get a quarter of the way through the vent.

Get to the next vent and shoot it out but don't get hasty and jump out just yet. 
Aim right and when you can get Heng-Su in a headshot then shoot him and now jump 
out of the vent. Go straight now and through the door ahead and watch the cut-
scene with Elsa. The mission ends now so save if you like and watch the cut-
                                  [-Section 25-]
                                  [-Mission 18-]

New York, USA: Agency Bio-Lab
Objectives: 1. Escape Labs
Mission Parameters: 1. None

Okay this level is hard no doubt so lets start off by running and diving behind 
the computer desk. This action makes the computers blow up and kills the guy off 
that's shooting at you. There is another guy shooting the other way behind some 
glass but he can't shoot you so don't worry about him. Collect the dead guys 
ammo and then head into the next room. When you reach the next room and radio 
over to Teresa listen to how she really sounds concerned. Now go to the back 
left part of this room and shoot out the grate that's up here. 

Go through the grate and when you land to the left is an inoperable camera so go 
right and then take your first left. Don't even think of stopping from running 
as 2 goons are sure to get behind you in no time. Keep on heading straight 
avoiding all gunfire with dives and then go left at the hallway and then a 
right, immediately. You'll see a door with A3 on it and you'll want to take a 
right into the room before going past the big doors. 

Once in this room enter the ventilation vent on the right of the room by 
shooting the grate and climbing the table to get inside. Once you get to an area 
with a fan blocking the vent go left and shoot out the grate and now you're in 
the meat wagon room. Gabe radios to Teresa that he's in the meat wagon room more 
or less and you finally make a checkpoint. Once in this room you'll see a guy 
named Girdeux that's been burned beyond recognition. Don't pay any mind to the 
body just go to where all the bodies are on the carosel and go left. Look up 
here and shoot another grate out and enter it. While in the vent you'll hear 
some guys shooting at you but they can't hit you while inside so don't worry.

Get to the back of the vent and shoot out the grate and then when you pop out 
and land you'll see a computer on a desk to the right. Shoot the computer if you 
want to end the annoying ass sirens. There is a locker to the left that you can 
search and get a weapons cache. A fresh flak jacket is here and some excellent 
ammo(Too bad the ammo isn't of any use I WANT GRENADES DAMMIT) Now run to the 
right and where the bench is to the left is yet another grate to shoot so shoot 
it and enter this vent and this vent is very small so shoot out the grate and 
when you land look right. You must tumble left really fast and yeah your jacket 
will take damage here so roll into the next room to the left where the door is. 
There is more lockers to the right in this room but nothing in them:( 

Go to the back left of the room and exit out the door that's here. Turn right 
and equip your M-79 and shoot the goons ahead. This is the only weapon you can 
use against these sorry excuses for A-I. Now head through the blown up doorway 
and go left and the doorway to the right is not accessable so keep on going 
straight until you can make a right. Make sure you still have the M-79 equipped 
or you will not be able to kill these cheaters. Go to the left to lure out a 
cheater and walk back a good ways and he will try to run away so use the target 
button and shoot his sorry ass into next week. Go left around the next hall and 
there is plexiglass windows here.

Look right and up and another grate to shoot so switch to any gun but the air 
taser or the M-79 and shoot the grate out and now enter this vent. When you get 
to the end of the vent and radio to Teresa get ready for some bad news. There is 
no other way out and a very large fan is just below you so get yourself psyched 
for this one. Okay aim Gabe right and keep pressing forward the entire time 
while falling and he won't have eny problems making the grab to the vent just 
above the fan. Go through this vent and go through a long ways around. You'll 
surface in where Ramirez was being held prisoner and Ramirez is lying on the 
ground bleeding and dead as a doornail. Gabe says " Dammit Chance where the hell 
were you?" Go out of the cell and before searching the box to the right equip 
the M-79 and shoot the cheater that's coming after you by holding the target 
button and pulling the blow up trigger.

