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Fable Xbox Cheats

Special Messages:

Enter Krunk or Jeremy D as a name to see some funny messages.

Avo's Tear and Sword of Aeons:

Ok, after you've beaten Jack and you've got that nasty choice of 'trash the sword or kill your sister', don't do anything. Pause and Hero Save, then load the save. You should be taken back to before you fight Jack, but you'll have the Sword of Aeons in your inventory. Once you waste Jack again (use the sword, genius!), you'll get a second Sword of Aeons. Toss that one in the vortex and let the credits roll. After they're finished, you should be a good guy and have the Sword of Aeons, so you can still do the Secret Sword mission. The only bummer is that you can't pull this off and still be evil.

Free Rest:

Enter any house and sleep. Simply run out of the house before the screen goes black to avoid tresspassing.

Free Cash:

Buy a house and decorate it fully, then rent it out. Break back into the house and sleep in the bed, and money will appear in front of the house. Repeat!

Batter Up:

If you're facing off against some trolls and you're kinda low level for them, stand back a few yards and hit the rocks they throw back at them for good damage and skill points!

Free Temple of Avo:

You're going to need a decent sum of start-up cash before doing this. Go to the Temple of Avo and save the game. Then go to the pedastal and donate all your cash. Right after, press A quickly to activate the pedastal one again. If summoned fast enough, it will say that you have all your cash. Then choose to donate nothing. You will still get the Good Points, but for free. Do this over and over again to decrease your age, the title of Paladin, and Sentinus.

Unlimited Money:

Buy a really nice maritial home, like the one in Hook Coast or Knotthole glade. If you don't have acsess to those places, any maritial home will work. Take your best trophy and put it on the plaque in the house. Go outside and sell the house. Break back into the house, steal the trophy, go back out, and buy the house again. You will make as much money as your trophy is worth, plus you can do this over and over again for unlimited cash.

Tons of Silver Keys:

Start the quest where you must save the little boy from the hob-cave. Once you get to the rose cottage area, make your way to the circle on the left of the cottage. Don't talk to the woman there, instead dig up the ground and you should receive a silver key. From there, save your game and reload. You'll have the key in your inventory, but you can dig up another. This can be repeated, but the most keys you'll ever need is 25.

More Silver Keys:

While doing the graveyard quest and getting Nostro's armor, go to the first little lake and use your fishing rod to get the first key, then go to the nearest crypt, inside there's a coffin with the second inside it, now go outside and to the left and you'll see four graves, dig on the second one to get the third key. Then leave the region and the game will ask if you wish to quit the mission. Answer "Yes" and you will appear in Headsman Hill, with the three keys. Go back to the graveyard and repeat.

Build Up Experience and Cash Fast:

Take the arena quest and go through the first 7 levels (after defeating the rock trolls). When asked if you would like to continue or go back to the cells press B to go back to the cells. Save your hero and do it all again.

Even Faster XP:

This method nets you way more experience, but no cash. Toward the end of the game when you have to chase Jack through the portals to keep him from getting the Sword of Aeons, take your time. The monsters will keep spawing endlessly. Kill them for as long as you want. You can also build up a wicked combat multiplier doing this.

Avo's Tear::

To obtain Avo's Tear (Ancient Sword), go to Maze's quarters in the guild building. One of the books you can read contains the location of the sword. It's found in the guild's courtyard, in a circle of graves. You'll have to dig one of the graves up to find it.

Get The Strongest Bow in the Game:

Find the Temple of Skorm. There will be two priests in the temple. Talk to the priest nearest to the sacrifice bowl. He will tell you not to bring him gifts, but followers. Teleport to BowerStone South. Find the bar, hire the man to help you fight. Teleport back to the temple, and sacrifice the man. You can also head to Twin Blades camp, have everyone follow you to the temple (just make sure to keep running), and sacrifice them all. Either way, keep sacrificing followers until the priest gives you a bow called Skorm's Bow. It has a damage of 264 (+24) and is worth 54,720 gold. You should be able to kill Jack easly with this bow.

Buy The Tavern and other buildings in Bowerstone Town:

The pesky townsfolk say you can't buy buildings such as the Tavern. All you have to do is hire both evil henchmen, one in Bowerstone and one in Twinblades Camp. Make sure you have heal life and apologize (so for all you evil-doers out there do some good for once!). Commit a crime and your henchmen will start to kill people, deal with the guards, have them kill the shop owners and purchase the buildings afterward.

