V- Rally PS Cheats

At the white Infogrames screen press Up, Down, Triangle+Circle. The words

“Lock Off” will appear.

Now quickly hold one of the following cheats until the Infogrames logo disappears.

A message will confirm entry:

Left + L1Unlimited Time
Left + L2Narrow Tracks
Left + R1Rollercoaster Track and Jeep
Left + R2Restart Race
Left+R1+L1+R2+L2All cheats

Hidden Jeep:

Hold Left + R1 until the Infogrames logo disappears.

Rollercoaster Style Track:

Use the cheat to get the hidden jeep, then, when in the game, go to either Championship

or Time trials, and go to Sweden. Go to Stage 1, and a screen should say, loading

???stages. You will then be racing on a Roller Coaster style track.

Thanks to Revolution readers Jeremy Russell, Marcus Darp”, Jesse Sines, Andrew,

Cliff, Philip, Michael Schumache and LoBo!