Box art - Tomb Raider 2

Tomb Raider 2 PS Cheats

All codes have been verified. If they don’t work, try again – you’ll eventually get it.

Blow up the Doll:

To make Lara explode, use the old PC level skip routine:

One walk forward, One walk backward, spin right three times, jump


Level Skip:

Sidestep left, sidestep right, sidestep left, step backward, step forward, spin

two times, forwards jump turn.

Weapons Code:

Sidestep left, sidestep right, sidestep left, step backward, step forward, spin

two times, backwards jump turn.


  • To execute the ‘spin two times’ portion of the code, just stand still and

    press and hold left or right on the D-pad. Lara will turn around in place.

    Do this at least two full times, then finish the code.
  • To jump turn, simply press the roll button (Circle) right after jumping. Lara will twist around and land safely – try it!
  • Another way to jump turn is to simply press the D-pad in the opposite direction of the jump. (ie. for a jump back turn, jump backwards and press up in midair).

Stupid Butler:

Here is a pretty useless trick to get rid of the butler in Lara’s home if

his close-up face gives you the creeps. You can lock him up in the freezer

room but I prefer secluding him in the basement. After activating the

door switch located somewhere in the left area of the bushy maze outside,

run back quickly into the basement before the door closes on you. Then from

the inside activate the switch to reopen the door and lure the handsome

butler downstairs. Once he’s down there, go back up, activate the switch

and immediately side flip your way out as the door is closing.

Blow up the Statues:

In the levels with the Xian statues you can defeat them while they are

stone. Do this by simply detonating grenades on target or damn near

close to them. When the damage is done the statues will vanish into thin

air never to bother you again. I believe it’s between 7 and 10 grenades.

Just make sure you don’t get too close and wake one of those hot

tempered bad guys up! As you know this can save you from more than a

couple of vicious battles. You lose some ammo, but there’s always more

ammo just not enough life….

Game Shark Codes

Infinite air8008c4fe 0708
Infinite flares80088aae 000a
Infinite pistol ammo 8008c5ac 00ff  
Infinite grenades 8008c5bc 00ff  
Infinite harpoons8008c5b8 00ff  
Infinite M16 ammo8008c5c0 00ff   
Infinite shotgun shells 8008c5b4 00ff 
Infinite uzi8008c5b0 00ff 
All Items80088aa0 000b  
80088adc 80c8
80088ae0 8020
80088ae4 8218
80088ae8 850c
80088aec 8560
80088af0 811c
80088af4 8074
80088af8 8170
80088afc 826c
80088b00 81c4

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