Medal of Honor: European Assault Xbox Cheats

Pause the game, hold L + R and press Down, A, X, Black, B, A. When "Enter Cheat" appears onscreen... you guessed it:

L, Y, B, Up, A, A Infinite Ammo
White, Black, Y, White, L, LGod Mode (re-enter this code every level)
X, Y, A, B, L, XTurn Shellshock Off
Right, Left, R, L, X, YKill Nemesis
Black, L, Black, R, Up, YClear HUD
A, B, R, White, Black, L Get OSS Document
B, R, White, Y, L,WhiteSuicide (Single Player)

Thanks to Revolution readers Beastie_Boy, alf, cearded and Greed!