Unyielding Berserk:

Use Berserk at any non quest time in the game, then world save it, then load save 1. If done right your character will remain bulky until you use Berserk again.

Demon Door: Heroes' Guild:

Use the lamp that you got for graduating from the Heroes' Guild. Rewards: Elixir of Life, Tattoo, some books

Demon Door: Greatwood Gorge:

Either become completely evil, or murder several people in front of the door. It will also open if you eat enough Crunchy Chick food while standing before it. Reward: Wellow's Pickhammer

Demon Door: Rose Cottage:

Give this door any gift. Reward: Will User's Bright Suit

Demon Door: Greatwood Caves:

Have an active combat multiplier of 14 or greater while standing before the door. Try killing hobbes at the Hobbe Cave entrance and then quickly moving to the Greatwood Cave area and killing the enemies there. Don't forget to cast Physical Shield. Reward: Cutless Bluetane

Demon Door: Darkwood Marshes:

Accept the challenge and defeat the Hobbes. Reward: Will User's Dark Suit

Demon Door: Barrow Fields:

Become obese by eating pies or red meat with a full health bar. Reward: Will Master's Elixir

Demon Door: Grey House:

Marry Mayor Lady Grey by completing the Mayor's Invitation quest. Reward: Ronok the Axe

Demon Door: Abandoned Road:

Come to the door wearing Bright Plate Mail (normal or dark won't work), Will Dark Clothes, and Bandit Gear. The Plate can be purchased at the Arena, the Dark suit is behind the Darkwood Marshes Demon Door, and the Bandit Gear can be found in the Abandoned Road area. Reward: The Dollmaster's Mace

Demon Door: Witchwood Stones:

Finish the Archaeologist's quest. The door's name is H-I-T-S. Rewards: Health augmentation, Chainmail Leggings, Resurrection phial, Howl tattoo, books, sapphire, ruby

Demon Door: Knothole Glade:

Land a powerful blow on the door with a ranged weapon. The Multi-Arrow spell should do the trick, or any bow Ebony or better. You can repeat this for more elixirs. Reward: Elixir of Life

Sword of Aeons:

Kill your sister at the end of the game. When the credits roll and you can play again, you'll have the sword.

Katana Hiryu:

Marry Lady Grey then get 15 keys. Enter the mansion in Bowerstone North, and go inside her bedroom. In her bed will be one silver key and the chest inside her room contains the Katana.


The Murren Greataxe:

Break open the lighthouse door with your weapon and then go all the way to the top. There will be a chest that needs 15 keys.

Get it on with Lady Grey:

When you marry Lady Grey, buy at least 6 Sapphires, 3 boxes of chocolates, a red rose, and at least 4 black roses. When she asks for a gift, give her one of these, and keep doing it, until she says something like she's the happiest woman in the world. She will have a green glow about her, then interact with her and click the message "Hop in Bed with Your Wife".

Get It On With Lady Gray for Free:

Ok so if you've already done all the stuff to marry the mayor then yipee you did it! but then you noticed she won't follow you for nothing (excluding expensive gifts). Well all you have to do is at nighttime since she's not outside (and obviously inside) go into HER room in HER house and continue to flirt with her, (you'll prob have to wait longer if you never see her, give her gifts etc. but only by an extra 30 seconds or so) when a green aura apears around her she'll bring up going to bed, at that time you talk to her and it'll ask you if you want to go to bed with your wife, WINK* Wink* Have Fun

Lady Greys Necklace:

When you want to marry lady grey, she asks you to do many tasks. One of which is to find her necklace that was stolen from her. First you have to talk to all of the men in Bowerstone North, the one of them will tell you that it was last said to be in Oakvale. Go and report this to lady grey who then asks you to fetch it for you. Accept her challenge then buy a spade ( you can get one in Twinblades Elite camp), go to oakvale and dig in between the two broken boats on the sea shore. Then you will have the necklace.

Free skill points:

When your hero is a teenager and has completed the ranged, melee, and magic training sessions he will be tested by Maze. When Maze asks you to melee stand at a distance and fill him with arrows instead. He will never die, and you will never stop gaining skill points.

Demon gate race:

When your hero is a teenager he will be challenged to race to the Guild Hall demon gate and back in a certain amount of time. Once you get the stick, you can actually beat the challenger and knock him closer to the gate, making the race easier to win. You also gain dark points this way.

