Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

A Quick Guide to Defeating Susano Extreme in FFXIV: Stormblood (Pool of Tribute)

Susano Extreme is likely one of the first pieces of content you will try once hitting level 70, available in the Duty Finder under the name The Pool of Tribute. But before you jump in, you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into first.

The extreme version of this fight is very similar to normal, but with added complexity for tanks and DPS. Tank swaps and positioning are vital to survival.

Below is the official description of Susano:

Lord of the Revel, summoned by the Kojin tribe in an act of desperation. From the myriad of deities housed within the three sacred treasures of the Kojin, Susano stepped forth to answer their pleas for deliverance. This divinity of the sea sees battle as a celebration, but challengers will find no revelry nor mercy at the edge of his fabled blade, Ame no Murakumo.

If you’re looking for a guide to defeating Susano on normal difficulty, then you can read more here. Also, you can read how to unlock Susano Extreme here.

In this quick guide we will go over only the most important details you need to know to be successful when battling Susano on Extreme difficulty.

Phase 1


  • The main tank should move Susano to the edge of the platform facing outward.
  • When “Churn” is cast, players shouldn’t move.
  • DPS should save at least two cooldowns for Phase 2.

Phase 2


  • Begin the phase by all players stacking in the middle.
  • The main tank needs to trigger “Blade’s Shadow” and then spam the click button during the Action Sequence.
  • The off-tank is responsible for walking through all the orbs that move inward on the platform. Do this by starting to the front right and going around clockwise while using Sprint and a damage mitigation cooldown.
  • DPS need to focus fire the sword down quickly to avoid a hard wipe. Pop cooldowns during this.
  • After the first sword, the main tank and off-tank need to switch the Action Sequence and orb roles.
  • Once the second sword is finished, everyone should stack to the middle left and healers should pop AoE mitigation cooldowns.

Phase 3


  • The main tank should move Susano to the edge of the platform facing outward.
  • DPS and healers should position behind and to the left of Susano, between the middle and the edge of the platform.
  • Tank swaps need to occur after each “Stormsplitter” as quickly as possible due to the amount of damage it causes.
  • During “Levin Bolt” (purple marker), players need to run to the other side of the black line.
  • Sometimes the purple marked player will be stunned. If this occurs, everyone else needs to head to the other side of the black line.
  • When three rocks appear, one player will be trapped. This player should mark which rock it is and DPS should focus fire it quickly to prevent that player from dying.
  • When a player receives an orange marker, they should run far behind the rest of the group to minimize damage. This will also designate where the tide will be split, so it should be aimed where everyone is stacked.

Good luck with defeating Susano Extreme!