Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 Gap List

                 TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 2:  GAP LIST!



Rollin Gap:
Transfer over the starting rollin ramp to score the bonus. You'll need lots 
of speed, which can be gained by zipping back and forth across the room. Air 
up and over the gap or grind one edge, leap the gap and land in a grind on 
the opposite side.

Chopper Hop:
Transfer from one room to the other (through the glass) off of the quarter 
wall on either side.

Halfpipe Hangtime:
Sail over the HP to gain the bonus.

Flyin High:
Transfer across the door mouth in the wind tunnel to get the Flyin High 

Its Cold Up Here:
Open the secret room by grinding the chopper blades. Then cruise inside and 
jump high off of the ramp at the end of the landing pad where the secret 
tape was.

Wingtip Hangtime:
Hop from one wing of the airoplane to the other to grab the bonus.

Skycrane Hangtime:
Leap over the helicopter from one ramp to the other.

Air Over the Door:
You'll need massive speed to pull this off. Gain it on the quarter walls of 
the chopper room, then cruise to the back of the area and leap over the door 
to the secret outdoor area (drifting from one segment of the steel quarter, 
across the wood quarter to the other steel bank).


Rail-guided Missile:
Ride the ridge behind the airoplane, then ollie up to the low wall with the 
glass and grind to score this bonus.

Grind along the high rails in the hangar above the roll in ramp then leap 
down and grind the quarter lip.

Lil Light Hopper/Big Light Hopper:
Make the chopper take off, then cruise to the wooden quarter, gaining speed. 
  Cruise back toward the airplane room. Push forward and leap to the lights, 
landing in a grind. This will score the Big Light Hopper gap. Hold the grind 
to get the Lil' Light Hopper. Or, instead of approaching from this way, gain 
speed and air in the HP in the airplane room. Then launch up to either of 
the light banks hanging above and just outside the HP. Land in a grind to 
score the Lil Light Hopper and hold the grind to score the biggie.

Light Corner:
>From your leap out of the HP, grind the light until you reach another
light running off to the right. Leap to it and grind for a Light Corner.

MANUAL GAPS:Instrument Landing:

Ollie over the airplane and land in a manual to score this gap. (To do a 
manual just press up, down while holding X)


High Steppin':
Lip trick on a wall railing in the airplane room for the High Steppin' gap.

One Half Pipe Lip:
Lip trick on one side of the airplane room HP.

The Other Half Pipe Lip:
The other side of the HP will get you this gap.

Wind Tunnel Back Wall:
Lip trick the back wall of the wind tunnel.

Downwind Lip:
Head left inside the wind tunnel. Lip trick here to score the bonus.

Upwind Lip:
Cruise across the door and lip trick on the opposite side to score the gap.


                              SCHOOL 2


TC's Roof Gap:
Jump from one temporary building to the other to get the TC gap.

Table Transfer:
Leap from one of the dumpster-propped tables to the other to get the bonus.

Over the Wall...:
In the Carlsbad area (Secret area behind the secret tape), launch from the 
ramp near the wall to score the gap.

Leap of Faith!!!:
Leap over the fence next to the Nightmare Rail and land (you may have to tap 
X for a Big Drop) to get the Leap of Faith!!!

Drop Out Roof Gap!:
Use the first bell kicker to get up to the awning where th first lot of 
money was, then head forward and ollie through the glass to get the gap.

Awning Hop:
In the Rancho area (the place with the ramp to get the secret tape), use the 
angled planters to Boneless on to the low-hanging awnings.

Overhang Air:
Using the angled ramps leading up to the gym, Boneless and air over the gym 
doors to get the bonus.

And Down the Bank!:
Clear the bank after the Over the Wall gap from the Carlsbad area.

Carlsbad 11 Set:
Ollie down the steps in the Carlsbad area.

3 Points!!!:
Get inside the gym, then transfer between the two quarter pipes here.

Carlsbad Gap:
Leap over the grass to the left of the stairs in the Carlsbad area.

Crazy Roof Gap!!:
When you get to the rooftops near the start, hop through the glass, grind 
across the next gap, then leap across to the final building to grab the gap.

2 Da Roof!!!:
Get up to the rooftop from the Big Rancho stage area by using the boards
leaning on the planter. Boneless at the top of the up-angled planter to 
launch to the roof were the secret tape was.

Huge Transfer!!!:
Head to the Gonz Rail area. Here you'll see a pair of ramps. Crank up the 
speed, then hit the ramp at a shallow angle, drifting over and landing on 
the distant quarter.

