WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role PS Cheats

WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role


Unlock the Tag Team Table Matches:

You have to win the Royal Rumble on medium or hard difficulty with either

Devon or Bubbah-Ray Dudley.

Unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin:

He is unlocked automatically at the WWF Backlash pay-per-view (when he is

a guest referee).

To Unlock HBK Shawn Michaels:

He is unlocked automatically at both the WWF Unforgiven pay-per-view and


To Unlock Billy Gunn:

Play through season until you get to King of the Ring. Kurt Angle is going

to walk pass Billy Gunn and Billy Gunn ignores him. Then Billy Gunn challenges

Kurt Angle. After the match you can get him.

Unlock Patterson & Brisco:

Play through part of a season, and these two will randomly show up talking

to Vince McMahon. After that show, they will become playable characters.

Unlock TLC Matches:

They are random in the WWF King of the Ring Special Tournament.

Table Tornado Tag Match:

To win a Table Tornado Tag match Play through the Season Mode, and around

Summerslam to No Mercy the Dudley boys and Hardy Boyz will have a cut scene

and Dudleys will say something about a Table Tornado match. After their

match they will have a cut scene and it shows the Dudleys 3-Ding Jeff through

a table. After the event it shows the congratulations screen and says you

have unlocked the Table Tornado Tag match.

Season Mode Bonuses:

Finish a month in season mode to unlock various bonuses.

Unlock Hidden Superstars:

Play through season mode to have hidden superstars at the following special

edition matches. Win the match to unlock them.

Good Stuff:

When playing on a season into your sixth year, with any guy, finish the

fifth year by winning your match or matches at Wrestlemania and when completed

you enter your sixth year and now a congratulations screen will come up

saying you unlocked all the secret items meaning you unlocked all the moves,

and all of the appearances when making a create-a-wrestler.

Various Match Types & Such

Get Opponent in the Casket During Casket Match:

When in a Casket match, press either Circle to Irish Whip or press X to

beat your opponent into the casket. Once they are in the casket they will

try to grab onto the side. Press X to use your normal attack to knock down

and close the casket.

Get Outside During Hell In A Cell Match:

When in a Hell In A Cell match, to get outside you must dive into the side

paneling in the center. To do this, press Square while running. Once outside,

press R1 to climb to the top. Notice the center paneling is a different

color once on top. Execute a powerful move on there and they will fall through.

Piledriver on the Table During Table Match:

When in a Table match, press Circle to Irish Whip your opponent onto a table.

Then, press Down + Circle. You will execute a Piledriver on the table.

Table, Ladders, and Chair Matches (oh my):

Select a wrestler and go to the King Of The Ring event or RAW. After a few

matches, you will fight in a Table, Ladders, and Chair match.

Max Damage in Ladder Matches:

In a ladder match, beat your opponent down until he stays down for at least

thirty seconds, grab the ladder and set it up in the ring, as close to the

ropes as possible, pointing towards the announce tables, grab your opponent

and beat on him some more, then place him on either announce table, run

inside the ring and climb on the ladder then execute an aerial move for

mega damage and an easy win.

Max Damage in Hell in the Cell Match:

In a Hell In The Cell match, get outside of the ring (jump through the doors)

and beat on your opponent for a fairly long time, then place him on the

announce table and climb to the top of the Cell, execute an aerial move

for awesome damage, this is, however almost impossible to do, but when it

is pulled off, it realllllly pays off!

Easy Wins in Table Matches:

In a table match, place your opponent on a table and execute an aerial move

off the top rope for an automatic win.

WWF New York Backstage Area:

Play through season mode and at the beginning of December during Year 1,

Michael Cole will introduce you to WWF New York and the restaurant will

officially be open.


Unlock Unknown Create A Wrestler Parts:

Play in a season mode and after about four or five months, you’ll watch

a video of your wrestler walking through the halls when an unidentified

wrestler walks by and you’ll say “Who’s that?” Later on in the card, Vince

will change the event and you should have a match against someone named

Unknown W. Defeat this strange man to unlock everything he’s wearing.

