Box art - Pyre

How Many Characters are There in Pyre?

Pyre features a core gameplay of 3v3 (singleplayer) mystic, basketball-style gameplay. You control a band of Exiles called the Nightwings, and you’ll encounter more and more of them as the game goes on. But how many?

In total, you will encounter nine playable Exiles, all of whom are listed below

  • Hedwyn
  • Jordariel
  • Fae (or Chae, or Tae, Shae, etcetera)
  • Rukey
  • Ti’Zo
  • Sir Gillman
  • Pamitha
  • Bertrude
  • Volfred

After Bertrude joins your group you’ll receive the message that you sense the Nightwings are complete, but soon after Volfred will throw his hat into the ring as well. You can play as other Exiles during the multiplayer, but these are just re-skinned versions of the above nine that appear during the campaign as opponents.

Keep in mind that you will mostly only get to choose between at most 6, since you encounter Bertrude after the second Liberation Rite, of which there are six. From there, with more Liberation Rites, your numbers will only shrink.