Suicidal Roof Gap!!!:
After you collect the Crazy Roof Gap, head to the left corner of the last 
building and jump down to it (Boneless for a little extra push) to get the 

Mad Skeelz Roof Gap!!!:
Once you get 2 Da Roof, leap to the next rooftop to get the gap.

Balcony to Awning!!!:
Next to the Nightmare Rail (First rail down the stairs at the start) is a 
fence. Boneless over it and head forward, leaping to the awning.

Are You Serious?!!:
You'll need massive air to get this gap. Use the right quarter in the 
Carlsbad area to gain some pace, then head toward the kicker that ramps 
toward the wall. Boneless off of it to get up to the rooftop far ahead.


Roll Call! Gonz Rail!:
In the Bendy's flat area (by the dumpster), use the small kicker to launch 
up to the railing, then grind it down to score the gap.

Gym Rail 2 Rail:
On the slope leading to the gym doors are a pair of railings. Slide up one, 
Boneless and land in a grind on the other side.

Overhang Stomp!:
Use the slope near the gym door to pop up to the awning. Grind it to get the 
Overhang Stomp.

Rack 'Em Up:
Head to the banks. Grind the long bike racks here, ollying between the gap 
and landing in a grind again.

Pole Stomp!:
Near the dumpster, knock into the pole to make it fall down. Then, from 
Bendy's curb leap and grind the fallen pole to get the bonus.

Roll Call! Opensezmee Rail!:
Near the banks is a set of stairs. Grind down the railing there to 

Big Rancho Bench Gap:
Ride the brick bench in the Rancho stage area, then leap to the next and 
land in a grind.

Pole 2 Brix:
When grinding the fallen lamppost near Bendy's Flat, jump and land in a 
grind on the planter.

Bank 2 Ledge:
In the banks area, leap from the angled concrete up to the small ledge that 
skirts the wall, landing in a grind.

Roll Call! Nightmare Rail!:
Straight ahead from the starting point is a long, kinked rail. Grind it most 
of the way down to earn the bonus.

Bendy's Curb:
Grind the concret apron below the dumpster to grab the gap.

Flyin' the Flag:
>From the Rancho rooftops, leap across the building gap and land in a grind 
on the flagpole on your way to the Carlsbad secret area.

Stage Rail 2 Rail:
On the Rancho stage, grind a rail, leap across the gap and land on an 
opposite rail.

Kicker 2 Hook:
Boost up your speed on the Carlsbad quarter, then head to the small kicker 
further from the wall. Use it to pop over to the curved rail. Land in a 

Backboard Dance:
Leap from the kicker in the gym and land in a grind on the b-ball backboard.


Planter on Edge:
At the starting point, leap up to the planter and manual the length of its 
concrete base.

2 Wheelin' TC's Roof:
Leap up to TC's Roof, landing in a manual, then ollie over TC's Roof Gap and 

land in another manual.

Ledge on Edge:
In the banks area, manual the ledge along the wall that runs parallel to the 
bike racks.

Bendy's Flat:
Manual the concrete apron in front of the dumpster.


Arch Extension:
In the mini-HP to the left of the starting point is a doorway. Perform a lip 
trick on the concrete structure to score the gap.

Starting Blocks Extension!!!:
Near the pool, do a lip trick on the starting blocks.

Lil' Guppy Extension!:
Lip trick the low diving platform near the pool.

Mid Squid Extension!!:
Bust a lip on the middle diving board.

High Dive Extension!!!:
You know what to do, dog. Lip the top platform.


Rock the Bells!:
Wallride across any of the bells on the level will give you Rock the Bells!




Over the Lil' 4:
Leap down the stairs to the right (and slightly behind) the starting point.

Shorty Dumpster Pop:
Ollie over the short side of a dumpster.

Shorty Table Pop:
Ollie over the short side of a table.

Dumpster Pop:
Ollie over the length of a dumpster.

Over the Gate:
Gain some speed behind the starting point, then use the quarter kicker edge 
to launch over the bar bearing a line of flags.

Table Pop:
Ollie over the length of a table.

2 the Box:
Grind the curved rail near the starting point toward the funbox, then leap 
and grind it to get the gap.

Over the Table:
The angled table to the right of the crossbar can be attacked in two ways. 
First, grind toward it, leap over and land in a grind on the other side. Or, 
use the quarter bank to angle over the sucka and land on the other side.

Box 2 Box Action:
Ollie from one on the funboxes beneath the French flags to the other to 
score the gap. Wall rides count for this gap, too.

Up the Lil' 4:
Pop up the little staircase near the starting point to grab the gap.

Water Up Le Backside:
Get on over the fountain in the Secret area to nail this bonus.

