Vagrant Story PS Cheats

Vagrant Story


For a detailed guide to defeating the bosses, click here!

Wine Uses:

Wine Use Valens strength Prudens Intelligence Volare Agility Audentia Hp Virtus Mp


Dragons & Wyvrens:

When fighting any dragons or wyvrens, run up to them and get under their

heads. Focus your attacks at the head and neck (the most vulnerable parts).

If you stay close to the dragon’s body, you’ll never have to experience

it’s breath weapons. (Continued) – Then, look at their tail on the

Status screen. It has a negative affinity for one type of attack. Cast a

Faerie Wing, Prostasia and Herakles on Ashley, and run around the wyrm.

They will try to follow you, which makes it favorable if they attack you

(physical only, they won’t use breath). After attacking, they freeze for

a few seconds, giving you time to run around the critter. After reaching

the tail, attacking can sometimes do as much as fifty points per chain.

New Area and Weapons:

Complete the game once and the next time you play it you’ll be able to access

new areas and be able to get new weapons.

I’ll ‘Heal’ Ya Dead:

Use the Heal magic to kill undead foes.

Siege Bow

Combine a Destroyer and a Rune Blade to make a Siege Bow which has a range

of 11 and a very high damage.

For Great Swords:

Combine an Executioner and a Katana to make a Claymore.

Combine a Claymore and a Schiovana to make a Bastard Sword.

Combine two (2) Bastard Swords to make a Nodachi.

Combine two (2) Nodachi Swords to make a Rune Blade.

Try combining two (2) Rune Blades. I haven’t made it because it takes a

lot of time and patience.

For Great Maces:

Combine two (2) Mjinors (or whatever it is) to create a


Combine two (2) Grievers to make a Destroyer.

Try combining 2 Destroyers…

For Great Axes:

Combine a Balbariggan and a Guisarme to make a Large Crescent.

Combine a Large Crescent and a Balbariggan to make a Double Blade.

Combine 2 Double Blades to make a Halberd, the Best great AXE in the game.

Other Combinations:

Combine a Wakizashi and a Halberd to make a Sage’s Staff. It is a very big

staff that will have a very high damage. Combine a Shotel and a Falchion

to make a Khora. Combine two Khoras to make a Kopesh. Combine two Kopesh

to make a Wakizashi. Try combining two Wakizashi but a a lot of patience

to do it. It really takes a lot of time.

-Combine a Wakizashi and a Sage’s Cane to make a Destroyer, the best heavy

mace in the game.

-Combine a Wakizashi and a Bardysh(polearm) to make the best crossbow with

a range of 12. It has a higher compared to the Siege Bow that has a range

of 11 and you can make it by combining a Rune Blade and a Destroyer.

-Combine a Crescent(axe) and a Khora(sword) to make a hammer that describes

as ” an immensely heavy hammer”.

-You can make the Crescent by combining two Bullovas. To get a Bullova,

combine two Tabars.

-You can get a Khora by combining a Shotel and a Falchion.

-Get the Excalibur (the great sword that the last boss has) by going back

to the room behind you after you fight Asura in Iron Maiden 3. You will

also acquire a gem which is named Arturos that will give you a lot of attacking

power on your weapon. It is very powerful and the great sword,Excalibur,is

very hard to get so be very patient.

-When you encounter any enemy, use the Sorcerer magic which is Analyze on

the enemy. If it did not miss, go to your status. Then press R1 of L1 to

see his status. It would help you in killing him because you’ll know how

much is left in his life or his magic. You will also be able to see the

weapon, sheild, or wrmor he is wearing. You will see his Strength, Intelligence,

and his Agility.

Metallurgy 101:

There are 5 kinds of metals in the game. They are Bronze, Iron, Hagane, Silver,

and Damascus. I ordered them from the weakest kind to the strongest kind.

If you have a Rapier,for example, made of Bronze, its damage is lesser than

the Iron. Next to Iron is Hagane. But Hagane is stronger than Silver but Silver

weapons can damage more on the Undead enemies. If you have a weapon made of

Damascus, then congratulate yourself for you have the best kind of metal.

If you already have a good armor, don’t bother using the defense abilities

because it will just make your Risk higher.

The Best Weapons(on different categories):

-Wakizashi (the best one-handed sword)
-Arbalest (the best bow)
-Sage's Cane (the best cane)
-Holy Win (the best two-handed sword)
 (you cannot make this kind of Great Sword, you'll have to acquire it from the Dark Crusader in the Iron Maiden 3!)
-Destroyer (the best heavy mace)
-War Hammer (the best one-handed mace)
-Crescent (he best one-handed axe)
-Halberd (the best two-handed axe)
-Bardysh (the best polearm)
(I think I already have given the materials to combine to make these weapons.)       

GameShark Codes

Press O for Health   d005e1c00020
Press O for Low Risk d005e1c00020


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