Arx Fatalis Xbox Cheats

Arx Fatalis


Wear heavy armor with insufficient strength:

You need the Bless spell and an Ylside armor. You can put it on a character if you have 10th level Strength. Use the Bless spell (you need a sufficient leve of magic) and put on the armor and weapons. When the spell wears off, you can still wear the armor.

Rune codes:

Turn off the Arcade Magic option, cast a spell with X, then enter the Rune Sequence.

Nhi, Rhaa, Aam, Nhi, Rhaa, AamShow Map
Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, KaomInfinite HP
Mega, Mega, Mega, Aam, Vitae, TeraThe Perfect Warrior
Mega, Rhaa, Mega, Rhaa, Mega, RhaaFat Heads
Mega, Tera, Mega, TeraDisable Wall Collisions
Mega, Aam, Rhaa, Rhaa, Rhaa, RhaaPower Sword
Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, VitaeLVL 10 character
Spacium, Aam, Mega, Spacium, Aam, MegaFire Bow

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