Now get the M-79's YESSS in the box to the right and run up the ramp going left 
and then once up the ramp hold target button again and shoot the cheater to your 
left and make him pay for cheating. Get to the top and press and hold target 
once and shoot and then let go quickly and then press it and hold again and 
shoot and let go quickly and thn press and hold one more time and shoot. 3 
stupid I'm not even gonna say the words are up here and tear the Hell outta your 
armor but be very fast with the timing of the target button and trigger and you 
will kick their asses. Once at the top of the ramp go to where the siren light 
is flashing and then take a left and hug the left wall. If you crouch and walk 
forward enough to see the next cheater waiting for you on the left wall heres 
what to do. Aim at the right wall and shoot the wall and that will take care of 

Enter this next hall to the left and enter the next area and another cheater 
pops out so run like the wind back to the big hall where you took care of the 
last cheater. Aim at the back part of the wall near the doorway and shoot it and 
the cheater in the doorway is taken care of. Walk up to the computer and press 
triangle if you like and listen to words to live by, by Gabe Logan. "IT"S NEVER 
EASY" aint that the damn truth. Turn around right away I mean FAST mister and 
Press target button before he gets too close and blast the guy behind you. Take 
a left out the doorway and walk to the elevator doors. This level finally ends 
PHEW!!! Watch cut-scenes and SAVE THE GAME. 
                                   [-Section 26-]
                                   [-Mission 19-]

New York, USA: Slums District
Objectives: 1. Rendevous With Teresa At Chopper 2. Eliminate 2 Snipers 3. 
Activate Sprinkler System To clear passage into main floor. 4. Rescue Swat 
Officers 5. Clear Sniper Nest
Mission Parameters: 1. None

For this mission you have your work cut out for you so equip your HK-5 for this 
mission. Turn around right away and shoot the suit that's shooting at you. Go to 
where the grafitti is on the wall and turn left and down this tiny alley is a 
fresh Flak Jacket to put on. Go back out to the main area where you killed the 
suit now. Head to where the pink truck is and while walking up here press and 
hold the target button and shoot the suit on the roof here and collect his ammo. 
Turn right and get to the left sidewalk and you might hear shots up here so use 
the target button and shoot the suit across the street.

Turn left now and there is a box in a small alley with G-18 ammo in it so get 
that. Turn around now and a suit from the roof will be shooting at you. Run back 
to where the pink truck is and get in an easy headshot from a distance on this 
suit. Run up a small ways and if you look left you'll see a suits head here and 
he's behind some concrete ramp. You can stand right near him and get an easy 
headshot so colelct his ammo. Now head right around the road and head up this 
road. Once you go up this road the feds show up in black vans closing the 
streets down. Shoot the lock off the pawn shop and enter it. Once you enter to 
the left is 2 suits so use target button to get a fix on them and then blast 
both of them.

There is a grenade guy behind you with a flak jacket on and he's on the roof so 
don't bother with him he's too hard to hit. Go to where you just shot the 2 
suits and climb the small wall where the glass used to be and collect their 
ammo. Now head into the twisting hallway until it straightens out and now hug 
and crouch the right wall. As soon as you have a opening to the right stay close 
to the wall and strafe left little by little until you have the headshot and 
kill this suit. Go around left now and enter this empty room with holes in the 
roof and a metal shelf in the middle of the room. There is no suits in this big 
room so head to the left side and open the box and get an M-16 and also a 

Before venturing so freely into the next open area like I did and got blown up 
look right and up while crouching near the right side of the doorway. There is a 
Suit grenade up there so shoot him with the sniper rifle when you get him in 
sight. Once he's dead run on out and head left and take the flak jacket inside 
the box near the drum that's on fire. Turn around now and on the left side near 
the doorway you just came out of is a rusty dumpster to climb onto. Once on it 
climb the wall here too and now your on a roof. As soon as you get on the roof a 
suit starts shooting at you so get in the quickest headshot you can and when 
he's gone Teresa radios you about the Swats getting taken out by Suits. Also you 
make another checkpoint up here.

Once you kill that suit climb the air unit with steam coming from it and climb 
the wall to the next roof. Head around the walls here and look left and a suit 
comes out at you so shoot him. Upon collecting his armor another suit from above 
is shooting at you so get rid of him by holding the target button and shooting. 
Get on the small wall up here and use your aimer button to find a Awning 
sticking out so you can land safely. A Swat member runs out and yells "ROSS IM 
ON MY WAY" so don't shoot him. Fall off the left most part of the awning and 
there is a box to the left with a Flak Jacket inside it so take if needed.

