Amped Xbox Cheats



From the main menu go to the "Options" menu and select "Cheats."

Now enter the following:


GimmeGimmeLevel select

MegaLegHigher jumping

StickiTPerfect jumps

buzzsaWNo tree collision

ZiPsterUnlimited movement

WhirlyGigSuper spins ChillinwSteezyPlay as Steezy RidinwRavenPlay as Raven


Get 400,000 points on Stratton 2:

Take an immediate right at the beginning of the run and head towards a house

with a lot of rails around it. At times, when you attempt to grind these rails

you’ll get stuck (due to their height). Upon getting stuck, just do a grab and

hold it until you have as many points as you need. Then just let go and fall


Thanks to Revolution readers Slick, Skyla, Trav and Jesse, Salih Aslan, Jizzy,

Derek Heydon, Stephen Hischar and Avalanche!