The squared end of the high wall at the end of the quarter channel has a 
small, blue Up arrow on it. Air up it to grab the gap, but be careful
coming down. This is a narrow landing, fer sher.

Over the Crossbar:
Clear the bar holding the welcome banner by airing off of the quarter bank 
beneath it.

Freakin' Huge Hip:
Get up a good deal of speed, then pop from the circle bowl toward the angled 
picnic table. Land in the bowl there to nail the gap.

Big Ol' Stanky Gap:
Pop over the double dumpsters  using the quarter bank beneath to score the 

Go higher than the Up! gap to snag a bonus.

Humptey Humps!!!:
Get some air and some speed in one of the two far bowls, then head back 
toward the starting point and use the bowl lip to launch from the hump 
beneath the crossbar over to the humps int he clover shaped bowl.
This  can also be done backwards.

Big Mouth Gap:
Grab some serious speed, then hit the quarter bank below the main crossbar 
and land on the far bank to land the Big Mouth Gap.

And Away!!!:
Go higher than the Up!! gap to land And Away!!!


Rail 2 Rail:
Grind the rail atop the funbox in front of the Spider-Man sign, jump, then 
land in a grind on the opposite rail.

Rail 2 Ledge:
Ride the curved rail behind you to the right, then leap off and grind the 
ledge straight ahead.

Ledge 2 Rail:
Opposite of the above gap.

The Hidden 4 Kink:
Grind the kinked rail in the secret crypt.

Dumpster Stomp:
Land in a grind on the line of dumpsters from a grind atop the judges booth 
(where you got the first $50).

Kink Clank:
Gain some serious speed, then head down the quarter channel
(the same side as the angled table) toward the street scourse. Land in a 
grind on the kink rail on the Lil' 4.

Kink Stomp:
Head back toward the starting point, keeping the judges booth to your right. 
  Use the funbox to pop to a wallride up to a grind atop the box, then oliie 
down to the kink rail below. Land in a grind below to complete the gap.

Crossbar Stomp:
Pop up to the Welcome banner and land in a grind to secure the gappage.

Lamp Stomp:
Launch up to the lamps using any of the quarter banks around the level and 
land in a grind.

Knucklin' Futs!!!:
Use the quarter bank that runs along the long tree planter to pop up into 
the falling lamppost (obviously before you knock it down).


Boomin' Extension:
Whip a lip trick on the speakers to the left of the Crossbar.

Stanky Extension:
Extend a lip trick invite to the dumpster in the side bowl.

U.U.A. Extension:
Lip trick the edge above the blue Up, Up and Away arrow.


Wall Crawler:
Wallride the space between the quarter pipes in the crypt area.


                              NEW YORK CITY


Kick It:
Right ahead from the starting point is an open manhole. Ollie from one ramp 

over it and land on the opposite ramp to grab the gap.

Rock It Air:
Catch air off of the boulder (near the E) to get the gap.

Pigeon Pudding Gap:
Launch to the statue in the park to nail the Pigeon Pudding.

Ramp to Park Gap:
Launch from the ramp along the park's high street wall onto the concrete 
below to rack this gap.

Awning Air:
In Joey's pit, use the considerable vert to air across one of the awnings 
(right or left) and land on the next ramp over.

Over the Banks Barrier:
Head to the Banks. Make like you're going to grab the Secret Tape,
but drop off of the edge instead. Ollie over the barrier in front of you to 
grab the gap.

Take it to the Bridge:
To the right of the Secret Tape bridge is a low wooden quarter.
Gain speed from it, then head toward the bridge. Move your board
so it's almost parallel with the bridge, then Boneless up to it to get the 

Ramp to Statue Shorty Gap:
Leap from the above street ramp, cruising fast enough to clear the
whole distance to the statute base.

Pouncer Was Here:
Bust big air out of the massive brick quarter in the park.

Over the Road:
Same as Take it to the Bridge, but land on the opposite side of the bridge.

Big Air Out of the Banks:
Once in the Banks, gain some speed heading back toward the main level.
Launch over the kicker and clear the wall to get the gap.

Pillar Air:
In the Banks area, head to the three pillars near the water.
Use the quarter pipe opposite them to build up speed. Hug the fence
next to the water, then as you approach the pillar, air off of it
diagonally toward the middle pillar. If you can transfer the entire distance 
between the two pillars in the air and land on the bank, you'll score the 


You'll get this gap when you jump/grind off of the bridge to get the Secret 

Near the snack bar, grind down the length of the left bench (going 
downhill), then hop across the cross path and land in a grind on the 
diagonal bench ahead. You'll have to watch out for the light here. It tends 
to get in the way

Left Side Pit Rail Stomp:
Take a right from the starting point and head to the bench area above.
Leap over the railing here and land in a grind on the long rail that leads 
down to Joey's pit

Banks Spank:
Grind the rail that runs down the length of the court, then leap over the 
gap and land in a grind for the Banks Spank.