Now you have the daunting task of helping the swat team with the Suit Snipers. 
Check out the Silvers Gym billboard, looks like Chyna is on it. Run left now and 
you'll see the 2 Swat guys are dead and now run behind the police car for cover. 
Wait for the suit to run in and then ease on out and get in a headshot. Now run 
back to where you just were and a sniper who's difficult to kill and gets in 
headshots on you rather easily is at. Look for the concrete cover with the ramp 
and use it as cover. Ease your way up the ramp and get out your sniper rifle and 
zoom in for the headshot and take this guy out. Creep up with the strafe button 
again cause another suit is on the stoop across the street and he kills fast. 
Keep strafing left until he's in plain view and use the sniper rifle to take him 

Run on out of here and take a left right away and get to the other side of the 
street. Now run up a small ways until you get a sniper on the roof to pop out on 
your right hand side and then run back to safety. Crouch/walk forward making 
sure the guy can't see you and you'll barely see him. Equip your sniper rifle 
and shoot him down. Now go back to where you hid on the ramp and enter here. Go 
to the bottom of the ramp and you'll see a fire in here and Teresa radios you 
that the place might collapse. Go up the rusty metal thingy and go around the 
fire and then fall down when it's safe. Stay right in this hall but avoid the 
fire and when you get to the fire make sure you're behind it and turn around 
quickly and shoot 2 suits behind you. 

Equip the G-18 now and make a right when you turn around from killing the suits 
and run right in and shoot this suit before he even has time to shoot you.  Head 
up the ramped area and when you take a right Gabe will radio over to Teresa and 
an objective is added and you reach another checkpoint. Now notice the floor 
tiles that have steam coming out of them? I found a major bug by walking up to 
the tiles and Gabe will try to climb down the tiles and they fall down. You can 
now fall to the next floor and activate the sprinlker system. The reason I say 
it could be a major bug in the game is because the tiles make a bang on the 
floor below when they land which if normally stepped onto might have killed 
Gabe. I could be wrong but it looked really easy to get to the sprinkler system 
and the way Gabe spoke to Teresa it seemed like it was gonna take him a while to 
reach the system.

Turn around when you activate the sprinkler system and shoot the 2 suits that 
run in after you. Head back up the ramp now and enter the room where you fell 
through the floor and head left into the now unblocked doorway. As soon as you 
enter here there is a big piece of wood above the one doorway on fire. When you 
walk by it, it collapses so when you hear a bunch of noise don't panic you'll be 
fine. This next part off to the left is another beam on fire and a sniper is 
here. He runs after you from the left doorway but the beam lands on him and he 
catches fire and dies. That was simple as pie you ddn't need to even kill this 

Collect his ammo and Flak Jacket if needed and then head right at the end of 
this hall. Another beam collapses to your left in a doorway so keep going until 
you reach the end of this hall. Go left and then follow the hall around until 
you see a doorway to your right and stop before going into it. Now there is a 
suit in the middle of the room hiding behind what looks like a piano. Strafe 
left little by little staying crouched until you have a clear headshot and shoot 
him. As soon as you do keep your pants on cause another guy comes out from the 
ceiling and is too chicken to show his face as he goes to the other side 
shooting at the wall. Get up from here and do a dive to the other side and then 
strafe right at the corner of the wall. He is figity too so use your aimer 
button and wait for him for a minute. If he doesen't show his cowardly let go of 
the aimer and then press it again when he pops his head in and get in a fast 
headshot before he hides behind the wall again.

The damn thing wasn't a piano it was a table overturned so hop on the side of it 
and then hop up the hole to the second floor. Once you get up here and walk up a 
bit you'll reach another checkpoint. Head to the right wall and a Swat Team 
member says " Sir send backup I have the terrorist cornered" 2 suits run in and 
kill the swats and now run to the left side of the room your in now near the 
hole in the floor. Crouch and aim at the doorway and a suit runs in so shoot him 
with a headshot. Now hurry and run to the right hand wall cause another suit 
with a grenade is over here so he will throw grenades. Watch his pattern and 
when you got it down run on out into the open no crouching or nothing and shoot 
this suit with the G18. 

Head on out now and go up the hall a ways until you see a doorway to the left so 
crouch and creep up to it and another table is turned sideways and a suit behind 
it. Strafe right until you can get ina  headshot and he's done. Stay very close 
to the wall now and run past the doorway and dive if you feel the need and get 
to the left corner of the left wall and hug it. A suit comes out of there so aim 
out and right and he might dive out of the way so equip a G-18 and take him out 
quickly and now go collect ammo. When going back out the room if you collected 
ammo there is a suit that's very figity so when he runs out have your G-18 
equipped and shoot him. Now go down and left and the next doorway to the right 
is the second sniper. He's not too hard to kill just stay very close to the 
right wall and keep in a standing position.

