Tomorrow Never Dies PS Cheats

Pause the game and enter Select, Select, Circle, Circle. This will enable cheat

mode. Now stay paused and enter the following codes:

Invincibility           Triangle, Select

All weapons/            L1, L1, R1, R1
50 medkits
Win mission             Select, Circle

Run faster              Square, Square, Circle, Circle

Max health              Up, Up, Select

Minimum health          Down, Down, Select

Ethereal Mode           Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

View boundaries         Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square

Flight mode             Select, Select, Circle, Circle

Freeze all objects      Select, Select, Triangle, Triangle

Remove Fire             Select, Select, R1, R1

See all FMV             L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1 (go to options screen for movies)

No onscreen displays Select, Circle, Left, Right, Select (Correct entry resumes game) Exit Door Any Time Select, Select, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Square Control Camera R2, R2 Controls R1: Move forwards L1: Move backwards R2: Move horizontally right L2: Move horizontally left Triangle: Pan up X: Pan down

Mission Select:

At the Main Menu, press Select, Select, Circle, Circle, L1, L1, Circle, L1,


Walk on Air:

To walk in the air you have to go to ski ridge, Hokkaido. After doing that you

go to the steel tower after your done sking. If you have invincibility on turn

it off and go up the tower and when you get to the top turn it on and walk off

the edge and you can walk in the air. To get back on the ground just go over

to the tower once you’re on it turn invincibility off. You can do this by pausing

the game and entering Select, Select, O, O, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

the pause screen will go away by itself to indicate that you entered the code


GameShark Codes

Access All Levels         8001e2400101

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