Triple Play 2001 PS Cheats

The Announcer Announces!:

During game play, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and enter one of the following codes

for the corresponding announcement.

Historical commentary:

Up, Triangle, Right, Circle.


Down, X, Right, Circle.


X, Down, Triangle, Up.

Additional Batter Information

Left, Square, Up, Triangle.

*Note: Does not work on all players!

Island Stadium:

To unlock Island Stadium, win ten games in a row.

Space Stadium:

Hit a ground rule double to get the Space Stadium. An easy way 2 do this is

to play in an artificial turf field in 2 player and have someone hit it out

to the outfield. With any luck it’ll bounce over the fence.

The Dream Team:

During an exhibition game hit Left, Right six times and you will get the Triple

Play Dream Team.

Unlock Some of the Greatest Players

Cy Young:

To get Cy Young as free agent; throw ten strikeouts in a row in Season mode.

Babe Ruth:

Hit a homerun with a pitcher in Season mode to unlock Babe Ruth as a free agent.

Hank Aaron:

Hit 4 consecutive homeruns in Season mode to unlock Hank Aaron.

Willie McCovey:

Hit 3 consecutive homeruns in Season mode to unlock Willie McCovey.

Mike Schmidt:

To unlock Mike Schmidt, hit four homeruns in the same game with the same person.

Jackie Robinson:

To unlock Jackie Robinson, steal home in Season Mode.

Eddie Matthews:

To unlock Eddie Mathews, get a triple play in season mode.

Reggie Jackson:

To unlock Reggie Jackson, hit an in-the-park homerun in season mode.

Jimmie Foxx:

To unlock Jimmie Foxx, hit a ground rule double in season mode.

Lou Gehrig:

To unlock Lou Gehrig, hit a single, a double, a triple, and a homerun in a single

game, within the season mode.

Mickey Mantle:

To unlock Mickey Mantle, hit a homerun that travels over 575 feet in season


*Note: An easy way to do this, is to play a single game in the Space

Stadium. The low gravity park allows the ball to fly incredible distances; like

…say …575 ft perhaps!

Frank Robinson:

To unlock Frank Robinson, start the game off with back-to-back homeruns.

Satchel Paige:

To unlock Satchel Paige, throw three consecutive strikeouts in season mode.

Harmon Killebrew

Win the World Series with the Minnesota Twins

Ted Williams

Get 6 hits with the same player in a game or have a player hit .400 in an entire


Unlock Ty Cobb:

Win World Series with Detroit Tigers.


The following are rewards gained by playing games in Season mode on any difficulty.

To unlock the reward you must complete the appropriate action.

Skinny, Skinny Players

1 Home Run in a game with a player less than 160 lbs.

Large Players

1 Home Run in a game with a player more than 250 lbs.

Strong Arm

2 Outfield assists, 2 Pickoffs or 2 Caught Stealing by the same player in a


Fast Players

3 Stolen Bases by the same character in a game.

Big Glove

1 Diving catch or wall climb in a game.

Huge Glove

2 diving catches or wall climbs in a game.

Pulsating Glove

3 diving catches or wall climbs in a game.

Big Head

4 Runs in a game.

Huge Head

8 Runs in a game.

Pulsating Head

12 Runs scored in a game.

Big Baseball

3 K’s in a game.

Huge Baseball

6 K’s in a game.

Flaming Baseball

9 K’s in a game.

Pencil Head

6 K’s in a game (against user).

Tall Players

8 Hits in a game.

Tiny Players

12 Hits in a game.

Tiny Head

16 Hits in a game.

Power Up Offense

8 Home Runs in a game.

Power Up Defense

3 double plays turned in a game.

Power Up Speed

6 Stolen Bases in a game.

Invisible Players

3 triples in a game.

Big Bat

2 Home Runs by a player in a game.

Small Bat

3 strikeouts by same player in a game.

Pulsating Bat

5 runs scored by the same player in a game.

CPU Assist (catching up logic)

Win by more than 10 runs.

Aluminum Bat:

6 homerun in a game.

Flaming Bat:

Get 35 homeruns in a game of “Big League Challange” in the House field.


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