Starfe left and shoot like mad trying to aim for the head and this guy doesen't 
stand a chance. Take his Flak Jacket now if you need to and objective is 
complete and a checkpoint is found. Go into this room and jump out of the window 
and you're near where those first 2 Swatties got killed. Now go up the road and 
when you get to going back left run back to where you first entered the building 
near the sloped concrete thing cause another Sniper wants you to fail your 
mission. Hide down at the bottom near the entrance or doorway and get out your 
trusty Sniper rifle. From there you can make a very easy headshot so please do 
so. Starfe up right a  small ways and look across the street at the billboard 
and if you look left you'll see a suit up there. Stay crouched and shoot him 
with body shots until he falls down. 

Look straight ahead and on the street is another suit so strafe up right and 
he's another jerky suit so line the gun up left when you can just barely see the 
top of his head and shoot a warning shot at him and he stands up right away but 
is still jerky. Aim left and keep it there and he will eventually pass by your 
crosshairs and that's when you blast him. It's finally safe to come out now so 
if you didn't get the flak jacket in the left corner earlier than nows your 
chance if you need it. Now go to the other side of the street and enter the 
small alley here. Crouch around the corner and walk keeping near the left wall. 
Around the corner is a suit so keep strafing right little by little and you just 
may get caught so get in the head shot quickly and collect ammo.

Now go through the broken gate and you'll see an old swingset to the left but no 
suits here luckily. Walk a little further and Teresa radios to you that some 
swats are trapped by some suits so another objective is added and a checkpoint. 
Walk out of the old playground and head left into the opening and a swattie 
tells you to throw your weapon down. As that occurs his vehicle is blown up and 
he gets killed. A suit comes running out from the right doorway so hurry up and 
blast him. Run out and dive and collect the suits armor if needed and then get 
inside the section with the parking lot. Use target button on the roof suit and 
kill him and then head out a small ways and get a quick headshot on the suit on 
the right. Collect his ammo and Flak Jacket now if you choose to or need to. 

Go back into the parking garage and now hug the left wall and strafe left little 
by little until you can get a headshot on the suit on the left. Enter the 
building now and go behind the counter and collect the suits ammo and flak 
jacket if needed. Turn around now and take a left to the next room and this is a 
suit free room. Go behind the desk on the left and back here is a box with G-18 
ammo inside so take that and turn around and head to the court yard. Once out 
here go around the corner and the lady officer needs help, helping her partner. 
She is okay she doesen't say throw down your weapon or nothing like that.

Watch the cut-scene and a checkpoint is not found and now you have a daunting 
task before you. Get in quick headshots on the right sniper and then use target 
to barrage the left sniper. You will see a cut-scene of the girl covering you 
while you make it in the building. A cut-scene ensues and the dumb ***** tries 
shooting at Gabe after he just saved her life. The objective is complete a 
checkpoint is met and a new objective takes it's place. Head up 2 sets of steps 
now and take out the suit on the left. Head right now and when you get to the 
end of the hall go into the doorway on the right and head to the back. This is 
where the one sniper is at so be aware.

This is what I did and wow it worked well. Since the Suit is kneeling down press 
target and hold and change to G-18 ammo and then strafe all at the same time and 
when you round the corner start shooting and the sniper won't get off 1 single 
shot. Hmm when you go to where the other sniper is right next door he's somehow 
back alive even though you get in a headshot. The funny part is he's not even 
holding his weapon. Go around the next part and on the right, just as you're 
leaving this area another suit shows up. Run outta there and do a dive to avoid 
his shots. Hug the left wall and do small strafes right until you have a perfect 
headshot on him and then fire away. This prompts a cut-scene so watch it and 
others and the level finally friggin ends. Save if you like. 
                                   [-Section 27-]
                                   [-Mission 20-]

New York, USA: Slums District
Objectives: 1. Eliminate Stevens 2. Escape In Helicopter With Teresa 3. Find 
Sewage Drain Valve.
Mission Parameters: 1.Protect Teresa

Follow Teresa to the next room with 3 suits and kill them quickly. The best 
method in this part is hold the target button down while shooting since the 
suits aren't wearing any flak jackets. When you walk up to when Teresa says " OH 
yeah agency training is really coming in handy now" Get ready with the H-11 you 
just got and just shoot like a madman on a killing spree at the suits in this 
area. When you make the left on the path turn left immediately when you round 
the corner and take out this suit. Okay I'll admit this level is beyond being a 
***** cause there is tons a suits so heres what I've found to be the best 
strategy. Hold down the target button that way you don't have to look for where 
the suits are. Once you do that each time a suit dies let go of the target 
button and press it again and it automatically zeroes in on the next suit to 

