V-Rally 2 Need For Speed PS Cheats

All Cars, All Trophies:

At the Game Progress screen, press L1, R1, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down,

Up, Down, X, X + Select. You’ll hear a sound to confirm. Now press X on any car

or trophy to unlock it.

Better Acceleration:

Type LDN as a driver name.

Look! Up in the Sky…!:

Type _FLY_ as the driver name and you’ll fly… This can be used for

big jumps. Dont forget the empty spaces before and after the word FLY !

Bonus Tracks:

Enter one off the following driver names, begin a race, then quit. Start a new

race, select a car, choose timetrailmode, select “Corsica” and select any track

to get to the following bonus location.


Thanks to Revolution readers Antti Ahonen, Mike Kite, viktor sundvall and Player!