Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Xbox Cheats

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy


Enter the following as your player’s name:

10000K10,000 Gold Per Level 

QCKSHTThrow Quickly 

XSPEEDRun Quickly 

ALLFULAlways Have Nine Potions And Keys 

DELTA1Permanent Shrink Enemy And Growth 

REFLEXPermanent Reflect Shot 

MENAGEPermanent Triple Shot 

PURPLEPermanent Full Turbo 

PEEKINPermanent X-Ray Vision 

000000Permanent Invisibility 

EGG911Permanent Pojo The Chicken 

1ANGELPermanent Anti-Death 

SSHOTSPermanent Super Shot With Large Crossbow 


GARM99Wizard With An Evil Appearance 

GARM00Wizard As An Undead Lich 

DES700Wizard As A Pharaoh 

SKY100Wizard As An Alien 

SUM224Wizard As Sumner 

RAT333Warrior With A Rat Head 

MTN200Warrior As An Orc Boss

CAS400Warrior With An Ogre Costume  

AYA555Valkyrie As A Japanese School Girl 

TWN300Valkyrie As The Grim Reaper With Bloody Scythe 

CEL721Valkyrie As A Cheerleader With Baton 

DARTHCKnight Wears Black Outfit And Cape 

SJB964Knight Wears Black Karate Outfit With Twin Scythes 

RIZ721Knight Is A Quarterback 

DIB626Knight Wears Street Clothes And Baseball Cap 

ARV984Knight Wears Street Clothes 

CSS222Knight Wears Street Clothes 

TAK118Knight In A Ninja Outfit

STG333Knight Is A Bald Man In Street Clothes 

BAT900Knight Is A Roman Centurion 

KAO292Knight Is An Orange-Skirted Waitress 

STX222Jester Is A Stick Figure With Smiley Face 

PNK666Jester Is A Stick Figure With Mohawk Head 

KJH105Jester Is A Stick Figure With Baseball Cap Head 

NUD069Dwarf In S&M Costume 

ICE600Dwarf Is A Large Jester


Thanks to Revolution readers Mike Vander Zanden, Obear dude and Nick Rhoton!