Box art - LawBreakers

When Will the Lawbreakers Open Beta Begin?

The Lawbreakers Open Beta is about to begin. This will provide access to the game across all platforms, allowing gamers to see if this is a game they should purchase when it releases in August.

It is currently unclear what content will be available to play. It is likely that all heroes and at least one map will be part of the beta experience, similar to the demo at E3 and closed beta.

The starting and end dates are as follows:

  • Beta Begins: Friday July 28th – 7am PT / 10am ET / 4pm CEST / 12am AEST (Sat)
  • Beta Ends: Monday July 31st – 7am PT / 10am ET / 4pm CEST / 12am AEST (Tue)

You can expect a lot of crowding at launch, so don’t be surprised if it’s difficult to get on the server at zero hour.