Parking Meter Gap:
Go past the subway entrance and up to the platform here.
Follow it ahead to the quarter pipe, then turn around and grind back toward 
the street on the left rail. At the end, ollie and land in a
grind on the angled parking meter.

You're Next in Line:
>From the area between the large boulder and quarter wall, grind the left 
fence toward the snack stand. Leap to a grind on the counter of the said 
stand to get this gap.

The Easy Way:
Make a 180 from the starting point and head down the police-taped street.
Go to the end of the street, turning around before the dead end 
construction. Grind away from this, holding it the length of the rail to 
gain the gap.

Joey's Sculpture:
Head righht from the starting point, hopping the railing above Joey's Pit, 
landing in a grind on the angled rail sculpture.

Right Side Pit Rail Stomp:
The same as the Left Side Stomp, except on the other side.

Jamie's Steps:
In the Banks area, find the rail poking out of the wall near the bball hoop. 
  Grind it toward the stairs, leaping and landing in a grind on the angled 
rail leading down the stairs.

Banks Fence Gap:
Find the quarter pipe against the wall near the water in the Banks.
Use the QP to gain speed, then head to the fence. Pop up top and grind the 
fence to get the B Fence Gizzy.

Banks Road Gap:
In the Banks, head toward the basketball court. Grind the first railing to 
your left, then leap over the gap and land in a grind on the opposite side.

Rebar to Rail Gap:
Approach like you're trying to get the Secret Tape. At the end of
the rebar, hop down to the bench or rail below and grind it silly.

Ride the Rails:
Grind a good portion of subway rail to get the Ride the Rails bonus.

Across the Pit:
Once again, head to the bench platform and skate to the back. As the rail
ends, jump over it, wallride the marble slab up to a grind and
hold the grind across Joey's Pit to score the gap.

Corner Cut:
>From the beginning, dart into the park opening. Grind the left side
of the wall here until you get close to the corner. When you do, leap to the 
wall heading left and grind it for the bonus.

Park Entrance Gap:
Get on the wall directly to your left from the start, then leap across it 
and land in a grind to score the gap.

Grab a Snack and Sit Down:
Grind the snack counter (the water is now behind you) to the blue uphill 

Buurp! Now Go Skate:
Keep going with the "Grab a Snack..." leaping into a grind from the benches 
to the fence.

The Hard Way:
Opposite of the easy way: grind toward the construction until you see the 
gap bonus, then quickly ollie left to collect the gap.

Path Less Traveled:
Head up top facing down the park road with the kicker ramp
(the one that airs into the park) to your left. Grind the left rail.
When it runs out, leap across the path to the blue bench on the right.

Slam Dunk:
Boneless up to a wallride on the backboards, ending on a grind.

Sidewalk Bomb:
Follow the subway escalator up and straight forward until you reach the 
carridge opening. Leap to the left and grind the awning there to earn the 

Changin Trains:
Jump from one subway track to the other, landing in a grind.


The Bridge:
Manual over the bridge to earn this gap. You'll need plenty of speed to do 
so do not catch any grass on your way. To get the gap, you'll have to
manual before the stone wall to the left and hold it until the stone wall 
runs out on the right.

Going Down?:
Manual down the subway escalator.


Phat Lip:
Lip trick the large brick quarter in the park.

Waaay Up There:
Lip trick the marble wall high above Joey's pit vert.


Banks Barrier Wallride:
Wallride the banks barrier (off the end of the Secret Tape bridge) to get 
the gap.


                              VENICE BEACH


VB Skinny Transfer:
To get this one you have to go to the half pipe where the magic bum is the 
first time and jump from the skinny end of the half pipe in to the other 

Near the clown graffiti is a QP inset in the wall. Launch up it to grab the 

Table Pop:
Pop over one of the tables in the pit to grab the bonus.

Shorty Planter Hop:
Ollie over the breadth of any of the planters near the starting point.

Cake Transfer:
>From the very start turn right and start building up speed when you get to 
the three QP at the end wall go to the small one in the middle and jump into 
one of the others.

West Side Transfer:
Leap between the free standing ramps near the Pit transfer to get this gap.

Wee Lil' Roof Gap:
Atop the rooftop with the wires on it, hop across the gap to the rooftop 
above quarter pipe horseshoe.