For the first part where there is around 10 suits or so use the .45 and then 
afterwards switch to the machine gun. Keep the target button method up and keep 
following Teresa. If you can't find her or think you've lost her just look on 
the radar thing, she'll be a blue flashing marker. Get to where she is in the 
back room on the left and a cut-scene ensues and an objective is 
added,Checkpoint. Turn around now and shoot suits coming at you and take your 
first right but don't worry about killing all suits since they seem to magically 
appear from all directions. I really have no clue why 989 made this damn level 
so difficult cause it's getting me very pissed off. 

When you take your first right collect ammo from the suits you killed before and 
by this time your flak jacket is probably toast. Not 1 damn suit wearing a flak 
jacket which adds to the frustration factor of this game. Also some more 
checkpoints and saves would be a nice feature. I just don't and can't see the 
fun in having to repeat myself killing the same suits and doing the same stupid 
things 10 times because of difficulty. Turn around now after reaching this dead 
and and crouch down and shoot the suit with a headshot behind you. Another damn 
suit runs in from the left so hurry and kill this a hole off. Take a left asap 
and keep running and just diving to avoid gunfire. Take another left and keep on 
running till you reach a section to the left so go that way.

Enter here and be fast and take out the suit in the control room. Hide behind 
the right wall and crouch. Aim your gun up and wait for the next suit to walk by 
and get in a quick headshot. Get his Flak Jacket FINALLY and ammo and activate 
the switch here and your objective is complete,checkpoint. Turn around now and 
there is 2 suits with flak jackets behind you. You must get in headshots on both 
and take the ammo and jackets. Leave this control room and when you get near the 
exit hug the right wall. Look around the corner and get used to the suits patrol 
pattern. Wait for him to have his back to you and then strafe out little by 
little until you have the headshot and blast him. Creep out to the main path and 
go up just a little bit until more green dots appear on the radar.

When they do run and hide behind the same wall which is the entry of the control 
room. A suit on the other path runs in and is across from you so hurry and blast 
him with a headshot. Another suit rushes in now on your side so strafe right and 
get in a quick headshot before he begins shooting. Collect ammo from this guy 
and others and then equip your HK-5 and be prepared to shoot like crazy at 
bunches of suits. Go right and keep on the path and keep diving and shooting at 
suits. Take another left and now go collect that flak jacket at the beginning of 
the level. Run back out the way you entered and shoot 4 suits in this area. 1 
across from you and 3 on the same path as you and then take a left when you get 
to the end. Right away a suit runs up to you so shoot him and collect his ammo 
and then immediately shoot another suit to your left on the other path.

Go to the other path now and shoot 2 suits up here and then turn around quickly 
and shoot another suit. Turn back around and take your first right and shoot 
like mad using the target button and diving when you must. Go to where Teresa 
was just at and now you can fall down here without being killed in the sewage 
and you'll reach another checkpoint. Climb up the concrete slab on the left and 
blast the suit here. Press target button while running up here and shoot a suit 
ahead. Let go when he's dead and press target again and shoot a suit on the left 
path and then let go again and another suit on your path and blast him. Get 
right beside the right wall now and stand there and hold target button until the 
suit on the right across from you comes in and blast him.

Step back a bit from here and blast another suit that pops around the corner. 
Make a right and crouch and walk right next to the right wall and look around 
this other mini control room. 2 suits in here so strafe right until they are in 
sight and get in 2 easy headshots. Go to the right most part of the controls now 
and aim up and right while standing and don't worry the wall provides you with 
cover for now. You just wait for the suit up there to turn his back and he'll 
stay there for around 5 seconds which leaves you plenty of time to get in a 

Get in a crouch now and head to the right side of this area where to the right 
is a flak jacket but don't get it yet,checkpoint. Hop on the pipe extending over 
and get to the middle and use your target button and shoot a suit just ahead and 
then one below you and Teresa pops in and kills one guy WOWEE and tries taking 
all the credit. Go back and get the Flak jacket now and you're full on armor 
once again. Go now back across the pipe and go into the doorway and up the 
stairs where Teresa killed 2 suits already. Keep heading up the steps till you 
see Teresa crouched down behind a SWAT van. 

