Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

A Quick Guide to Omega: Deltascape v2.0 in FFXIV: Stormblood (Catastrophe)

Welcome to our quick guide to defeating Catastrophe in Omega: Deltascape v2.0. This is the second raid boss of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, one that is a bit more difficult than v1.0, but still manageable by a pick up group.

Catastrophe is a boss about awareness. He doesn’t necessarily deal a lot of damage, but has an ability that requires everyone in the raid to be observative and quick.

Defeat of this boss will reward your group with several tokens. These can be traded to an NPC to purchase ilvl 320 gear.

Omega: Deltascape v2.0


  • The boss can be tanked anywhere. Though, it is preferable to position him halfway toward the edge so that DPS and healers can stand toward the middle of the platform.
  • Every player has a special action called Anti-Gravity Gimbal which allows them to float. The core mechanic of the fight is related to this and an ability called Antilight. When Antilight is used, purple and/or gold orbs may appear. While purple orbs deal damage on the ground, gold orbs deal damage in the air. Therefore, when purple orbs appear, then you and your group need to use Anti-Gravity Gimbal to avoid the damage. When gold orbs appear, you and your group can stay on the ground.


  • The boss has an AoE ability called Demon Eye that only affects players looking at him. When you see this cast and/or the red eye displayed on the boss, simply turn around.
  • Healers should be ready to AoE heal when Epicenter is cast. This is a platform-wide AoE.
  • Part-way through the fight four tentacles will spawn in the four corners of the platform. At first, they will have eyes on top. Shortly after, only three of them will. All players need to stack on the tentacle with no eye  to avoid AoE damage.


  • The most challenging mechanic occurs when gold and purple orbs spawn around the platform. While the gold ones deliver damage in the floating position, the purple ones deal damage on the ground. You and your group need to quickly analyze where a safe spot is, which can either be on the ground or floating. To travel to a floating position, simply use your Anti-Gravity Gimbal and float to the spot.
    • Note: When the gold and purple orbs explode, it will occur at the same time as a Demon Eye. Therefore, everyone need to get to the safe position and turn around.

That’s it for this battle. If your team understands how to avoid damage from Antilight, then chances are you will win. Make sure everyone understands this mechanic and you’re sure to walk away victorious.