Um Jammer Lammy PS Cheats

Play as Parappa:

Beat the game on Solo (Normal Difficulty) to open up Parappa levels.

Parappa/Lammy Battles:

As you beat the game with Parappa, you’ll open up 2 player Parappa/Lammy Battle


Different Guitar Sound Styles:

After you beat each level (Except 1 and 7) you’ll get a new style. Press select

during a song to choose your style. There are Flanger, Harmonizer, Wah-Wah,

Distortion and Reverb.

GameShark Codes

Max. Points 80078d12270f 

All Stages Open 301a58f90001

Thanks to Revolution readers Redneck, Nick de la Riva, Dr. Chud and Marc Mascardo!