Box art - Albion Online

Albion Online – The Best Weapon Type (Sword vs Bow vs Staff)

During your starter quest line in Albion Online, you’ll be asked to choose from a selection of three weapon types. This serves as an important moment in your progression, as these three types of weapons split across very different paths.

Choosing among these is first and foremost a matter of opinion. Some players prefer melee, while others play better at range. That said, there are definitely imbalances present that give one weapon an edge over another.

Which is best is largely determined by what you’re doing. To simplify this, we’ll break it down as the following:

  • In PvE where you’re facing monsters, melee weapons usually reign supreme for their simplicity and the sturdiness of their builds. So, in this case you’d want to chose the Novice’s Broadsword.
  • In terms of PvP, if you’re playing in smaller groups or even solo, Staves with magic are extremely potent. Thus, we suggest the Fire Staff.

Out of all three options, many players have found that the Bow is the most situational, in addition to requiring the most skill to use. We suggest avoiding this unless you’re a huge fan of bow builds in your RPGs.

Whatever it is you pick, stick with it and learn how to harness its full potential.