Exploit Hero Save:

Begin a quest and collect all the items, loot, and money you can. Then, hero save and reload the quest before finishing. You will be returned to the beginning of the quest, yet retain all the items and loot you gained.

This exploit works particularly well during the Bandit Assault quest at Knothole Glade. Before opening the gates, cruise around town and steal all the items you can. Then Hero Save, reload, and steal them again! Easy money.

Dig through doors:

Equip the spade to a D-button, then put your back to whatever door you want to pass through and begin digging. Note: This trick will not work if you cannot dig into the ground you're standing on.

Be Good and Evil in the Same Profile:

When you get to the last saving point of the game, save two files then go fight Jack. Once you kill Jack, kill your sister and then you will have the Sword of Aeons. Save only on one of the saved files. Then load the saved file where you haven't fought Jack, once you kill Jack then throw the Sword of Aeons into the vortex.

White balverine in 3 hits:

When on the Knothole Glade quest with the balverines and the woman hands you a silver augmentation, save the game and start the quest over to get 2 augmentations, put them both on your weapon, and in 3 hits he will die.

1 Hit White Balverine:

Get as much accuracy as you can (probably lvl 5 when you get to him) and then get as much multiple shot you can get (probably only lvl 2). When you do the white balverine quest, make sure you have an ebony bow, since its the best you can get before getting to the white balverine, and when you get to the wife who gives you the silver augmentation, save and load the game, and get another one. put both into your bow, then go to kill the balverine. When he runs out of the town by the small lake, load your bow, pull it back, and as you pull it back, keep holding X and just run over to him (make sure you use you multiple arrow before starting to pull back) when you get next to him, release X to shoot the hell outta him. He'll end up dying before he can summon his little balverines at you. If you don't kill him in one hit, then he'll have about 1mm of life left, so 1 low shot will finish him but if you don't end up killing him in one hit, he will end up summoning all of his little balverines at once, and they'll gang up on ya. He will also be able to get in a couple hits before you can shoot.

Evil Landlord = Infinite Money:

Go into any town and start killing everyone, ( I suggest killing everyone at once.) Eventually you will see a dialog box, "A house/shop/tavern is up for sale" Simply leave the area, come back and wait around for the guards to calm down and go look around the town to see which house was up for sale and buy it. [For Bowerstone North and South, you have to be a lot stronger.] You will have no weapons for both Bowerstone's BUT you still can get every house AND shop. Simply have the guards attack you after you do some random crime, but hide behind some innocent bystander and the guards will "accidentally" kill them by shooting them with their arrows. If you don't want to be really evil, you can do a really small crime and have the guards kill all the citizens in the other towns. Once you've finished buying nearly every house, simply sleep in any house or tavern for 3 days. Go to each town and pick up all the gold. Repeat the process as many times as desired. I have over 1 million gold from doing this trick. P.S. Did you marry Lady Gray but you hate her now? Do the same tactic with the guards on Lady Gray and this takes a LOOONG time, but eventually after anough damage she should die.

How to Steal Easily:

First you must have enough guile to have the steal expression. Go to a bar and buy about 7 beers(not beer kegs). Then set the beer to a D-pad button. Get right next to the shopowner and give him all 5 beers. He then will be drunk. Simply walk into him and lead him out the door.This might take a while. If so, once he's outside, give him the other 2 beers. then go into the shop, and no one will be in there. Then you can steal everything on display.

Infinite Money and Skill Points:

Go to the produce shop in Oakvale. Wait until they have full stock of anything (utilize the nearby hotel to rest until that time. If there is nothing in full stock, go to the little shop at the entrance to Bowerstone south. Once you find something cheap like carrots in full stock, Buy it ALL. Then sell it back for a premium. Repeat that over and over. Once you have enough loot for bigger and better stuff, buy the full stock, go to a hotel, wait for restocking, buy it all and sell ALL of it back. I really recommend selling Emeralds at Oakvale for a high price. This will also increase your skill points. Its a quick simple way to get infinite amounts of cash.

LOTS Of Ruby´s And EXP

When you are strong enough, and earth golem appears in front of the Hobbe Den. Activate your Shield (Good), or Berserk (Evil) so he can´t knock you down. Then kill him. You gain EXP a ruby. Then go into the Hobbe Den, kill a few, and go outside. Another Golem will appear. Repeat.

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