X-Com: UFO Defense PS Cheats

X-Com: UFO Defense


Easy Money:

The governments really don’t care if you don’t go to ground battles. If you

just watch the world and shoot everything down they will continue uping your

paycheck. After about ten months you should be getting about $10,000,000 from

the U.S.A. alone!

Quick Money

To make fast cash, research an item and then manufacture it — without specifying

the number of technicians on payroll and the production goal. Go to the main

menu and return, entering the number of employees on the payroll and a production

goal of one unit. The item will be manufactured free of charge, making its

sale a profit!

Scientists Work For Free:

At the end of the month, before you the monthly rating. Transfer all personnel

(Scientists, Engineers, and Soldiers) While they are being transported they

are not accounted for in the monthly expenses.


Thanks to Revolution reader Jason Sommerfeld!