Right away, like usual your being shot at so creep out and get a headshot on 
this guy. WHen you get him aim right and now there is 2 guys here so shoot them 
normally since they aren't wearing any Flak Jackets. Go to the left now after 
killing these 3 suits and go up the ramps but stop at the left wall or you're 
toast. Run out quickly and dive dive dive out of the oncoming vans way or you're 
meat. Head left right away and make your way left once again and run back and 
stay left near another black van and shoot the suit beside it quickly or Teresa 
is dead. Once he is killed a small cut-scene ensues. This part is kinda *****y 
due to the timing needed. Equip a good machine gun with lots of ammo and then 
run over to Teresa and she'll throw a smoke grenade into a doorway. Five suits 
run out and get this, They each have M-79's equipped. The smoke will make them 
incapicated for around 5 seconds so use target button and quickly with shooting 
with a good machine gun take them all out.

It can be done it's just a metter of quickness. Another cut-scene with Teresa 
ensues and you'll make another checkpoint. Enter the next room ahead and go up 
the steps. Stay close to the right wall and use the strafe button going left 
while crouched and shoot this guy any way ya like. Once up the next set of 
stairs equip the M-79 and shoot up at the wall whe facing right and these suits 
won't give you any problems. Crouch/walk up the steps now and aim right and 
shoot the suit up here before he gives you trouble. Go up the next set of stairs 
and equip a normal gun now and a suit stands at the bottom of the stairs. Shoot 
him and then equip the M-79 again and aim at the left part of the wall and take 
out 2 more suits just ahead.

Go up the stairs now and just use the M-79 on the next 2 sets of suits going up 
the stairs. On the second set of Suits run back cause a suit with machine gun 
runs after you and if you tried shooting him with the M-79 you'd take yourself 
out too. Change to a machine gun now and strafe right when you get to him and 
stay to the right wall. Strafe out till you get in a headshot and then go up the 
stairs and another M-79 in in the box near the door marked roof. Head back down 
the steps to where the doorway was and when you get out the doorway a little bit 
shoot the van to the left with the M-79. A suit is hiding to the left of the van 
so hug the left wall and get to where you can strafe right.

Shoot him with the headshot and collect his ammo. Now get out the M-79 and when 
you turn right shoot the van ahead which make a sprinkler turn on above it. Go 
to the center of the garage and hide behind the center slab and look up and 
shoot the van on the right with the M-79. Change to machine gun ammo and strafe 
right while staying crouched behind the slab and shoot the suit up here. Move 
out a little more and shoot another suit that runs in from the right. Go up 
towards the right ramp where the van is and turn around right away and kill the 
suit behind you. Than a cut-scene with Teresa chasing Stevens ensues. This cut-
scene is hilarious especially when Gabe runs in.

As soon as you get the chance SHOOT STEVENS. Don't listen to his crapola speech 
cause he's full of BS. Equip a weapon and shoot him. If you listen to what he 
says he'll shoot you in the head and then you must restart from last checkpoint. 
Watch the cut-scenes and now you learn that Chance is a bonified Traitor. Watch 
cut-scenes and save since this ends the mission.
                                      [-Section 28-]
                                      [-Mission 21-]

New York: Sykes Garage
Objectives: 1. Eliminate Chance
Mission Parameters: 1. Don't damage the Helicopter

Start this extremely hard misson by running out the doorway and dive dive dive 
keep diving till you get to the front of the copter. Take a right and run over 
towards the box on the right, just inside the helicopter and take a fresh flak 
jacket if you need it. Now go to the middle part of the copter and dive 
underneath it and on this other side is some UAS shotgun ammo. This handy little 
weapon is all you'll need to take Chance to the cleaners. Dive back under the 
copter where you got the Flak Jacket and once on the left side run down the ramp 
to the left. Run all the way to the bottom and switch guns to the new UAS you 
got. You have only 12 rounds so wait for Chance to stop his Grenade Cherade or 
when he slows dwon from chucking them. When he seems like he's slowing down run 
up the ramp and he should now be near the rear of the chopper near the rear 

Get on his right side and start blasting him with this gun. This weapon doesen't 
kill him but the recoil kicks him back so keep shooting him and eventually he 
will end up getting chopped up by the copter blades. GAME OVER. Watch the cut-
scenes and save? Oh well,anyways you've completed the game so congratulate 
yourself. The ending was pretty good and left room for a sequel. Too bad Teresa 
had to die, she was so young. 

Many thanks to Revolution reader X-Dragon!