BloodRayne 2 Xbox Cheats

BloodRayne 2


Enter the following at the cheat menu.

Cargo Fire Imp KakCredit Carnage Points
Late Nurture Qweef SuperCredit Gun Experience
Blank Ugly Pustule EaterEnable All Powers
Naked Juggy Resistance PacyFill BloodLust Cheat
Blue Green Purple ImpFreeze Enemies
Uber Taint Joad Durf KwisGod Mode
Dodge This Moist PimpGratuitous Dismemberment
Fake Burst Cunningly DistortedJuggy Mode
This Dark Distorted RealityOverload Mode
Whack This Molested NinjaRefill Ammo Cheat
Nurture Happy Pustule ErasureRestore Health Cheat
Quantum Lament Distorted DotingTime Factor
Want This Dark Reality Taint QweefUnlocks Everything
Ugly Dark Heated Orange QuaffUnlimited Ammo
Terminal Reality Super Uber XXX VacateUnlimited Health
Pimp Reap Dark Dark MuseUnlimited Rage
Bone This Curry VoteUnlock All Combos
Whiskey Fake Kablow ShootUnlock All Guns
Anomalies Are Juan InsulatedUnlock All Levels
Pension Reap Super VulgarUnlock All Movies
Ardent Hungry Naked NinjaUnlock All Slideshows
Whack Lick Erotic CunninglyUnlock Outfits


Completion bonuses:

Beat the game to unlock all movies, slideshows, and costumes.

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