Go higher than the Up! gap on the Clown wall quarter.

Canyon Jump:
Jump over the Seaside Handrail from the top roof to the lower one to get the 

Ledge 9 Set:
Ollie down the stairs next to the Venice Ledge to grab this gap.

Muska's Gap:
You'll score this gap as you grab the K.

Tight Landing Transfer:
Near the Huge Transfer. Transfer from the right or left ramps to the middle 
one to score the gap.

Big Double 5 Set:
Leap down the double set of stairs left of the start. You can use a wallride 
to get this gap as well.

VB Pit Transfer:
Go to the west side transfer and jump off the HP into the skinny one on the 
other side

Nice Mid Size Roof Gap:
>From the roof with the wires on it, leap over the corner of the building and 
land on the roof above the wooden quarter area.

Planter Pop:
Leap the length of any of the planters near the starting point.

Roof 2 Ramp:
Go up the ramp on top of the roof with the T go up the QP there on an angle 
and leap over to the QP on the ground

And Away!!!:
Keep going higher after scoring Up! and Up!! gaps.

VB Ledge Transfer:
>From the bottem of venice ledge go up the QP here and land on the one above 
(this can be done backwards).

Lil' Vent Gap:
Using the air conditioner, pop a transfer over the gap made by the small 
ramp inset in the wall.

Ramp 2 Roof:
Same as Roof To Ramp only backwards from the big QP up

Uphill Canyon Jump:
Transfer over the Seaside rail from the low roof to the higher one.

Vent to Roof Gap:
Air off of the air conditioner as the roof tapers off to get to the next 
roof ahead.

VB Huge Transfer:
>From the set of three QP jump from the one on the end to the other end.

Massive 20 Set!:
Jump and clear the long stair set the leads down in the quarter pipe dead 

Siiiiiick Roof Gap:
Same as the nice midsized roof gap only further out to the side.

Huge Roof 2 Ramp:
Transfer from the air conditioner fin down to the inside halfpipe next to 
the Skinny Gap. You'll need a lot of speed to do this, and just the right 

Fatty Transfer:
Transfer over the large, triangular side of the roof opposite of the VB
Skinny Gap near the beach.

Big Vent Gap:
Use the AC fan to jump across the roof gap above the completely enclosed, 
pseudo hidden half pipe.

Huge Ramp 2 Roof:
Opposite of the Huge Roof 2 Ramp gap. Gain tons of speed in
the inner HP near the beach and transfer over the Skinny Gap up to the AC 
fin on the roof.


Seaside Handrail
Slide down the rail leading down the ramp to were the magic bum is the 
second time.

The Venice Ledge:
Head over the wall in the Seaside Handrail area, then go left. Grind the 
ledge near the upper wooden quarter to get the gap.

Bench Trippin':
In the pit, grind a bench, then leap to the next and land in a grind to snag 
the bonus.

Ledge 2 Ledge:
Also in the pit, grind the ledge near the clown grafitti, leap the gap and 
land in a gap on the opposite side to get the gap.

10 Point Landing!:
Grind the edge of the roof above were the roof with the wires are keep 
grinding untill you fall onto the seaside hand rail and grind it to the 

The High Wire:
Air into a grind on the high wire. Use the quarter pipes on the roof above 
or pop up using the kicker window below. (The highwire is the one with the 
secret tape on it)

Round the Horn!!!:
>From the starting point, head down to the quarter bowl to the left. Grind 
from one end of the horseshoe to the other to get the bonus.


He Could Go...:
Manual along the boards bridging several tables in the pit area.

All the Way...:
Keep going past the He Could Go... gap.

Candy Cane Manual:
Manual the length of the bending air conditioner on the roof.

Keep going past the All the Way... gap.


                              SKATE STREET


Over the Wall:
Use the outside of the shallow channel to vault into the air, then drift 
over the brick wall and land on the other side.

Railing Hop:
Grind the wave wall left. At the end of the wall, pop over the railing to 
score the bonus. Or, Boneless over the other railing (near the tree) below.

Over the Bridge:
Find the quarter pipe under the spectator area and use it to gain speed.
Then head back out and hit the kicker, Bonelessing at the top to kick over 
the bridge that joins the HP to the spectator area.

HP to Bowl:
Get some speed built up in the halfpipe, then air to the left (facing into 
the HP) to the bowl to grab the bonus.

Bowl to HP:
Pump up your speed, then leap out of the bowl extension-side and land in the 

Bullet Bowl Hop:
Launch into the bowl using the small quarter at its short end.

