NFL Fever 2002 Xbox Cheats

NFL Fever 2002


All Stadiums & Teams:

Create a profile and enter “BROADWAY” as a name.

Bonus Teams:

Beat the Commandos, Crocs, or Skeletons in fantasy mode to unlock them in single

player mode. Or every 3 courses u beat in training mode you unlock a new team.


When you are in Dynasty mode you can only create players with a rating of 82.

But after a couple of record breaking games with them their rating will get


New stadiums:

Enter the following as profile names:

OdysseyMillennium Stadium  

Odyssey 2Abyss Stadium 

LionPitRoman Stadium  

DomePractice Stadium  

SeaTownNew Seattle  

How to Get to Super Bowl Faster:

Go to dynasty mode and select a team then simulate all your game first then

if you win – save; but if you don’t exit w/o saving then go back and try again.

Get Ball without On-side Kick:

During kickoff, kick to the side with the meter half full. It should bounce

over their head and your guys get it.(If you do it right It won’t go out of


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