Box art - World of Warcraft: Legion

WoW: Legion – Tomb of Sargeras Gul’Dan Rune Locations

World of Warcraft‘s new raid has an interesting secret: you can transform into Gul’dan.

In order to transform into Gul’dan while inside Tomb of Sargeras, you’ll need to collect five runes. These are hidden across the raid, ensuring that you’ve made significant progress before you can enjoy the neat easter egg. We currently have four listed, which you can read below:

  • Terrace of the Moon: 44.28, 65.58
  • Chamber of the Moon: 70, 50.42
  • Chamber of the Moon: 49,73
  • The Abyssal Throne: 43.5, 61.8

Note that these runes are not available in LFR. Stay tuned for the location of the last rune.

Have fun!