Over the Deck:
Use the outside vert of the shallow channel to build up momentum, then 
cruise at the deck. At the top of the slope, Boneless to clear the top deck.

Daaaay Tripper:
Head into the Van Secret Area and ramp over the van, landing on the opposite 
slope to get the bonus.

Gimme Gap Redux:
Transfer into the shallow channel halfpipe.

Sodee Pop Gap:
Go to the spectator area and into the corner near the tables. Head toward 
the halfpipe, using the ramp to ollie at a slight angle into the wall to the 
right. Wallride over the rail near the halfpipe to score the gap.

Cut the Corner:
To get this, you'll have to clear a significant portion of the corner
of the large platform near the wave wall. Head into the Van Secret area.
Gain speed and point your board out the door, then hit the ramp to the
right and ollie over the corner and land on the ramp down. You'll get it 
after a few tries.

High Sticker:
Grab major air on the tall wall of the vert gully to hit the High Sticker.

Shoot the Gap:
In the Rail Secret Area. Transfer from one free standing quarter to the 
other to Shoot the Gap.

No Kidding Around:
>From the halfpipe, sky toward the spectator area. If you leap over the 
bridge, you'll earn the bonus.

>From the spectator area, leap down the steep set of stairs on the shallow 
channel side.

Hexbox Gap:
Boneless over the hex funbox to earn the gap bonus.

High Jumper:
Kick over the small quarter at the open end of the halfpipe to clear the 
bar, scoring the bonus.


Rail Secret Area Key:
Grind the wave wall left, jumping at the edge and landing in a grind on the 
hanging rail.

Rail to Rail:
Next to the masonite pool is an alley with a rail in its center. Grind the 
rail, then leap and grind either side of this alley to get the gap.

Van Secret Area Key:
Grind around the curved bar at the open end of the halfpipe to earn the 

Nail the Rail:
Transfer out of the bowl on the extension side. Instead of drifting all
the way over to the HP, land in a grind on the rail in between the two.

HP to Railbox:
Go inside the halfpipe and face out the open end. Build up some speed, then 
hit the small kicker, Bonelessing up to the railbox. Land in a grind to 
complete the bonus.

Wave Wall Minigap:
Grind the wave wall left, hopping at the end to the suspended rail.
Land in a grind here to gain the gap.

Surfin U.S.A:
Grind over the hump on the wave wall.

Skatin on the dock of the Bay:
Go into the Van Secret area along the back wall with the two rolling doors 
grind along the edge in front.

Havin a Picnic:
In the Van Secret Area, grind/jump/grind the picnic tables here.

Extension Transfer:
Get on top of the extension atop the Bullet Bowl and grind. Land in a
grind on the pool lip below (without tricking) to score the gap.

Big Air Railing Grind:
In the alcove near the soda machine, use the kicker to transfer up to the 
railing above. Land in a grind to score this gap.

Circle the Pool:
Grind all the way around the pool (from one side of the extension to the 
other) to get this gap.


Funbox Wheelie:
Carry a manual over the hexbox.


Bowl Lip:
Lip trick the bullet bowl edge to get the gap.

HP Lip:
Lip trick the edge of the halfpipe to earn the bonus.

Ride the Wave:
Lip trick the wave wall to get the gap.

Gully Lip:
Lip trick on the edge opposite the vert wall to get the Gully Lip gap.

Bowl Envy:
Whip a lip atop the extension to tally this sucka.

Mr. Small Lips:
Bust a lip move on the shallow channel coping to score the bonus.




Easy Post Ollie:
Pop over a post near the fountain after grinding a planter to get this 
simple gap.

Post Ollie:
Pop over one of the fountain posts without the benefit of a grind.

Statue Hop:
Boneless from one of the semi-circular statues near the awning to the other 
to score this gap.

Stair Set:
Ollie down the stair set in front of the balcony.

Up the Small Step Set:
Hop up either of the two small stair sets leading up from the fountain.

Bench Gap:
The long sidewalk near the starting point is host to many-a-bench 
grind/ollie/grind them to score this bonus.

Worlds Most Obvious Gap:
Hop from one ramp to the other, leading down to the balcony stair set.

Phillyside Hop:
Use the small kicker ramp in the second gap from the right to transfer over 
the Mid Bowl into Phillyside.

Phillyside HP Transfer:
Rock out of the halfpipe and land solidly on the other side of Phillyside.

Pillar Fight:
Grab some air from the quarter at the base of any of the pillars in 

THPS Fountain Gap:
Once the fountain is emptied, head back to the starting point. Grab some 
serious speed, then head toward the fountain. Boneless from the top step and 
land in the drained drink to grab the gap.

