How to Get A Gun in Mini DayZ

If you don’t have time to sit down and commit to the full version of Bohemia Interactive’s zombie apocalypse simulator, you may have time to spend on its pocket-friendly iteration Mini DayZ. This adorable sprite-based adventure aims to pack everything you like about the survival game into a much smaller package, but don’t mistake its cuteness for weakness. It’s every bit as challenging as the regular version of the game.

One thing you’ll want to make sure you’ve got on you in-game is obviously a gun, or any type of sidearm. You may pick up axes and other types of weapons, but for ranged combat a gun is obviously where it’s at. Here’s how to make sure you’ve always got the kind of piece you need and where to find them.

Complete The Tutorial


During the game’s tutorial after you first start, you’ll eventually happen upon a gun when you first begin playing. It’s laying out in the open by a building, and you can pick it up and add it to your inventory. There’s also ammo here for the gun, and you’ll even be able to use it minutes later to take out some of the annoying zombies shambling toward you. It’s an M4 carbine, but you might eventually decide you want something bigger and better or need an upgrade. So this is obviously the first and easiest way you can get your first gun, but the game’s going to lead you there to start with.

Scout Out Sidearms


If you find yourself without a gun or just want to scavenge in the environment around you for something better, try and find some military bases or other buildings. There are residential buildings with loot like bandages and water and whatnot, and then the larger ones have important equipment that can help you out in the environment when it comes to protecting yourself. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

Military bases are likely your best In some cases you’ll find powered-up zombies that not only try to crawl toward you and kill you, but essentially lust after your brains. You’ll just have to weigh these cons against the pros that come with better weapons. These bases and other areas are extremely hard to infiltrate, but you’re almost guaranteed to find guns there.

Look in smaller tents and other areas to find potential areas where weapons might be hiding. You may even see some on the ground here and there in plain sight, as the maps are generated at random. You might end up having to search these types of areas a few times over, but eventually if you head to areas where you see soldiers’ equipment and vehicles, you’re in the right place. Just keep looking, and make sure to hang on to what you’ve found already, because the game isn’t very forthcoming with everything you need all at once when you need it. That’s the nature of Mini DayZ, after all.