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How To Catch Lugia and Articuno in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has welcomed several new monsters into the fold, namely a couple of the Legendary Birds from the original games, over the weekend. These have been some of the most-requested Pokémon by players as of yet, so the fact that Niantic has finally introduced some should serve as a pretty good reminder that fans are still playing the game, and how. Your options as far as legendaries go for now are the silver and blue bird Lugia and the icy avian Articuno. Looking to invite both of them into your Pokémon Go game? Here’s how to do it right now.

How To Catch Lugia and Articuno in Pokémon Go

First things first. You’ll need a Raid Pass. With one in hand, you need to search for a Legendary Raid. Also, you’re going to need some patience. Obviously, you’re not going to see a Lugia or Articuno in every single Raid Battle. You also need to make sure you’re looking for a Legendary Raid to get one of these birds to spawn. Check your map and look for a Legendary Raid nearby. You’ll have to travel there, but this should be well worth your time.

Once you arrive at a Legendary Raid, you’ll need to use a Raid Pass to get in. Legendary Raids focus on large (and potentially frustrating) battles where you’re meant to face one of the Legendary Pokémon as the boss of said Raid. You won’t know what the Pokémon is until you enter the battle, so you may have to enter quite a few before you encounter a Lugia or Articuno.


You’ll want some powerful trainers with you when you head in. Make sure your Pokémon are fighting fit and utilize Pokémon that complement each enemy type so you’re ready for anything you encounter. You may also want to pack some Golden Razz Berries for the long capturing session coming up after completing the raid. There are thousands of hit points to get through before you finish up the battle, so hang in there.


When you win the battle, you’ll get a chance at capturing the Legendary Pokémon you just faced off against. This is what it all comes down to. If you’re lucky enough to get through the battle and snag a Legendary Pokémon, then all your hard work has paid off. You should be able to grab a Lugia or Articuno right now, if you’re quick, so make sure you keep trying until you do accomplish this in the event they go out of rotation, which is very, very possible.

Happy hunting!