Do the 3D:

First you got to pick the Dudley Boyz in a normal tag team match. Then when

you’re in the game let D-Von fight, then make him do the Irishsh whip into

the turnbuckle where Bubba is, and when he is in the turnbuckle he has to

be facing D-Von. Then press Up then Circle and you don’t need to do anything

after that. GOOD LUCK!

Two Wrestlers on One Motorcycle:

Go to create-a-stable and select four wrestlers. Set the entrance to “Motorcycle

Type 4”, then choose two wrestlers. When they enter the ring, two wrestlers

will be on one motorcycle.

That Should Be Illegal:

If you Irishwip your opponent to the stairs where you cilmb in the ring.

You can now move the stairs and use them as a legal weapon.

Put Opponent Through the Roof of the Cage:

In a Hell In A Cell match, get to the outside (either run and hit Square

at the rectangular pieces on each side, or throw your opponent through)

then climb up to the roof of the cage (using R1) wait for your opponent

to climb up as well. In the middle of the roof, there is a differently colored

square, continuosly do moves on this square (both you and your opponent

must be on the square) eventually, you will both break through.

Put Opponent Through Tables:

In either a Table Match, or a Hardcore Match or any match, find a table

you want to put your opponent through and Irish whip him (press Circle)

towards that table, he should fall on to it, when he’s down walk up to him

and press either Up + Circle, Left + Circle, Down + Circle or Right + Circle.

Your wrestler will climb up to, and do a move through the table. There are

several other ways to smash your opponent through tables (try setting him

on it, then jumping off the cell!)

Jump Off Ladders:

In a ladder match, pick up the ladder using R1, and set it up with R1, climb

it using triangle until you are at the top, do an aerial move (press Up

and X) you’ll jump off.

Double Team Moves:

In a Tag Team or Handicap match, throw your opponent into your corner (where

your partner is standing) walk up to your opponent and press either Up +

Circle, Left + Circle, Down + Circle or Right + Circle to do a double team


Win Ladder Matches:

Set up the ladder with R1 underneath the title belt (in the middle of the

ring) climb up using Triangle, and when you reach the top, press Circle

to jump for the belt, if the ladders slightly off target, use Circle and

a directional button to dive for it.

Go Backstage and Beyond:

In a ‘Hardcore’ or ‘Anywhere Fall’ or ‘I Quit’ matches, look to the ramp

or exit for a red arrow. Go to the arrow and stand on it until it turns

blue, hit the direction and you’ll go to the top of the ramp, explore the

whole backstage area, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover!

Secret Area:

In a Hardcore or Anywhere match, go up the ramp and into the second backstage

area. On your left there is some stairs, go up the stairs and take the 1st

door along I think, it may be the 2nd), you are now in a weights room. On

the left there is what looks like a normal wall but if you whip an opponent

into the wall it will collapse (you have to get the correct part in the

middle of the wall) and you will have opened up the shower room.

Hey, There’s My Mop:

O.K. this is kind of complex but it is pretty cool. I was playing in an

Fall Anywhere match when it happend. I took my opponent onto the ramp backstage

first. Then I took him back again. There were numerous places to go. I went

to the only door on my right. It was a diner. There were tables and wepons.

It was so cool. Anyway, there was an area that was up from the door where

I entered. So I went running into it. Then all of a sudden he turned to

his right and there was a lot of noise. Last he then came running back with

a mop in his hand.


In a Hardcore or Anywhere match you will notice that if you go into the

parking lot there is a forklift on the right. Go up to the side of it and

press R1. Then once in the truck, get a good run up on your opponent and

then you can let fly with the Triangle button and just as you’re approaching

your opponent press X and the forklift skids, knocking down your opponent,

you can even break up pins like this!

Change Background Music:

Go to the bar and whip opponent into the jukebox (that thing near the bartender

with THQ on it).

The Lazy Wrestler:

When in season mode you do not have to fight at all. Whenever a match comes

up hit skip. It will always alow you to do this even if the match involves

the character you selected. This alows you to unlock the hidden wrestlers

like a sinch.