Chillin' on the Balcony:
Build up some speed by going over the worlds most obvious gap down the 
worlds second most obvious gap the jump the the roof of the building with 
the fountain switches on it.


Track Smack:
Grind/jump/grind from one of the long, curved rails to the other in 

Hobo Grind:
Grind the majority of the long rail leading to the Phillyside HP.

Planter Transfer:
Head right from the starting point. Ollie and grind on the planter ahead, 
aiming for the planter below the balcony. Ollie off the edge of the high 
planter and land in a grind on the one below.

Railing to Planter:
>From the balcony, jump to a grind on the railing heading right. As the ledge 
runs out, ollie down to a grind on the planter to score the bonus.

Pillar Hop:Go into the secret area grind the lip above the humps till you 
get to the pillar then jump the small gap the land on the otherside of the 
pillar going around the big horse shoe.

Planter Double Pillar Gap:
Near the bus depot are a pair of planters lining the street. Grind the one 
closest to the balcony building toward the other. Hop over the double 
pillars and land in a grind on the opposite side to get the gap.

Just Visiting:
Head down the left path from the starting point, grinding the planter that 
skirts the fountain. As the ledge ends, jump and grind on the planter ahead 
and below.

Short Stair:
Grind the whole edge of the topmost step leading down to the fountain.

Telephone Co. Gap:
Once on the balcony, grind the railing to the left. Angle a jump and land in 
a grind on the telephone line here. Hold the grind until you score the 
Telephone Co. Gap.

Funbox Transfer:
Head through the leftmost entrance to Phillyside, grinding the curving rail 
here into the park. Before you jump off of the rail, ollie to the left and 
land in a planter grind.

Medium Stair:
Grind all of the wide second stair down (leading to the fountain) to get 
this bonus.

Grind Up Dem Stairs:
Leading up from the balcony, grind up the stair set using the railing to 
score the bonus.

Awning Grind:
Pop up to the blue awning from one of the statues and land in a grind.

Little Corner Grind:
Grind all of the way around the high rail on the back street to get this 
gap. You'll have to Boneless or Wallride up to it.

Fly By Wire:
Get up on the balcony, then wallride on to the roof of this building.
Grind down the wire you used to get the Secret Tape to where it connects to 
the fountain to haul in the gap.

Death From Above:
Start with the Fly By Wire grind, but leap off midway through and land in a 
grind on one of the fountain rails.

Train Hard:
This one you have to grind in a big semi-circle next to the 2 smaller ones, 
with the hp on your right.

Long Stair:
The third step down from the top, leading down to the fountain needs your 
grinding. Go from one end to the other to clear the gap.

Worlds Second Most Obvious Gap:
Instead of landing on the opposite ramp as you would in the Most Obvious,
leap and land in a grind on the rail to score this one. You'll need mammoth 
speed to accomplish this.

Fountain Ping!:
Gain speed on the cornered quarter, then head back to the kicker and pop a 
Boneless to carry you to the center of the fountain. Land in a grind there 
to seal the deal.

Grind of Faith:
Drain the fountain. Then grind one of the rails toward the center,
jump over the gold piece and land in a grind on the opposite side to get the 


Funbox Wheelie:
Manual over the fun box straight ahead from the start o grab this gap.

Flatlands Techin':
Jump up the small stair set land in a manual follow the bins around the
left of the funbox over to the stairs near the worlds most obvious gap if 
you start to run out of speed just jump and land in a manual.

Manual Stimulation:
Manual over three of the four humps in Phillyside to get the bonus.

Rockin' the Stairs:
Ollie from the bottom of the fountain steps into a manual, ollie up a level, 
land in a manual and repeat until you are on top of the stairs.


Phillyside New Bowl Lip:
Liptrick the edge just above blue humps in the secret area.

Phillyside HP Lip:
Go to the HP in the secret area and do a liptrick on the lip.

Phillyside Big Bowl Lip:
Liptrick the high wall with the yellow graffiti on it saying "GETSOME"

Phillyside Mid Bowl Lip:
Liptrick the semicircle next to the blue humps in the secret area.


                              BULL RING


Wussy Rollin Gap:
When you're working the HP, air over the small roll-in to snag the gappage.

Plat Gap:
Pop over the lower platform to the left of the roll-in to score this gap.

Gate Gap:
Use the quarter bank to air up and over each gate, landing on the quarter on 
the other side.

Launchin On Up:
One of the four gates has a boxy thing in front of it. Gain a lot of speed, 
then hit the box with a Boneless over the gate to grab the gap.

