Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

A Quick Guide to Omega: Deltascape v4.0 in FFXIV: Stormblood (Exdeath)

So you’ve made it to the final boss in Omega: Deltascape. First off, congratulations on getting this far. You will be happy to hear that what’s in-store is not only the most exciting boss battle of the raid, but one of the most visually vibrant in all of Final Fantasy XIV.

Featuring Exdeath, the final boss of Final Fantasy V, this is a very special battle. It’s one with a variety of abilities you should be aware of, although many don’t deliver too much damage. Therefore, this boss is easily puggable by a random group, unlike the latest extreme primals.

As with other bosses in Deltascape, a total of four random tokens will drop from Exdeath that can be traded in for ilvl 320 gear. You are only able to receive one per week.

Let’s get started

Phase 1


  • The main tank can position the boss anywhere on the platform, as long as the boss is facing outward away from the rest of the raid.
  • Tanks should swap at two stacks of Thunder.
  • The boss will cast one of three spells in regular intervals throughout the fight. All three spells can be used in single-target or AoE variants. Which variant is indicated by whether or not his casting arm is tethered to the void orb on the outside of the platform, which will emit a lot of black energy. The three spells are as follows:
    • Blizzard 3: Players should continue to move.
    • Fire 3: Players should stand still.
    • Thunder 3: Players should run away.
  • The boss will cast Doom often, applying a debuff to everyone in the raid. Healers need to be aware of this.

Phase 2


  • This phase will initiate with the boss disappearing and a bomb being placed at the center of the platform. All players should scattered to the edge of the platform.
  • When the bomb explodes, a disfigured face will erupt from its position. The face will cast a large conal AoE after only a few seconds, which players need to avoid. The direction of this AoE is determined by where it’s facing when it appears.
  • The face will then disappear and Phase 3 will commence.

Phase 3


  • Phase 3 includes several of the skills from Phase 1, but with some far more dangerous additions.
  • Flare will be cast on 3~ players in regular intervals, denoted by three white arrows protruding outward from the player. All players affected by this should spread out and away from other players.
  • Meteor will often be dropped at the center of the platform. This will deal damage to all players, and should be countered with damage mitigation cooldowns and AoE heals.
  • The boss will cast Black Hole often, adding a series of orbs on the platform. These should be avoided at all costs.
  • By far the most dangerous ability in the boss’ arsenal is Vacuum Wave. This pushes all players away from the boss after a short cast. Positioning is vital, especially for the main tank who is usually tanking toward the edge where there is no boundary to prevent falling. Anti-knockback cooldowns and repositioning are your best bet if you’re a tank, while simply standing toward the center of the platform is a good idea for healers and DPS.

Once you’ve defeated Exdeath you have completed Omega: Deltascape. Congratulations!