Sid Meier’s Pirates! Xbox Cheats

Enter the following case-sensitive player names for the corresponding bonus.

Dragon MaInvincible during duels
Bloody Bones BazInvincible during ship battles
D.Gackey Ship of the line and full crew
B.CaudizzleHighest morale always
Sweet ToothFood never decreases
FiraxisJeff Briggs as Abbot
Bonus FragInteresting clothes

Pirate Dialouge:

Set the system date to September 19th to make everyone sound like a pirate. September 19th also just happens to be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Easy Battles at Sea:

This works best with eiher grape shot or chain shot. When you're fighting other ships, get in front of them and make them chase you. Turn, unload on them, and straighten up again. Just keep doing this technique until you want to board or they surrender.

Get Specialists Easily:

Attack and board a Smuggler's Vessel. More often than not, a specialist of some kind will be acquired.

Thanks to Revolution readers ryan, phyro, and Ozz!