Thrasher: Skate and Destroy PS Cheats

More points:

Pause the game. Now hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and repeatedly press Circle. This

will raise your score by 5,000 ponts each time.

Level Select:

At the main menu press Square, Triangle, L1, R2, Circle, Triangle, Right, Right,


Two Player Sick Fix:

Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press and hold Circle just as you hit the ramp, If

done correctly, the game will freeze, and should look like your back wheels

are holding you up.

Bumblebee Suit:

Select Roach without a hat as a character and enter BEESUITGUY as a name to get

a skater with super stats that can execute huge Ollies and 540s.

Snowman Board:

Select any character and enter ZAXIS as a name.

Copenhagen Board:

Select Cyrus as a character and enter MARDUK as a name.

Rockstar Board:

Select any character and enter ROCKSTAR as a name.

Bonus Moves:

The following moves are awarded after the game is completed with the indicated


Axl: Darkslide

Kalhi: Kickflip Casper

Cyrus: Impossible

Roach: Double Kickflip

Scab: DDP

Jasmine: Airwalk

Choose any character and enter one of the folowing names.

Name       Character  
Somber     Axl        
Marduk     Cyrus      
Toddland   Jasmine    
Zontar     Kahli      
Bytor      Roach      
Venge      Scab       
Rockstar   Any        
Zaxis      Any  


Court House level- Swimming Pool Fun:

There is a fence in the Court House level. You can Ollie over the fence by using

the little ramp that is nearby. If you make it, you will see an empty swimming

pool that can be used for tricks. To leave, go to the other side and Ollie off

the ramp.

Court House Level: Roof:

When starting, go down the ramp, then go straight until you get to the one sided

ramp. Make sure you are going fast or this trick will not work. Hit the ramp and

you should be flying up onto the outside walls. There will be blocks along the

way, but you can jump them

Court House level: Wire Grind:

When you see a ramp between two buildings in the Courthouse level, go up and try

to make it on the left building. If you do, go straight until you see a wire and

grind it. It will lead you back to the bottom.

Subway Level: Extra Points in High Sick Fix:

Select the subway level, and go to the train. Jump straight up immediately before

it hits you.

Venice Level: Bowl on Red Building:

You can Ollie onto one of the ledges. Then Ollie, onto the small building. Get

some speed and jump diagonally onto the large red building and ride up into the

bowl on top.

Jump Off Your Board:

This trick is best used in “Sick Fix” two player mode. In order to do this correctly,

you must be riding very fast. When you reach a ramp or a place where a jump is

needed, hold L1 + L2 + R1 +R2 and press Circle. This should cause your character

to jump off their board. This is not very helpful for a regular game but if used

in “Sick Fix”, it can raise your points.

Ice Cream Truck Music:

When you first get to the LA River level, there is an ice cream truck to the left.

If you hit it hard enough it will make music for a short time.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Time       800c3ea22400 

Max Score           800b2434ffff 

Infinite Energy     800dd6c22400 

0 Points Inflicted  8008c94e0000
to Overall Status  

Unlock All Levels   800b248c0b03 

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