Launchin the Pipe:
Leap over the full pipe using the quarter kicker on the back of the loop.

Rollin Gap:
A bigger version of the wussy gap. For this one, begin further away and land 
further past the roll-in.

Air Toro:
Position yourself between the red and whit humps facing the central 
halfpipe.  Head toward the left side of the roll-in platform, and jump over 
the top of the roll-in platform to claim the bonus.

Big Enchilada Mama:
Launch from one red and white hump to the other.

Tight Gap:
Roll forward from the starting point, gaining speed on the halfpipe.
Head directly down and come directly back up. You need to Boneless at the 
top of the roll-in to get across to the other half of the ramp. When you do, 
the gap is yours.

Jumpin Da Humps:
Leap from the center of one red and white hump to the other.


Lil Wee Wussy Gap:
Grind the lip of the HP, leaping and landing in a grind over the small 

Enjoyin the View:
Launch up to one of the banner rails and hold the grind for awhile to max 
out the groove.

Launch over the end ramp (next to the roll in) at an angle and grind the 
kinked board that runs down to the left.

Grindin the Pipe:
Get all up on the pipe's backside with the help of a quarter kick.
Boneless up and grind the edge to snag the gap.

Friggin A Hombre:
Each time you pop a light along the high wires that cross over the HP,
you'll score the Friggin A gap.

Ramp Rail to Banana:
Roll down the ramp and head to the opposite side and up, grinding to the 
right. Boneless from this edge down to the curved banana below.

Box to Banana/Box to Rail:
Use the box in front of the gate near the banana, working up a head of 
steam, then launching from the box to the banana. Box to Rail is the same, 
except, you're aiming for the kinked boards that lead down from the HP.

Nice Friggin Ankles:
Drop from the tall banner rods down to a grind along the low stadium walls 
to get this gap.

Nailin Da Rail:
>From the halfpipe, transfer over the roll-in and land in a grind on one of 
the wooden support rails that holds the roll-in ramp up.

Way to Go Amigo:
Get up to the stands, then duck into one of the inset ramps. Use it to get 
speed, then turn around and head up the extended ramp toward the center of 
the arena. Sky up to the high wire and land in a grind to score the gap.

Ramp Rail to Rail:
This is like the Ramp Rail to Banana gap, except that you head to the left 
rather than the right.

Takin the High Road:
Use the quarter bank near the banana wall or behind the two red humps to get 
up to the high banner rails. Grind either one to score this gap.

Rail Plat Gap:
Off of the low ramp to the left of the roll-in (facing from the starting 
point) are three large board rails. Grind up one, air over the gap, then 
land in a grind on the opposite one to score the gap.

Launch to Banana/ Launch to Rail:
Go up the ramp at Gate A and Vault from there over to the Banana or the Rail 
and land in a grind.

Once you get up in a grind on one of the banner rails, grind it to the end, 
then leap across to the high wire and land in a grind.

Finesse Test:
Get up to the stands and grind the railing toward one of the launch ramps. 
The object is to Boneless over the gate and land in a grind on the opposite 
This can be tricky, because if you release too close to the gate, you'll 
bail. Landing is tricky, too. Make sure you wait until you are falling back 
toward Earth to grind, or you'll end up sliding on the curved wall of the 


Up to the Stands:
Use the quarter lip that runs around the perimeter of the stadium to get up 
to the next level. If you get too much air, though. you'll land in the 
stands, so be careful.

Threadin the Needle:
Good luck on this one. The object is to shoot through both squares formed by 
the support on the back side of the roll-in ramp. The way to do it is to 
carry some
speed up the backside quarter of the HP, then (from the left) ollie and 
drift right to clear through both holes. It's tricky at first but you will 
eventually get it.

Way to Go Gringo!!!:
Gain a lot of speed on the halfpipe, then head to the full pipe.
Make it all the way around the loop without falling (or running off of the 
edge) to nail this gap. Manual all of the way around for style points.


                              CHOPPER DROP HAWAII


Jump off the small end of the halfpipe over to the finish sign.

Same as above with more speed.

Same as above with even more speed.

Into the Heli:
Go up the roll-in ramp and jump into the open doors of the helicopter.


1 Potato:
Jump to the telegragh pole from the half pipe landing in a grind on the 
bottem rung from the bottom.

2 Potato:
As above landing in a grind on the second rung from the bottom.

3 Potato:
As above landing in a grind on the third rung from the bottom.

Heli Grind:
Jump up to the helicopter from the roll-in ramp and grind along the door.

Lip Gaps

Do a liptrick on the door of the helicopter.

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Andrew Sharp!