In a Hardcore, Anywhere Fall or I Quit match, make your way to the backstage

area and go upstairs with the VIP Room and the Change Room, In between two

rooms, you’ll notice a pay phone, Irish Whip your opponent into it and a

telephone will drop to the ground.


Make your way backstage in a Hardcore, Anywhere Fall or I Quit Match and

go upstairs into the weight room, look for the dumbell weights at the left

side and Irish Whip your opponent into them and the weights will fall to

the ground.

Giant Painting:

Make your way to the backstage area in a Hardcore, Anywhere Fall, or I Quit

match and go upstairs into the VIP room (the far left door), Irish Whip

your opponent into the fireplace and a large painting will fall down.


Go to the backstage area in a Hardcore, Anywhere Fall or I Quit match and

make your way to the parking lot, at the far left there is a truck, a white

car and a red car, run towards the trunk of the car to jump onto it and

you can execute aerial attacks.

Keep Opponent On The Table:

Throw your opponent on to any table and hit him with a few punches and kicks,

he will stay on the table longer. You can now climb on the top of the cage

in a “Hell In a Cell” match and do an aerial move to your opponent though

the announce table, easily.

Rock-Bottom Through A Table:

Choose The Rock in any match that there is a table. Get your opponant on

the table then press O and Left, Right, Up or Down.

Break It:

While being pinned by your opponent, if you pause the game and then unpause

it will break up the pin!

Get Finisher Without Throwing a Punch:

During any sort of match press the taunt button L2 when they’re down or

outside of the ring and your finisher tally will increase quickly depending

how much you please the crowd.

Set the Kitchen on Fire:

First select a ‘Hardcore’ or ‘Anywhere Fall’ match then go to WWF New York

then enter the kitchen by going on to the arrow and when in the kitchen

you will see 2 cookers. Whip your opponent in to the 2 cookers and there

will be a fire in the kitchen.(The fire only lasts for about 5 seconds)

See Yourself in 2 TV Sets:

First select a ‘Hardcore’ or ‘Anywhere Fall’ then when in WWF New York whip

your opponent in to a fence which is brown (The one next to the arrow which

takes you to the kitchen) then you will see a tv set come down and on the

set you can see your player in the game.

To Get Your Created Wrestler To Be #1 Contender:

Enter rankings. Choose what title your guy is going for re-enter all the

wrestlers in that catagory into other catagories and back again (except

your created wrestler). When this is completed, your jobber will be #1 contender

and you will only have to fight one match for any title. GOOD LUCK!

See Rakishi Dance:

To see Rakishi dance you need to make a group with Grand Master Sexy, Scotty

too Hottie, and Rakishi in it and call it Too Cool. And then during the

last week of July of the 2nd year, it will be Too Cool vs Big Boss Man.

After the match you will see Rakishi leaving and Too Cool will then invite

him back in to dance with them. And he will start dancing with them.

The Highest jumping Point (BACKSTAGE):

First go backstage (where they show the starting movie) then get knocked

down on the walkway and roll onto the side of the walkway and you should

be on air, then run left/right and you will be at the highest point.(backstage)

Max Damage In a Single Match:

In a single match, get your opponent outside the ring and go outside with

him. Beat him up and Irish Whip him on to either announcer table (give him

a few puches) and then climb the turmbuckle nearest to your opponent and

execute an ariel move off it to put your opponent through the announcer

table.(do the same on the other table for ultimate damage!!!!)

Useless But Fun:

On Smackdown 2 select a two player cage match. It might help to do this

with a friend. When the match starts both climb to the top of the cage next

to each other. Before either wrestler climbs down and wins both attack (press

X) at the same time. Both wrestlers will now fall out of the cage but neither

will win. If one falls back in the ring by mistake the other can simply

pull him out or climb in himself as if the cage wasn’t there. Useless but


GameShark Codes

All Wrestlers Unlocked              80093878ffff     

All Match Options Unlocked          80093886ffff 

Hit Select To Reset Timer           d008525afffe

Hit L1 For Max Special P1           d008525afeff


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